Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Companion

So last week I forgot to tell you that we had transfers coming up and with that said there was some changes. I wasn’t too worried because I thought we would both would stay because it was going really well here and we were doing awesome. But my comp was transferred out of the area.  :0 And now I have a new companion but it was really sad to say good-bye to Elder Roberts he was an awesome missionary and I learned a lot with him. I also felt like when we talked about Rexburg I was talking to someone who actually knew what I was talking about. Elder Roberts said last week the finished the new swimming pool that’s new news because it wasn’t even started when I left. But he was a good friend and a comp. I told him that I’ll be there at his home coming talk, and sitting next to me in the chair my unknown future wife..... lol jk (I was messing with him)
Anyway I have a new companion his name, Elder Da Silva from the North of Brazil in a city called Recife. He’s another young Missionary with 3 months in the mission and is still learning. (this is his 2nd area) so it should be interesting once again. Like always I haven’t got to know him yet so that’s about all I know about him. 
So another thing is the work is still moving forward with a lot of progress. We have 2 baptisms marked for this Sunday and I praying for them to work out we’re so close with these two different investigators. But the weather has held out for us which is a blessing. A few weeks ago I saw first hand a blessing that the lord gave one of our investigators. She was having a hard time finding work for a long time and I promised her that if she went to church 2 times the lord will open up a work and it will provide for her family. Well she went to church the 2 times and sure enough the Lord fulfilled the promise we made with her. She had 2 different jobs call her up and she was able to choose the one she wanted. It was such a cool experience. 
Also these past weeks I have been reading in my first journal form the beginning of my mission. It’s been so cool to see the experiences and the growth I have made. I can truly say it’s already helped me in this day the things I wrote at the beginning of the mission so Jake write in a journal. 
I’m 98% sure that I will buy in of those dirt bikes/ road bikes with signals. I see ppl cruising around all over here it was a bike that I can take in the mountains and then on the road so I’m just letting you guys know in advance. I’m sorry to hear about the well problems. I’m sure that’s been a pain in the neck and it hasn’t been easy with that and the kids running around, but let’s look at the bright side I’m sure the grass is green in that spot.... :) There won’t be that dry spot there this year. jk its a serious problem but I know that everything will work out for you guys with that problem. 
 Before I go, good luck to Jake and his talk. I know you will do good, just write it now and not on the last day it will save stress. But I’ll be there in spirit.
Everyone have a good week be safe, happy, and kind to others. I know this church is true and that we are together forever!!! 

Love, Josh

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well how is everyone this week? Good I hope. I’m doing well and am feeling a lot better. Once again this week has some interesting things happen and so I’ll start with those. First thing, my comp has Worms!! He’s lost like 35 pounds these last few weeks which isn’t good. I started thinking man I might be walking him to death but I’m not losing anything.. then he said he had pains in his gut so I called up Sister Cordon and she was able to confirm that there was a ``Monster living inside him and he was to take the pills to bomb him out`` those were her exact words. I about died laughing in the street. I don’t think my comp likes the fact that there is something inside of him....
Anyway they work is going really good still we had 4 investigators in church but were expecting a couple others that didn’t show but 3 of them are really solid in the church and were working with them to help them achieve their goal for their baptism date so that’s awesome.
This week for the first time I also boiled eggs. I thought for a min. that maybe I would hide some for my comp to find when he got out of the shower just to be funny but then holding the eggs in one hand and thinking that I was really hungry I decided to just eat them. haha  ops. (Jake ask mom to teach you how to cook meats, and simple things. like ground up beef.)
But I also have some info that might be useful for Jake; buy some sweat shirts that you can work during the day in, also a good rain coat they also have this stain remover stick that looks like deodorant that’s awesome It’s called (Resolve stain stick) and that thing works like magic! take a few of those. Also I want you guys  to send me Jakes mission home address and info to me so when he’s  in the MTC so I can dear elder him it should be inside the packet he got.
Now for my last story. Yesterday we went on a blitz to another area. (That’s where the zone helps an area out for a few hours and finds new ppl to teach) anyways we went there and started to work but I went with my district leader Elder Hardy. We taught 2 lessons and were walking around on the street to do some contacts because it was almost time to go back that’s when we saw an old short man leaned up against a fence so we went over there to talk to him. Well come to find out he was an owner of a bar and we were actually standing in front of it. (I couldn’t really tell, there was no sign and it looked like a shed) so E. Hardy asked if he has many ppl who come by his bar. The man got quiet and sadly said No it’s been really slow this month then the guy was sad so my DL asked the guy if he sold this one type of juice. He said yes then E. Hardy thought for a moment looked at me asked if I had $1 and was like we will buy a juice. But this guy knew everyone in the area and gave some good references and even though he owns a bar he doesn’t drink at all. Grandma told me about the scam. It’s a good thing Jared’s really not it Canada he would have fooled us all but it goes to show  that personal info needs to be protected. I’m glad everyone had a good 4th of July party, after this e-mail I will meet up with other Americans and we will have a late party to celebrate and cook some hamburgers and hot dogs, but I love you all. Be safe and do what’s right. I’m so grateful for your prayers and the things you do for me..... But until next week.
Love, -Josh

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Touched by the spirit

Oi, como esta todo mundo? Está bem? Eu ainda esta com pouco gripe mas esta melhorando.  But this week was a very productive week for us here in our area.   In matter of fact it was a really good week were we were able to accomplish our goals. Although I’m not fully back to full speed I’m still fighting my ears and throat but that’s ok. This week we manage to find 30 new investigators and a few families. It seems like every house we were at there was family or family friends waiting. Last night we had a sweet lesson where a member girl invited her friends and there was like 5 of them, then the little girls mom is dating a guy so it was another big group to teach. It’s always awesome to have everyone sitting out in front of you while you tell them about Joseph smith. The spirit was so strong last night while teaching that even I was touch and learned something new. Also I know that the people who we taught also were touched by the spirit because of their questions after the lesson. One boy ``rafyel``  was really moved and is an elect for us he is really looking for a church that can bless his life and he only wants the truth. After the message the membros even saw how he really wanted to know the truth and desires he has also after the message the members made us a small dinner which was awesome because I was very hungry. In this area im eating really well and need to limit myself more on how much I eat....
Anyways about the shirt..... yes there was a ton of smoke and no we don’t have a fire alarm. (it’s out of batteries.) But man I remember when I first got in the mission I didn’t think I would ever burn a shirt but when the moment came I just had too, it was a must.
It was also good to hear that you guys had a good week camping and that no one got hurt. I wouldn’t blame Crue or Garcia for not wanting to right to gramps. hahahaha jk (THOSE POLARIS WILL DO THAT TO YA....!!!) haha im just kidding.
But anyway we also had some investigators at church so that means we could have some baptisms coming up. That’s so cool Jake went through the temple, you will soon see the blessings and awesome things that come from that. I challenge all of you to go through as much as possible. But I’m out of time for this week. I love you all, take care, and say safe. -Josh