Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well how’s everyone doing? So this week was a good week and full of ups and downs. One of the up´s is that we had a baptism!!!!! Yeah but it was only 1 baptism. Like I said last week that we had 6 ppl ready and well turns out that 4 of them went on a trip to their grandma’s house, so they weren’t baptized. Then with the other two we got them interviewed for baptism and they passed. So we were still very happy until Sunday came along and one of the investigators didn’t come to church so she wasn’t baptiesed. But the Good thing is we still got a baptism out of all the un-expected stuff his name is Antonio. He’s a supper cool guy. Very simple and always happy. He doesn’t know how to read or write but he sure knows how to talk to God (pray) so with that he prayed and felt so good that he wanted to jump in the water. But it was a very good baptism. It was very cool to see this person be baptized because I realized that you really don’t have to know how to read or write to know the truth. (For most, you would. but for this man a prayer was all he needed.)
But this week I also did a division with Elder Algren and that was really cool. While there I did a few interviews for baptism and we just had a good time teaching and preaching to EVERYONE, it was awesome and we had too much fun. He’s totally going to come down from Montana and visit us after the mission. But the District is doing well. Were baptizing so that’s successful also I finished the BOM in English on Tuesday for the 2nd time in English and for the 4th time in total in the mission. I will read it for the 3rd time in port. before I come home. Also I’m starting the Doctrine and Convents too.
But it sounds like you guys had a huge wind storm... crazy that the wind took out Thors roof. I sure Thor freaked out in his house. lol But I hope Bill S. gets better. Sounds like a bad fall on the ice and that stuff. Wish him well for me. Also have fun on the basketball trip! Be safe and drive safe. Taylor T, said he talked to you guys which is cool he sounds like he’s doing good and getting some dates in. :) (I know he´ll read this so THATA BOY Taylor!) Also Bill is going to be coming home soon too. Crazy!
But I love you all say hi to everyone let them know I’m doing well. I hope your all doing well and being safe. I better get home and take a shower. Our 3 hours of basketball got me tired!! ha-ha But Fica Firme mina família,
Com muito Amor, -Josh

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What’s up everyone? Well it’s been a very busy week for us but really good. I’m supper glad to hear that Jake baptized a person also. That’s really cool that we baptized on the same day. Anyway this week is turning out to be amazing. We have 6 people lined up to be baptized on Sunday or before Sunday and so were running around like crazy getting them taught and ready for the baptism. I have a lot of faith that the lord is going to help these people out and everything is going to happen so they will be baptized. So it’s been hot but pretty crazy. Sunday was supper busy for us because the ward took all of the young kids and adults out on a camping trip to get them away from ``Carnival`´ (a really bad national holiday) So at church there was no help and we had to do everything, prepare the sacrament, pass the sacrament and I was also given 30 min to prepare a talk and I gave a 15 min talk too because the person didn’t show up. I was also going to teach a Sunday school class but I asked someone to help me. It was a busy busy day but it’s all going good here. We played some b-ball but I was supper tired and I’m getting sick I think so I took a lot of meds today.
Anyway so someone ran into the cop car that would be embarrassing. Ha-ha but did she leave with a ticket? so how was the conference with Elder Russell M Nelson? What did he talk about? Anyway I also want to know also dad what did you put those bugs in to make them glass round things? was it fiberglass resin? but also I’ll look for the package but it will take a while. I too will send home a package because it’s all ready and tapped up. Bad thing is that is like a weeklong Holliday for the next few days so I’ll send it when I can.
But I’m short on time today and am tired.. I don’t have my camera because I left it at the house so next week I’ll send pics. But thanks for everything and for your prayers. I love you guys and hope all is well. Be safe and if you need anything just tell me. But I have an awesome family!!!!! Thanks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey well this week we had a BAPTISM!!! so the week has been really good. I must say that we have actually had a really good week overall so this is what’s been going down. On Thurs. we ended up going to Curitiba once again to another meeting from my new comp and man it’s not too fun sitting on a bus for most of the day or waking up at 5 am then getting home late. Anyway we were really blessed though. I’m not sure if I told you last week but on last Sunday we had an investigator go to church whose name is Mateus. He was invited by one of his neighbors to go and while there he loved the church. So this whole last week we passed by his house to teach him and comes to find out that he is one of our heavenly fathers elects. Mateus is supper smart and everything was going good. Last Monday we marked a date with him then he asked his mom and she said he could be baptized. Well Tuesday we passed bye and he said everything was good and he was ready. Wednesday went over and the mom said to wait a few months. After talking to her and finding out she was a member, she accepted and was going to let him be baptized. Thursday we went there to find out that he wasn’t sure if it was what he wanted so that night we prayed so much. Friday we marked an hour for our LZ to pass bye and do an interview and he passed and choose a member to baptize him. We were supper happy. Then after talking to the bishop this member wasn’t worthy and told the boy to wait 4 weeks and then he would baptize him. So after trying to get him to pick someone else he finally was like then I only want you Elder Hope. So then I was like alright because you have to be baptized. I even tried him to pick my comp but he wouldn’t. I really wanted my comp to get his feet wet for his first baptism, but Mateus wouldn’t move. Anyway on Sunday Mateus was baptized and it was really good he was supper happy and so was my comp. My comp said that now he can go home because he made his goal. Ha-ha but this week will also be good because we have another man ready to be baptized so we pray a ton right now. Anyway the week was good, long but good. Transfers are tonight but I’ll stay here for sure to finish training my comp for 6 more weeks.
But I’m doing really well. I can’t believe there is no snow, but still ice fishing!! crazy. Means one thing though there are going to be some BIG BUCKS this year!!! I’m so excited! Anyway that’s all I have for the week. Be safe and do what’s right. Until next week, Love, -Josh

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well Its HOT here! FYI it’s like 85 to 90 degrees here and I’m cooking like a steak. I’m also afraid that my farmers tan is now a permanent mark and it will never go away. I guess it’s always going to remind me of my mission. haha So with that it’s been a busy week. I’m sleeping with a fan right on me at night but still sweat a lot it really doesn’t cool down here at nights. But the work has been going really well here. This week we had a good turn out with investigators going to church and one is really ready to be baptized. So if his mom let’s him, he will be baptized. So were praying a lot for that. We also found like 5 people who are really good investigators who have a lot of potential so things are getting really good. But another event that is happening with our house is that we went from Fleas to the invasion of lizards.. Yeah pretty sure a mama lizard gave birth to about 20 little lizards and now they run across our walls like crazy un-controlled wild things when we come home at night and flip on the lights. It’s good because they eat the spiders and everything which is good but something that still makes one scratch his head wondering if it’s something healthy. Until now we like the little guys because there kind of cute.
Anyway sounds like things are ok back home other than grandmas aunt who passed away and Jim getting sick. But I’m glad that’s all passed by and things are good. It’s really cool you guys went to Hamer to see the baby blessing. I actually think it’s such an interesting and special thing. So I’m sure it was awesome to be there in support
But Mom I too also want the Family history info for me so send me that. Dad that’s sick you went ice fishing. I hope you took pictures but sounds like it was a good trip. I too remember when Colin took my ice hole away up at Jackson Lake just so he could get a fish. Seems like his lucky fish finder is no match for the hope’s talent. If I was Colin I would probably just give up the whole fishing idea and give his rods to someone who could use them..... I think I could find a use for them. (Yeah make sure he sees this letter.. I want a response to this trash talk) lol it’s all a joke though. Anyway I’m out of time but I sure love you guys. Be safe and keep fishing. Com Amor, -Josh