Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So what a dang cool week!!! Man ill just jump into the good part about the week. Friday was probably one of the coolest mission conferences so far in my mission. Like I said Elder Ballard and Elder Anderson came to talk to us. Elder Anderson gave a supper good talk in Portuguese mixed with a little with Spanish. But it was really cool because he taught in such a simple way and yet the sprit was supper strong. He talked a lot about the atonement of Christ and how we need to help others understand it. He then talked a little about the Plan of Salvation with a supper strong testimony about the ppl who die and how they sure do live and live so close to us. Kind of brought it to real for me. Elder Ballard Talked for a long time to use. He talked about how we should always do what Christ would do or say. He taught us the importance of the young men in the mission and how important young men have been in the scriptures. From David and Goliath, to Joseph Smith and the missionaries of the church. He explained the trust the lord has in us and in us helping others. He explained that the lord ALWAYS turns to young men to bring great things to pass. Elder Ballard was also very funny and told some funny stories. To me I realized that they truly are men of God who are such good examples. They really are ppl like us with lives. That’s one thing that most elders were saying after they left. But it was so cool to see them sit next to their wives and see the happiness in their lives. Anyway it was a supper good day on Friday and I have a ton of notes and I wish I could share everything with you guys but I just can’t.
This Sunday we also saw a huge difference in the ward. Everyone was happy! I think it’s because for the first time the ward actually had enough ppl to fill a van up and go to the temple. Right before sacrament meeting a random family walked into the chapel, It is a huge blessing for us so were going to work really hard with them. Also today for p-day the zone got together and studied together and the Zone leaders gave a lesson on ´having confidence with our comp.´ well they also had an activity which went good for the most part and it went like this. The Zone was all in one room. They went and hid a couple of things though out the church and came back. Then one at a time one set of elders would have to find those things. But one of the elders had to be blind-folded and the other explains where to go. They also said that it would be timed and the fastest would get some candy. Anyway all of the other elders went first and found all the stuff in 12 min or so. Well I was a little nervous because my comp still doesn’t speak or understand very well. But I told him we would win. So E. Allen put the blind fold on first and I started to guide him and man I was running around like crazy trying to find the things then guiding him to the object. It was hard because I couldn’t speak English to him but he figured out that it was easy to just follow my voice. Anyway there’s a part in the race were we switch and I put the blind on and he started guiding me. It was supper hard because he didn’t really know what to say but I followed his voice. Anyway at one point we were going to win and he told me to start running in a straight line. (running with a blind fold isn’t a good idea, but I wanted to win!!!) SO trusting in him I began to run and at this point the whole zone was watching me and saying to run so I actually started running. Well in this hall there was a huge flower pot and while running I kind of went off course and ran right over this pot like I was playing football. I was totally trusting in my comp to tell me to stop if I was going to hit something but he never said to stop so I hit it. Neither did the other 10 elders....... anyways long story short, trusting in my comp, he let me run into this pot and I broke it. When I asked him why he didn’t say anything he said he didn’t know the word in Portuguese. Then the other elders told him he should have at least said it in English. But any who I broke the thing because my comp let me run into it, good thing is I won’t have to pay for it but it was pretty crazy.
But my week has been good. Jake sounds like a stud baptizing like an animal which is way cool. I’m so glad for his success. But I love you all. Be careful! Love. -Josh

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey everyone so another busy week and I have a lot to tell you’re so first off I did get some money out of the bank and already bought one more item to send home. (I’ll send a picture home) and so when I get things ready ill send a few things home in the future. But thanks for getting my card all worked out for me. Anyway last week I told you that I was going back to Curitiba to take my comp to the federal police and well it actually turned out to be a special thing for me also. So while there my comp and I was walking into the bathroom and I saw a girl cleaning and she looked at me then I went into the bathroom. For a moment I thought man she looks so familiar so leaving the bathroom I went on a search inside the federal police station in search of this lady. Well after 10 min I found her and I went up to her to talk to her. When I started talking I remembered exactly who it was and before any words were exchanged her name popped right into my head. Her name was ``Maria`` and exactly 5 months ago that day I did her baptism interview. (which was my second interview ever) It was really cool and very special to talk to her. I asked her how things were doing and she told me her son was also baptized later. So for some strange reason I was able to talk to her, even though it wasn’t anybody that I baptized but yet someone who I remembered and an interview I remember really well. Also while their I was talking to an elder who worked in my first areas. Well the area that we were taking care of along with our area. Anyway he asked me if know who was ``Cintia`` and I was like ya she was my first baptism and he told me that she is supper amazing even thought she only 9 years old she learned to play the piano and plays every Sunday. This elder also told me about another lady that I started to teach there and told me that she was baptized. This was another lady who we worked with a TON and we didn’t ever baptize her because of an elder who did a bad baptism interview with her. Anyway this elder told me that she still remembered me as the one who didn’t know how to speak at all but always smiled. But she said she was so grateful for us teaching her. So it was a supper and very exciting story for me. Once again I wasn’t ever able to see her baptized but knowing that she was finally baptized is so cool and a miracle.
On Friday I’ll be in the presence of Elder Anderson and Elder Ballard as they will talk to our mission. Man its going to be so cool!!!!! I’m stoked!! Anyways that’s my week for ya. It’s been good and I’m doing well. Jake sounds like he’s in his second area and I know he will like it. But I love you all be safe and pray for the snow. Love -Josh

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!
So it seems like the week went by a little slower than normal, but with that it seems like we were able to do a little bit more. I must say that as of now I am learning a lot and really see that my new companion has a huge testimony and probably enough faith that he could move a mountain if he wanted to. At least a lot more that I did when I first got into the mission, but he’s been one of the most positive companions that I have had. Although he’s really quiet and only talks about his chickens or cats..... It’s kind of a weird thing but like every time he sees a chicken or a cat he does this high scream and says ``oh my gosh`` So other than that he loves cat more than Becky dose and has already tried to bring one home, other than that he’s a sweet comp. He’s trying to do his best and learn things and tries to keep up with me. I like to think of him as my mini-me. He mimics my moves and everything I do. At times it’s funny. If I lean forward, he will. If I cross my arms to pray he will. If I pull out my planner for nothing he will and if I buy something he will. It’s great because if I start cleaning the house he will too. lol so I have fun with it and it shows that I have to be obedient because he follows my example. Anyway the work has been good. We marked a lot of baptism dates and found a few awesome ppl to teach. It’s been raining a ton at night and during the mornings and the it’s supper hot and humid in the afternoons. The shoes I have are awesome and I haven’t had wet feet yet!! Unlike last year every time it rained. So it’s been the best present. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us because once again we have to make the trip to Curitiba and it will be 4 hours on a bus and the while there my comp will get registered at the federal Police. Anyway I’m doing well. I’m learning a lot right now and seeing people open up their doors to us. I just want you all to know that I know the savior lives and that God is a God of miracles. He changes and moves people lives in short amounts of time and guides us to people who are ready and in need of the gospel. I’m supper glad you guys are reading the BOM and I hope you continue to do that. Be safe and travel safe. I love you All, -Josh

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So man it’s been a busy week, but also one of the best. I now have my new Comp who name is Elder Allen from cotton wood heights aka Salt Lake City. So he’s doing really well. I must have been a little stressed out about training but really it’s the best thing ever. I love it. My comp is really quiet and is more calm and not one to jump around so much. But he’s got a good desires and a lot of faith! He wants to do things the right way and so it’s been awesome. I was amazed at the way our week came together at the very end. The Lord really blessed us and put ppl who are ready in our way. So it was very special with that. I don’t have a lot to say this week other than I’m supper tired. We didn’t play any ball or soccer today which was good because I don’t think I could have handled it. I’m literally exhausted. It seems like I haven’t had a p-day in weeks when really it’s only been 2 weeks. But I will defiantly take a nap after this. Anyway the weather is hot and it usually rains around 6 pm everyday now. My shoes are so sweet and keep my feet dry. It’s been the best pair I have ever had. But the work is going awesome here. I’m doing good and taking my vitamins every day. I hoped you like my two tone body picture ha-ha I have some tan arms huh. always I better send some pictures home because I’m out of time. Dad yes send me jakes pictures!! I hope all is well with you guys. Be safe and everything. Love,-Josh

Monday, January 2, 2012

Surprise!!! Well it’s Monday and yes I’m e-mailing you guys today because our P-day is now on Mondays!!! The mission moved a lot of things around. It’s really different for me not having p-days on Wednesdays now.. also district meetings are on Tuesdays. So today is p-day. Sunday morning I got a phone call and was told that I was going to be training. So that meant I had to be in Curitiba today at a training meeting to become a trainer. My day has been like this. We were suppose to get on a bus at 10 am but one of the sisters made us miss our bus and we had to get the next bus at 11 am. The bus ride was a 2 hour ride and then once in Curitiba we had to get a bus to take us to the mission office. At 2 pm my training started and President explained how we should train the new missionaries for the next 12 weeks. I’m pretty sure after that meeting I was so stressed out and was doubting myself that I would be able to help the new missionary out when he gets here. Not going to lie I’m nervous and scared that I won’t be able to do everything like I should. But then president comforted all of the trainers saying it’s a big responsibility but the lord has chosen us to do this and with this new 12 week program that means I’ll be here in the same area for the next 12 weeks with the same comp. The program is intense and requires extra studding (3 hours every morning and an hour after lunch for language study) for the new missionary and by the end of the 12 weeks he should be able to train a missionary if necessary. WOW! So ya it’s going to be a challenge for me to give the example to this new missionary. At first I was freaked out but now I ready for this. Anyway at 4 pm our meeting ended and we got on a bus at 5:30 pm and came back to our area. So I spent a good 4 hours on a bus with my comp Elder SodrĂ© and two sisters that talked our ears off! They are crazy. So my p-day today really wasn’t a rest or anything for me, but tomorrow my new comp will arrive at the bus station and I’ll pick him up there. I’m not sure if he will be an American or Brazilian yet. I want a Brazilian to train, but there is only 2 Brazilians out of the 9 Americans who will arrive tomorrow. So I’ll probably train an American. I just hope he’s a good missionary. So by tomorrow night I’ll be a daddy!!!! ha-ha but while in Curitiba I saw E. Roberts and he was supper excited to see me, man he’s changed a lot and is a good missionary.!!!! But I sent you a lot of pics. I hope they got to you. If not let me know and I have a lot more to send next week.
But how was New Years? good I hope. Mine was chill and I never have eaten so much food. We ate a baby pig at a member’s house that was good.. But man the members have fed us so much this week its crazy.!!! but the fireworks were ok but not too much. Anyway I don’t have much to say other than I’m not sure what to expect with the new comp or how things will go the first week. But I know it will all be good. But I know the church is true!! I love you all, thanks so much for the pics. Everyone looks great!!! But where’s the snow?????? Ha-ha but until next week. Love you! -Josh