Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK so the week has been awesome! one more baptism in between confrence session!!!! haha it was very good and ´´jonas´´ was baptised. my comp did the baptism and i was able to enjoy just watching. the spirit was so strong!! anyways i didnt change areas and i was able to stay with my comp. whitch im very gald!  Confrenece was awesome and very good. i think it was the first time actually watching the whole thing... ooops. hahaha but elder scotts talked killed me the most. and it was my fav out of them all. i cheered out loud when the guy hooked the fish on his fly-pole. (it was only me and my comp in the room) i could just picture and feel the fish as if i was the one in the video. anyways it made me a little home sick for fishing... it was like giving a baby his bottle for 30 seconds then taking it away and not letting him have it to finish eatting. but in my case for 2 years! lol but i loved it. i do have about 3 talks that i like.(Pres. Uchtdorf- slowing down.) he used a plane for an example but it was really good. talking about slowing down and focusing on the important things like family and the gosple.

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