Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jerky & Shirt

It’s been another good week here in our area for us. We didn’t have a baptism this week, but this Sunday we will for sure have a baptism!!! We’re teaching a 10 year old boy whose family is a member and this little boy is really excited to be baptized. We’re teaching him the lessons because he needs to be taught some things and the lesson I hope will help his family out to become more active. This really was a blessing for us. Last Sunday the parents came up to me and were like hey our son wants to be baptized. I asked, how old he was and if has been to church more than two times and they said yes. I then asked (while my comp was talking and joking with the teen members) were the kid was at and they called him over. I asked him hey so you want to be baptized he was like yeah I want to. I told him next Sunday will be his baptism. The parents look at me and said perfect so that kind of how it all went down. It was very cool so next week I’ll send pics.
Also last Thursday I got the package. Man it was supper fast!!!!! I was very excited about the shirt and jerky. Matter of fact I put the shirt on and ate jerk in the shirt. hahaha I was in another world it was so good, also the meds and deodorant and clothes stuff is very helpful. Right now things are starting to bloom and it’s a good thing I have meds. But I was surprised on how fast it got here. The good thing was the day after the post office went on strike here in Brazil and so everything will be backed up. I sent Jake a letter so I hope it will get there in time but if you’re not getting my mission ties It’s because of the mail service Last Thursday I went to an 8 hour training that was very special it was for zone and district leaders and I learned a ton that day. So it’s been a very busy week all by its self. Dad the pics you sent from the fair didn’t come through :( so you will have to try again for me. About the shoes, keep them at home. I was given a pair from a member that is decent and is working for a little bit. I also this week entered into Wal-Mart for the first time here. Man I was very disappointed, first it doesn’t even look like Wal-Mart inside, 2nd they don’t have a fishing section and or sell guns but I think I’ll wait until I’m home to return to Wal-Mart..... things are cheaper their anyways. Oh 1 hot wheel car here is $6.50 wow what a rip off. 
Anyways sounds like it will be a fun party with frank coming up man I wish I could be there. Frank is awesome, and put him with Cory, man it’s a comedy show!!! so take lots of pictures tell him hi for me. Dad I really liked the Sept 21 thing I also like to think of the 21 as the day I left really but yes it was very cool.  As for me I’m doing well working hard and trying to get my rest. It should start to warm up here in a few weeks and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I hope I’ll leave this area before the hot weather because this area would be very hot climbing these hills!!! Anyway but I better go supper tired. We played a lot of soccer today.! I’m still not sure if I’ll tell you about the scary story. I don’t want you to worry so if I feel like it ok I’ll send it home in the missionties. But the good thing is that the lord protects his missionary who do the right things and who are obedient. I have a strong testimony about obedience now and how the spirit protects us if we listen to it. I’m very grateful for the package and it brought me a lot of happiness. So thanks for throwing that together. And thanks for all your prayers. I Love you all be safe and help others. Love, -Josh

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It’s been a very good week! I guess I’ll start off with the good good news today. Well Sunday morning we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Rafael was baptized then confirmed a member right after in sacrament meeting. It was very cool. I have been working with Rafael for a long time now. (matter of fact I looked back in my journal and we found him my second week here in this area with E. Roberts) So it was very cool to finally see him make the commitment and enter into the water. He was so happy. Rafael is 21 years old and was so excited that Monday we took him out to teach a family with us. I must say also the lesson that we taught was very cool and very powerful. When Rafael shared his testimony it was amazing! I was touched by the spirit in that lesson. Also it was a very cool Sunday because for the 2nd week in a row we have had 11 investigators at church. It’s so cool to see these ppl put their faith into action and go to church. I know that every one of them felt the spirit and liked church. (We were lucky and didn’t have any big apostasy with testimonies this week.) ha-ha But as for my district, my whole district was able to baptize this week. I was able to go into their areas and do the interviews which turned out to be another sweet experience for me. I’m really glad for the work everyone is putting in this work and for the excitement they have. It really helps me more than they think. So really this week we have been blessed and I’m so grateful for all the prayers and support. It means a lot and I know that all the prayers help a lot. 
Anyways dad it sounds like you had some cool experiences. It’s worth going down there to just have those at the fair. Just make sure you work next year so I can go down and stay in the camper. Oh and mom, this week I was talking to a few elders and was asking where they were all from and there was two from Idaho. One from Preston and the other was from Burley. I told the one I have a lot of cousins and uncles down there and he asked what are their names so I told them Sunderland. Well come to find out that this kid know everyone down there and he’s Lees, & Steve neighbor.!!! he knows Nicki also. His name is Chris Burkley, so I took a pic. with him so you could send to Lee and then he can give it to the Elder’s parents but it was really cool. But the work is going really good here in the area. I’m doing well also. I hope you’re all doing well too. Be safe this week and maybe next week if I have time, I’ll tell you about a scary story. It was not cool but I’ll think about if I really want to. I wouldn’t want you guys to freak out so well that all for this week. I love you all, -Josh

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mosiah 2:21-25

The week has been pretty good so far, It’s rained (like always) but it’s been good. Today was pretty cool also because we did something different here in the mission. Today is the Independence Day for Brazil. So we walked in the parade through Curitiba. It wasn’t big at all.... like the Rexburg parade would have made this look like a joke for the size of the city but it really was just the military, police, a few schools, another church and us. The plan was for the whole mission to walk through the streets but then president cut it down to just the missionaries who lived somewhat close. (about 50 elders) We all walked with Book Of Mormons in our hands singing two hymns then as we walked we passed out pass along cards it was really cool. Although it was raining supper hard... and we all got wet we  was surprised how much the ppl liked us.. it was supper cool and awesome. (we were the only ones who sang)
Anyways the other elders who were living with us already moved out into another house. They were cool and exercise time was a game on who could out do the other.  As for the week it was a bit harder we dropped a few investigators and are searching for some good ppl to teach. Friday was the best day for us so far and we were truly guided by the lord once again. Seems like everyone we stopped in the street was ready and listened to our message. We also found a small family, but I’m not sure if their married, (and I didn’t see any rings on their fingers) they have baptismal dates so next time I’ll have to asked if they are married. Friday was a sweet day. I don’t have a much to say about the day other than it was just what we needed to keep going and to help us out. 
Today I also got the pictures you sent!!! haha I’m already going to put some on the wall. The one shirt Jake has gave me a good laugh, that’s awesome another one is of Crue fishing. ha-ha everyone is looking really skinny though!!!! are you guys eating over their? But it looks like it was a fun trip I’m very happy you sent me the pics. they help me out so thanks a ton, also I got some mission ties. I’m grateful for those too. Sounds like everyone will be busy with the fair and everything take pics for me while you’re there. Anyways I’m supper tired and I can hardly see what I’m typing. We woke up at 430 am to go to this parade thing so sorry about the short letter. But just know that I love you all. I hope you’re all safe and happy. Trust in the lord and know that he takes care of his missionaries. I’m learning so much still and trying to do my best.. 
But I love you all. President Cordon wants all of us to read the book of Mormon again before the year is over and to do that we need to read 6 pages every day so ill start today. But I know this work is important and that Christ is our Savior. I know were part of a very special plan that was created for all of us and that we can all have blessings or answers to our problems in life if we can trust in the lord. Everyone be safe. Love, -Josh

Mosiah 2: 21-25