Monday, June 11, 2012

Subject: My last baptism here in the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well so last week was really busy again. I had my last interview with President Cordon on Wednesday. That was a very special thing for me and he gave me many tips and things to do. He also gave me a very special blessing and it was awesome. We had one more BAPTISM this week. ha ;) Joyce, 9 years old is a daughter of a member and she hasn’t been baptized so we taught her all the lessons this week and she was super happy to get into the water. The original plan was to have 2 baptisms but the other stood us up for the 2nd time so he wasn’t baptized. But this week my comp will baptize him after I leave. But also the week was really busy because here they had a temple in Manaus, Brazil dedicated. Everyone with a temple recommend went and watched the sessions at the stake center it was really cool. Other than that it’s rained for 9 days straight now and it’s cold, the weather there will be a nice change for me. I don’t have too much to say. I guess that you can ask all you questions on Thursday. My plans for tomorrow are: I go to the temple in the afternoon and stay there until 9pm then I’m going to the assistants house to spend the night there. (my bud wanted a sleep over) then Wednesday I go to the transfer meeting to say bye and and we eat lunch at the presidents house and then the ship is off to the airport. Then I’ll be on a plane for a whole 24 hours, or in an airport. But I’m really nervous and like dad said mixed feelings. I have so many friends here that I don’t know when I’ll see them again so that’s how I feel. But I’m excited to come home to be with you guys. I just hope you keep me busy so I don’t go crazy. Because if you see me walking main street to do some contacts you’ll know I’m crazy but I better go. I have to be packed and ready. I bought some candy and my bags will be full. Hope they make it thought customs... (Pray for me) But I love you all. Be safe and know that I do Love Brazil but I love my family even more.!!!!!  Com Muito Amor, -Elder Joshua Hope

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So this week was another busy, busy week. I had a few leadership meetings and then went on divisions with the zone leaders once again. The good thing is that yesterday we had a BAPTISM! ha-ha ``Joan`´ a 9 year old boy was baptized and was super happy. When the bishop announced that his baptism would happen after the sacrament meeting ´´Joan`` Stood up and said ``that’s right!``   and sat back down. it was funny. But the baptism was really good. I’m glad he was baptism but his aunt still didn’t want to be baptized. But this next Sunday we also have some ppl that are super excited to be baptized. so it’s going to be great. Also we will be able to watch the dedication of a temple here in Brazil by satellite. It’s really cool and only members with temple recommends are the only one who will watch. So on Saturday and Sunday we will be watching that.
The last few days have been really rainy. And right now it’s raining super super hard. SO Hard that while I was sitting here half of the roof just caved it and water poured onto a few computers. There’s a lot of swear words flying around from the owner. It’s defiantly crazy right now. But it sounds like everyone is doing good back home along with grandma and Jim. It’s comforting to get a weekly up-date on everyone and the activities they are doing.
Anyways I was really happy to hear that Jake had a baptism this last week. It’s good to hear his success. But this week is going to be busy again trying to help my comp out and get these ppl ready to baptize. It’s going to be good and will make me busy. But I know this church is true and that Christ is our savior and redeemer of the world. He loves us, and cares for us. I know that the gospel is perfect and that all men are able to come unto Christ thought the atonement of our savior. I know that our prophet is a man of god called to guide the whole world and our families. I also know that he has 12 apostles that are also men called of god to guide us. I have learned that our heavenly Father loves EVERYONE!! (Equal) And that were all sons and daughters with a plan to fulfill. Joseph smith is a prophet of god he restored the only true and living church of Christ. I know that our family is greatly blessed from living the gospel and the commandment of our lord. I’m so grateful to share all this with everyone I come into contact with everyday. Although some reject, I still see them entering into the church one day.  The book of Mormon is true along with the bible. And I know that families are Eternal. Thanks for all the love, support, and help. I love you ALL, Love -Josh

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey what’s up everyone? So the week has once again come and gone and it went by fast. I feel really good about last week. I know that we were very busy and didn’t have a moment to stop. I did a division with some elders in my district and spent the night in their area and was able to do a baptism interview for them while I was there. It was very good and the boy was baptized on Sunday. It was good for me to get out in the area. There area was full of hills, but I felt right at home because of my last areas. The same day that I finished the division (Thursday) latter that night I did another baptism interview for the sisters. It went very good other than the fact she wasn’t baptized because she went on a weekend trip. As for us we had two ppl ready to be baptized but the buses were delayed and they didn’t get back on time and so we had to move the date for this weekend. I felt a little bummed about this one, but it’s one of those things you just got to push through. I must say that I never have had so many baptisms drop on me before in other areas. But it’s defiantly teaching me a good lesson and I’m sure it’s a faith test for me. But the worst part of the whole thing was seeing my comp really sad. It really got him down on things but after talking to him I got him to cheer up and we went and finished some other goals for the week. This week we had a goal to do a lot of contacts. Each set of missionaries the mission expects 140 street contacts each week. Well we were able to accomplish 215 street contacts with 127 addresses. I haven’t passed 200 contacts since I was with my trainer. But We had a lot of confidence that we could and were able to push our-selves a little more and in the end it was a more satisfying feeling knowing that we talked to everyone in the streets this last week. At times I forget I’m training my comp he’s really good. I joke with him saying that he’s training me.  But this week we will once again push ourselves a little more to meet all the goals of the mission and a little more. SO I’m excited for this week.!! and with so many addresses we will have plenty of investigators.
But for p-day we played some doge ball with two soft balls and then some soccer. My comp and I tried to fly kites but with the lack of wind it didn’t work out to good. It was more of an exercise running around the church parking lot with a kite following behind us and then when stopping watching the kite crash into the ground. It was fun though. Dad you asked about the cops here. Well the cops here are not your friends. They are more of a criminal then the criminals. They kill ppl and sell drugs, hit kids and women so when you’re robbed they don’t even want to listen to what happened. Ppl would rather see a drug dealer on the corner than the cops, it’s sad. People don’t feel protected at all unlike back home.
But I better get going. I love you all. keep reading the Book of Mormon. Its true and I’m certain after finishing it again for the 3rd time in Portuguese. Hope you all have a good week. Until next week, Love,    JOSH

Wow what’s going on in the burg? Sounds like there was some excitement there. Biker gangs and that stuff is what they don’t have too much here, so it’s different to here this. Anyway you will have to keep me up to date on all the news. I want to hear everything.
But our week was really good. We had two ppl interviewed and they past to be baptized but they moved the day back to the next week. It was a little disappointing but it’s alright.  Our week was very good thought very chill and very productive. It’s been easy to work here with my new comp that does what he needs to do. He’s the 2nd comp I have had who doses his contacts though out the day without me saying one thing to him or tell him to do them. This week I also came down with a cold and am still trying to get better as fast as I can. Because they don’t let anyone get on the planes here if they are sick. I’m taking my meds for sure. Anyway I had a division this week with the Lz´s which was good other than every plan fell through and we walked so much It was great. It’s good to hear that Jc is doing well though and the weather is getting better here it’s still cold weather. My comp suffers because he’s use to the warm weather but he’ll live. Today we played soccer by our self’s because the other elders don’t want to get together and play but this week is going to be a busy week for us I have a few divisions and interviews to do one for the elders and then one for the sisters. The sisters were robbed on Friday on the bus and lost a back pack and 20 reais. Sorry for the random e-mail today not a lot happened but it sounds like the burg is in a stir. I’m sure you got some pictures of the guys face you will have to send them to me.  
Thanks for everything I love you all so much. Love -Josh
So it was really good to talk to you guys on the phone. All of you sound like you’re doing well and are happy. SO to me that’s important. I was very happy with the phone call and left me excited to go work after the call. Although you guys won’t let me stay a little longer, I understand. so I will enjoy the time while I’m here. My comp was a little stressed out because his family didn’t call on the time they planned and was an hour late to call. his family called on a cell phone and they talked for only 20 min before the min. ran out on the cell. But he was a happy as can be. It was his 1 month mark yesterday also from the time he left his house.
But like I said I was going to go shopping to get a few small things. And so we did and I found a few really cool things and so I bought them. I’ll send a pic latter. But I hope the stuff didn’t leave a big dent in the bank account. if so a good job back at home will pay it off.... ha-ha but really its cool stuff.
Anyways as of the work side of things; this week was supper good! We finished off the week on a good note and with a good turnout at church with 5 investigators there. a few didn’t show up like they said they would which was disappointing. But it was a great week. Last night we were literally running around to finish our contacts also to teach our last lesson with member.  It crazy to see how everything worked out so perfectly. We defiantly had to work hard and to the very last min to accomplish everything. But we were blessed so much to see the lord put ppl in our path. With my new comp were really working hard. The both of us felt like the lord accepted our efforts and work we did this past week.
Oh on Thursday we also had a zone conference. It was really good. President gave me and 3 other elders time to share our testimony with the other elders who were there and it was great. I did warn everyone that I was probably going to cry so they all had a good laugh. (I almost cried though, but I held it back)
Anyways it was my last zone conference. but I’m outta stuff to say. I must have told you everything yesterday ha-ha but I love you all. Thanks so much for your support. I pray for ALL of you and love you so much. Love, -Josh

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey everyone it’s me once again. ;) Well so it sounds like you all are wondering who my new comp is so I’ll just tell you. My new comp is from Fortaleza (north of Brazil) and his name is Elder Lima. He’s been a sweet comp so far and likes to work. Although he has 1 week in the field he’s picked up fast on the work rhythm and he has a big desire to work and talk to everyone. I must say training a native is a lot easier than an American who doesn’t speak any of the language. So as of now his training is going really good he’s got some blisters on his feet though from this week’s walking but he’s a champ. Also I was once again called District Leader to finish off the mission. I guess President didn’t want me to slack off at the end. (or die) ha-ha but I’m glad I’ll be able to just work. I also have two sisters in my district that are pretty new and every time I call they have some kind of question or problem ha-ha it’s been interesting let me just say that. As for the work it’s been really good. Were looking for some new investigators this week and have a few who are close to the waters of baptism. But this week should be a good week to bounce back up to speed.
About the phone call. Yes call me at 3:30 MY TIME!!!!  but it will be very good to talk to you all this next Sunday.
But this week something really cool happened here. The church gave away 300 new wheel-chairs to people who are in need. President picked 40 elders to be there and to represent the church and mission. Well my comp and I were two of the 40 elders and we had a very cool experience to help those ppl receive the new wheel-chairs. They also said that it would be put in the liahona also so that will be cool. Maybe I will be in the liahona for the first time in my life.... h-ha But after that I felt like I was so blessed. There’s a ton of ppl who have difficulties and struggles in their life and to be able to walk is a blessing its self. I’m so glad to be a part of this great and marvelous work here in Brazil. I know that the lord loves us and blesses us so much everyday when we read and say our prayers. It’s a perfect plan for all, with promised blessings to theses who follow the plan. I know that life has its challenges but these challenges make us become better and stronger ppl. It will be good to talk to all of you. Thanks for the support, prayers and love. I Love you all so much and pray for you daily. Love. -Josh

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Family what’s up? Well I’m SUPER short on time today because I just got done with training and so I really didn’t have a p-day. But I will get a new companion tomorrow and he’s straight from the MTC so I’ll be training once again to finish off the mission. I’m excited for this opportunity knowing that the lord takes good care of those who train. ;) so tomorrow I will get my new comp. I have no idea who he is yet or where he’s from so you guys will have to wait until next week.
As for the week it was very good. We didn’t have a baptism but we were able to work really hard and achieve some great goals. So I was very happy with the work. Oh but we did have a confirmation Sunday ``Angela`` Sunday was also supper crazy from all the rain during the week the kids were crazy the whole time. There was a ton of screaming and running going on. We were also called into the primary to teach. I must say it was the best thing ever. I laughed so hard at the things the kids say. For example; we asked the kids who wants to serve a mission, and one said. ``I feel like I shouldn’t, but I think I’ll go anyway`´ it was supper funny. After we taught they gave us letters that they wrote to us. It was pretty sweet.
About the call, tell me a time that’s good for you guys and I will have you guys call me at the church so it will be good. But I’m happy with knowing that I’ll be training. It’s probably the best part of the mission and the experiences that come from it.
I talked to the Elder who took my place in my last area and he said that he’s getting sick of being compared to elder hope. I laughed because I didn’t know that they actually liked me there. So it was a cool thing to hear for me.
But I have to go. I don’t have time to send pics. sorry, but I love you all a lot. This will be my last transfer so I’m going do everything I can to finish off good. Thanks for everything. Love -Josh

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So the week turned out a lot better than it did last week and were were able to help ´´Angela`` be baptised. The baptism went good and she was very happy. Im glad I was able to help her and see her be baptised. Shes been taught for 10 months now and so we were able to put an end to that. I will say that it wasn't easy and a lot of prayer and fasting involved.
As for our week we did really good on getting all the goals and passing the mission standard in almost everything. We were able to do a ton of divisions with the members and even got one of the members excited to serve a mission. ( I think he wasn't too sure about going but he said I'll finish my papers this week and send them to utah) it was cool. Last night I talked to a member from another area, it was cooling down for the night and my comp had his coat and I was in a regular white shirt. The member was like you must be from idaho laughing I said yeah and he was like I served a mission there he named the areas he passed through, Rigby, Salmon, Challis and Pocatello. When I told him I was from Rexburg he about died. We had a good talk about Rigby and Salmon Idaho I even showed some pics of the Salmon Bridge and he was like going crazy because he knew exactly where I was at. It was pretty crazy I got to talk to a guy who knew where I was from. But sounds like all my friends are coming home now and that this Sunday will be busy for you guys going to all the meetings. Good luck. But I'm almost out of time. But I'm doing well and my comp is at least keeping up. I swear its like pulling teeth to get him out of the house though I'm thinking about breaking the mirror in the bathroom just so he will stop looking at himself over and over again he's as bad as a girl. Its going to be interesting to see what will happen this transfer. Oh by the way transfers are on the 2nd of this next month. (its a shorted transfer.)
But I love you all thanks so much for the love and your e-mails I really do appreciate the prayers and everything. Keep out of trouble and go fishing for me. Its been a while since I have gotten pic of some fish.  jefff sent some not too long ago but it wasn't enough. ha-ha Love -Josh

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow so another week has passed bye and it really seems like yesterday I was here at the computer. Well since I didn’t have time last week I’ll fill you in on the stuff I have been doing. Well starting with last Sunday during sacrament meeting there was a fight in the bathroom and two kids were going at it pretty good when the dad of one of the boys walked in and decided to have his share with the 12 year old boy. He punched the kid a few times in the chest and then threw him up against the wall and was strangling him when another member came in and he let go. Well now the police are involved and things are crazy. (And the ward doesn’t have a bishop) I’m glad that none of the ppl who were involved came to church yesterday like they said they were because they said that it’s not over and the last thing I want is our investigators to see problems like this so yesterday church was chill and they finally called a new bishop. But we must have run into some bad luck or something because we were going to have another baptism. Wellington who’s 9 years old passed his baptism interview and was supper excited to be baptized when Sunday morning his mom talked him into waiting. (She’s also a member.) So for the 2nd week in a row and the 2nd time in my mission the baptismal font was full of hot water and nobody was baptized. Next time this happens I think I’ll go soak in the warm water and get some use out of it. As of now there is still water in it because where going to try for his baptism on Wed.
I also meet one of the guys who live in Rexburg again (He’s the one who called you guys up and his brother lives in Mud Lake.) But the guy is one of the temples sealers in Rexburg so I’m sure Jim and Grandma knows him. By the way HAPPY B-DAY JIM.
My interview with President went really well also. Our talk was shorter than normal because he said we would be talking again in less than a month but we talked a lot about the area and my comp. For me the interview was really cool because for the first time in my mission he told me why he put me in an area. So he he put me here to get this ward and area into shape and that I was to lead and teach the members even the bishop how the church runs and how the Brazil Curitiba Missions works. That means correcting things and to push more for meetings every Sunday and some other stuff he said and for this I was released as district leader to give all my time and effort to help the ward. (Don’t ask me how I’m going to do all this.) But this ward doesn’t have leaders or anything so it’s a mess. I always try to remember back to our ward and how things work so I go from the wards examples.
But even though we have had two baptisms fall I’m still doing everything possible to get them back and were working super hard. My companion is doing good and were working good together. It’s not easy because after lunch when we teach he like falls asleep for like 20 seconds and wakes up. He will even be talking and doze off and I have to hit him in the leg to keep him up ppl laugh but it’s like crazy. I never have seen anything like it before. But the work goes on.
But tomorrow Jordon Ostermiller comes home from his mission and I want you to go to his homecoming talk for me. He’s become a good friend writing me more than another friend. But I love you all, be safe and do what’s right. Thanks for everything again. Love -Josh

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Fools (way late on that trick) ha-ha Well I have a good reason why I didn’t e-mail on Monday like normal and it was because we went to the temple today so our p-day was moved to Wednesday for this week only so it’s for a good cause. Anyway I did call the office to find out that you already called, you can cancel Missionties no big deal for me now.
But the temple was great. It’s been over 7 and a half months since I have been and so it was really good. Also my temple recommend expired and yesterday I got that renewed with president and taken care of tomorrow, I will also have an interview with him. It’s going to be the last one until I have my ``leaving interview`` so conference was great huh I learned a lot for sure! This Sunday we lost out on a baptism and here’s what happened. There was a lady who been taught for 10 months now and well she stopped smoking and everything and passed the baptism interview and was at church ready to be baptized. When she said I’m not going to be baptized this week I’ll wait for my son to come next week. So we talked to her and talked to her and she ended up not being baptized but she should be baptized this week! Any way this week I don’t have too much time so I got to go. I love you all. I wish I had time to write you guys to tell you everything but I will say this. I’m getting good at taking care of kids now so mom if you need help I got a lot of patience. Jk it hasn’t been too bad.
I love you all. -Josh

PS. I’m doing well and I’m happy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey what’s up everybody? Are you doing well? So about transfers. Well I’m not going to lie, the last place I didn’t want to go was back to Curitiba and well, I was transferred and I came back to Curitiba go figure right. But I’m not going to complain I know that there’s a reason behind everything. But I left my last area saying goodbye to everyone and it was very sad. I’m almost 100% sure that it’s my new favorite area. I have so many friends and I offered them a place to stay if they ever wandered thought Idaho. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them take that offer up in the future.... FYI But I felt really good leaving the area knowing that I gave it my all. I’m not sure how my young comp E. Allen felt about it, but for me I was happy.
But my new area is called Jardim Merculio and my comps name is Elder F. Rodriguez. (Brazilian) he’s from the north from a city in Recife. He’s the only one in his family that’s a member and was baptized at 16 years old. I often wonder how he manages to leave for the mission when he had no support from family It would be tough. But getting here I received a call from my new zone leaders and the call wasn’t what I expected. So this week has been really good and I know my new comp E. Rodriguez just loves the changes that are going on here in the area for me he’s been really good and he hasn’t done anything bad yet. He also has health problems from what he tells me so he can’t walk too fast. He’s got 7 months in the mission. For me he’s been really cool and he’s funny.
Also I got the package!!! YES thanks so much for the stuff. You guys are the best. Oh one more thing I finally was released as district leader. Man it was really cool being able to do interviews and stuff also dad its super cool you’re going to be with E. Ballard.!! But I love you all be safe and listen to the words of the talks in conference. I learned so much and I’m sure you guys did too. Remember ``what think Christ of me? `` Love you all. -Josh

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well I’m guessing that you guys are not getting the pictures I’m sending..... Because I have sent some home every week. SO have you even gotten the pictures of the baptisms????

Anyway we were once again blessed here in the area and had one more baptism yesterday. Jeronimo was baptized! He just turned 75 yesterday and was baptized on his birthday. He said it was the best thing he’s ever done. Like Olivia, Jeronimo is a person that almost every elder has taught him and haven’t had him enter into the water. But for some reason my comp and I are getting these old ppl out of the house to get baptized. His wife has been a member for 26 years now and after all that time Jeronimo was finally got into that water. It’s a really cool story about their lives because his wife was actually secretly baptized for 6 years before she ever told him she was a Mormon. (It almost ended their marriage) but it was just a cool day. Because along with him, his grandson who’s 8 years old and who has special needs also was baptized so it was very cool. But the kid counts for the ward not for mission purposes. Anyway so the work has been really busy. On the 28 will be transfers and tomorrow I’ll find out where I’ll be going. I’m almost positive that will leave and my comp will stay. But it’s going to be cool to see where I will go to finish the mission.
I’m also looking forward to General Conference this week end and so that will be awesome also. But before I forget. Happy birthday to Jeff and Crue this week. I hope everything will go good for you guys
sounds like Jake is having all kinds of fun in Mexico! Man I totally want to know how it feels when the lord wakes ppl up by shaking the land. I have yet to experience that in my life.... But sounds like everyone is good back home and that it’s heating up but I’m going to send pics now. Let me know if you’re getting them....!! Sorry the letter is so short.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Going To Be Baptized

Well I must say that once again this week is a week that I’ll never forget. Unfortunately I couldn’t go back to that family next week nor does it look like I will. :( But the other Elders who work in the area went by to talk to them and only talk to the wife. They said all they talked about was how cool and good teachers we were. Ha-ha but they will go back this next week and so I’ll get an up-date for you guys. But transfers are coming up on the 28th so it looks like I’ll be moved.
Anyway back to our awesome week. Well this week we received a HUGE un-expected blessing which lead to a surprise baptism. So I started teaching a lady on the 8th of Dec (I looked at the date on her teaching record) and this lady is a member’s mom she’s about 66 years old. But from day one she told us look I’m not going to be baptized until my grandson returns from his mission in 1 year 4 months. Well she would also remind us that she was waiting every time we would go to teach her. Well she’s been going to church every week since we have taught her. But ppl would ask her if she was going to be baptized and she would tell everyone that’s she was waiting. Well after teaching her for more than a month the ward members started to tell US that we shouldn’t waste our time and that she’s only going to be baptized when her grandson come back. Well for the past 3 months I have hear that like from every member. Even from Olivia’s own son but with that I wasn’t going to just give up. Even thought I thought about listening to everyone. Well during district meeting we talked about just setting her up for an interview and see how that goes. So Thursday E. Halgren came over with his comp and she looked at E. Halgren and said. ``I’m waiting for my grandson`` and then they walked into the house so he could do the interview. Well 1 hour and 40 min passed when she walked out with the biggest smile on her face and was like ``IM GOING TO BE BAPTIZED``! Man for me it was just soo cool. I was tearing up and I just couldn’t believe she wasn’t going to wait. It was just so cool and then while sitting at the table her son shows up and she told him that she was going to enter in to the water this Sunday and her son was so happy. He gave her a super big hug and couldn’t believe it himself. Well so Sunday he gave his testimony before the baptism and it was so strong. For him he explained it’s been 10 long year of him inviting her to go to church and to accept the missionaries and she finally did and for me I learned to always keep working even thought a lot of ppl said it was impossible. My comp leaned over to me after the baptism and said `` We Proved them wrong, when should we tell them....`` I had a good laugh because that’s what my thought were but were not going to rub in the members faces. Although when at her house one of Olivia’s daughters stopped us as we were walking out and said. ``After 10 years of her turning down the missionaries and after all the missionaries who passed through here, you guys managed to get her baptized. Good Job`´´ (her daughter isn’t a member) But for me I learned that prayer and faith makes miracles. Just like that in that film 7 miracles. We watched that at our conference like I said. But man dose faith and prayer move mountains.
But thanks so much for putting our names in the temple. It makes a difference. I hope everything is going good. Jakes growing so much. He’s going to be a good senior comp!!! Well I love you all. Be safe and read the BOM! Love -Josh

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So another week flew bye and I really don’t know where to start at with this e-mail. Well the week went really good for us and we were blessed with new investigators. It’s crazy to me to see how the lord prepares people for us. When we suddenly lose some investigators I know now that the lord puts others in our way that is ready to hear. I find it very interesting on how everything is planned out here in the mission along with our lives. We really are blessed and watched over. Anyways Ill share an experience that happened to me last night. So last night we went on a ´´blitz´´ in another area to help some elders out. The whole zone was there. Well we went to this area and divided up with other Elders than our comps and were assigned an area to work in for a few hours. I went with an Elder from Alaska who name is Elder Wharton. (No he doesn’t hunt or fish so that part of the conversation was dead) Anyway he’s a very calm and quiet person and really white with red hair. But we set off on a couple of streets talking to EVERYONE in the streets or looking at us. Like if we were walking by a house and someone looked out the window we went back and talked to them it was crazy. Well we did that for a few hours contacting ppl and walked down this big dirt road and walked all the way back to the entrance of the street. Well we got back to the main road and I looked at Elder Wharton and told him we needed to return down the road again. So we went back down the road and went to the very end. At the very end we stopped and were watching some small air planes take off and land for a few moments. (There was also a glider plane that was practicing) anyway while we sat there I started looking around and saw a house with some ppl standing outside watching us watch the air planes. I told E. Wharton we got to talk to that family so we walked over and they came out to talk to us. We talked to them at the gate and got there info for to return another day but I asked if we could share a lesson with them. They accepted us in and we went and sat down with them. So we got to know them and their beliefs and found out that they were at one time Catholics, Jehovah witnesses and 7th day Adventist. SO I was like wow I guess this is going to be a difficult lesson. But we started a lesson started teaching and they started asking great questions. (A lesson that I thought was going to be a Bible bash was turning into a really good lesson) we taught the lesson and they just loved everything they were hearing. They gave us cake and a pop and we showed them our pictures and they wanted to know so much about the church. Even the 9 year old boy the 10 and 11 year old girls were eager to get the BOM to read. Anyway we lost track of time actually didn’t have time with us. (any watches or the cell phone) and we asked them what time it was and the said it was 6:38. I was like crap we got to get to the bus at 6:45 and the stop is super far away. So we said bye and explained that other Elders would pass by another day. When they heard that they all were like no, we want you to come back and I comforted them saying these other elders are really cool.... that’s when they were like will we ever see you guys again? and realizing that it almost would be impossible I told them maybe. Knowing that they are not in my area and it’s not easy to go into another area. Anyway this family was like oh no you have to come back, it was crazy as they stood at the gate they all got teary eyed and the little kid asked his mom if they would ever see ´´elder opper and elder wartun again´´´(that’s how he said our names) I was so surprised on this family and their reaction to us leaving. I don’t know why but they were truly a friend of ours and for some reason I don’t know why, we were so important to them. This family was awesome and I have never seen any family like this in my whole mission. I was told that maybe on Saturday I would go back to talk to them because this family is really important but that’s a maybe but they truly marked a memory in my heart.
Anyways my time is up. I’m glad you’re all doing well. I keep you all in my prayers and thoughts. Be strong and know that I’m ok. I also can’t believe Jake is 20 years old. Crazy!!! I love you all -Josh

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Well we had one more baptism this week. Last week was a supper good week for us and we were to bounce back into rhythm with things. It’s also heated back up and today has been pretty hot basketball was good other than it was so hot I almost threw up so I gave it up and just played soccer to take it easy. But Like it said we had a baptism yesterday it went really good. Her name is Stefani and she 8 years old. It was a little sad because her mom didn’t show up for the baptism because of work but told her to go ahead and do it so she jumped right into the water and was super excited. It turned out really good thought.
But sounds like everyone had a good time a Boise. I’m supper surprised that there was that much cash on the table. I was sure it wasn’t real so it kind of crazy. But I think its good I wasn’t at the game. Never liked Rigby too much so I don’t think I could have controlled myself...... anyways even though they are still children of God, It’s hard to accept them as a school though. (Kind of like the Lamanites who raised their children in iniquity, I’m pretty sure the kids were raised to hate the Nephites and some really never had a reason.) Kind of like that for me. I’m pretty sure I spent the whole time in high school thinking and looking for things to stir up the students to cause problems. I remember one time Jake Dexter, Bill, Mack, and I’m sure Taylor were at a basketball game and we brought some duck calls and goose calls into the game and started blowing and honking them. At one point the school officer and the teachers were looking to find out who it was. Not going to lie it was pretty sweet. Every time they did a foul shot we were blowing on those things so loud. Pretty sure we succeeded on stirring them up and making problems. But hey I guess the ppl there are not too bad.
Enough with THE confession though but tell grandma thanks for the e-mail. To finish I better explain my comment on last week’s e-mail... yeah I had no idea we were going to Oregon. That was until I got mail on Friday and realized that I was ALSO going to be was one of those moments where I couldn’t fix anything but just had to laugh because it was a surprise to me. Also I guess that means I won’t return to work for a few weeks after or settle down and adjust until after. I hope the adjustment is fast, and that I still have some friends to hang out with. It would stink to sit home on the 4th and not have any buds to go down to IF. Oh well though Oregon it is. Anyway I love you all. Be safe and happy. Thanks so much for your prayers. Love -Josh

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well how’s everyone doing? So this week was a good week and full of ups and downs. One of the up´s is that we had a baptism!!!!! Yeah but it was only 1 baptism. Like I said last week that we had 6 ppl ready and well turns out that 4 of them went on a trip to their grandma’s house, so they weren’t baptized. Then with the other two we got them interviewed for baptism and they passed. So we were still very happy until Sunday came along and one of the investigators didn’t come to church so she wasn’t baptiesed. But the Good thing is we still got a baptism out of all the un-expected stuff his name is Antonio. He’s a supper cool guy. Very simple and always happy. He doesn’t know how to read or write but he sure knows how to talk to God (pray) so with that he prayed and felt so good that he wanted to jump in the water. But it was a very good baptism. It was very cool to see this person be baptized because I realized that you really don’t have to know how to read or write to know the truth. (For most, you would. but for this man a prayer was all he needed.)
But this week I also did a division with Elder Algren and that was really cool. While there I did a few interviews for baptism and we just had a good time teaching and preaching to EVERYONE, it was awesome and we had too much fun. He’s totally going to come down from Montana and visit us after the mission. But the District is doing well. Were baptizing so that’s successful also I finished the BOM in English on Tuesday for the 2nd time in English and for the 4th time in total in the mission. I will read it for the 3rd time in port. before I come home. Also I’m starting the Doctrine and Convents too.
But it sounds like you guys had a huge wind storm... crazy that the wind took out Thors roof. I sure Thor freaked out in his house. lol But I hope Bill S. gets better. Sounds like a bad fall on the ice and that stuff. Wish him well for me. Also have fun on the basketball trip! Be safe and drive safe. Taylor T, said he talked to you guys which is cool he sounds like he’s doing good and getting some dates in. :) (I know he´ll read this so THATA BOY Taylor!) Also Bill is going to be coming home soon too. Crazy!
But I love you all say hi to everyone let them know I’m doing well. I hope your all doing well and being safe. I better get home and take a shower. Our 3 hours of basketball got me tired!! ha-ha But Fica Firme mina família,
Com muito Amor, -Josh

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What’s up everyone? Well it’s been a very busy week for us but really good. I’m supper glad to hear that Jake baptized a person also. That’s really cool that we baptized on the same day. Anyway this week is turning out to be amazing. We have 6 people lined up to be baptized on Sunday or before Sunday and so were running around like crazy getting them taught and ready for the baptism. I have a lot of faith that the lord is going to help these people out and everything is going to happen so they will be baptized. So it’s been hot but pretty crazy. Sunday was supper busy for us because the ward took all of the young kids and adults out on a camping trip to get them away from ``Carnival`´ (a really bad national holiday) So at church there was no help and we had to do everything, prepare the sacrament, pass the sacrament and I was also given 30 min to prepare a talk and I gave a 15 min talk too because the person didn’t show up. I was also going to teach a Sunday school class but I asked someone to help me. It was a busy busy day but it’s all going good here. We played some b-ball but I was supper tired and I’m getting sick I think so I took a lot of meds today.
Anyway so someone ran into the cop car that would be embarrassing. Ha-ha but did she leave with a ticket? so how was the conference with Elder Russell M Nelson? What did he talk about? Anyway I also want to know also dad what did you put those bugs in to make them glass round things? was it fiberglass resin? but also I’ll look for the package but it will take a while. I too will send home a package because it’s all ready and tapped up. Bad thing is that is like a weeklong Holliday for the next few days so I’ll send it when I can.
But I’m short on time today and am tired.. I don’t have my camera because I left it at the house so next week I’ll send pics. But thanks for everything and for your prayers. I love you guys and hope all is well. Be safe and if you need anything just tell me. But I have an awesome family!!!!! Thanks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey well this week we had a BAPTISM!!! so the week has been really good. I must say that we have actually had a really good week overall so this is what’s been going down. On Thurs. we ended up going to Curitiba once again to another meeting from my new comp and man it’s not too fun sitting on a bus for most of the day or waking up at 5 am then getting home late. Anyway we were really blessed though. I’m not sure if I told you last week but on last Sunday we had an investigator go to church whose name is Mateus. He was invited by one of his neighbors to go and while there he loved the church. So this whole last week we passed by his house to teach him and comes to find out that he is one of our heavenly fathers elects. Mateus is supper smart and everything was going good. Last Monday we marked a date with him then he asked his mom and she said he could be baptized. Well Tuesday we passed bye and he said everything was good and he was ready. Wednesday went over and the mom said to wait a few months. After talking to her and finding out she was a member, she accepted and was going to let him be baptized. Thursday we went there to find out that he wasn’t sure if it was what he wanted so that night we prayed so much. Friday we marked an hour for our LZ to pass bye and do an interview and he passed and choose a member to baptize him. We were supper happy. Then after talking to the bishop this member wasn’t worthy and told the boy to wait 4 weeks and then he would baptize him. So after trying to get him to pick someone else he finally was like then I only want you Elder Hope. So then I was like alright because you have to be baptized. I even tried him to pick my comp but he wouldn’t. I really wanted my comp to get his feet wet for his first baptism, but Mateus wouldn’t move. Anyway on Sunday Mateus was baptized and it was really good he was supper happy and so was my comp. My comp said that now he can go home because he made his goal. Ha-ha but this week will also be good because we have another man ready to be baptized so we pray a ton right now. Anyway the week was good, long but good. Transfers are tonight but I’ll stay here for sure to finish training my comp for 6 more weeks.
But I’m doing really well. I can’t believe there is no snow, but still ice fishing!! crazy. Means one thing though there are going to be some BIG BUCKS this year!!! I’m so excited! Anyway that’s all I have for the week. Be safe and do what’s right. Until next week, Love, -Josh

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well Its HOT here! FYI it’s like 85 to 90 degrees here and I’m cooking like a steak. I’m also afraid that my farmers tan is now a permanent mark and it will never go away. I guess it’s always going to remind me of my mission. haha So with that it’s been a busy week. I’m sleeping with a fan right on me at night but still sweat a lot it really doesn’t cool down here at nights. But the work has been going really well here. This week we had a good turn out with investigators going to church and one is really ready to be baptized. So if his mom let’s him, he will be baptized. So were praying a lot for that. We also found like 5 people who are really good investigators who have a lot of potential so things are getting really good. But another event that is happening with our house is that we went from Fleas to the invasion of lizards.. Yeah pretty sure a mama lizard gave birth to about 20 little lizards and now they run across our walls like crazy un-controlled wild things when we come home at night and flip on the lights. It’s good because they eat the spiders and everything which is good but something that still makes one scratch his head wondering if it’s something healthy. Until now we like the little guys because there kind of cute.
Anyway sounds like things are ok back home other than grandmas aunt who passed away and Jim getting sick. But I’m glad that’s all passed by and things are good. It’s really cool you guys went to Hamer to see the baby blessing. I actually think it’s such an interesting and special thing. So I’m sure it was awesome to be there in support
But Mom I too also want the Family history info for me so send me that. Dad that’s sick you went ice fishing. I hope you took pictures but sounds like it was a good trip. I too remember when Colin took my ice hole away up at Jackson Lake just so he could get a fish. Seems like his lucky fish finder is no match for the hope’s talent. If I was Colin I would probably just give up the whole fishing idea and give his rods to someone who could use them..... I think I could find a use for them. (Yeah make sure he sees this letter.. I want a response to this trash talk) lol it’s all a joke though. Anyway I’m out of time but I sure love you guys. Be safe and keep fishing. Com Amor, -Josh

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So what a dang cool week!!! Man ill just jump into the good part about the week. Friday was probably one of the coolest mission conferences so far in my mission. Like I said Elder Ballard and Elder Anderson came to talk to us. Elder Anderson gave a supper good talk in Portuguese mixed with a little with Spanish. But it was really cool because he taught in such a simple way and yet the sprit was supper strong. He talked a lot about the atonement of Christ and how we need to help others understand it. He then talked a little about the Plan of Salvation with a supper strong testimony about the ppl who die and how they sure do live and live so close to us. Kind of brought it to real for me. Elder Ballard Talked for a long time to use. He talked about how we should always do what Christ would do or say. He taught us the importance of the young men in the mission and how important young men have been in the scriptures. From David and Goliath, to Joseph Smith and the missionaries of the church. He explained the trust the lord has in us and in us helping others. He explained that the lord ALWAYS turns to young men to bring great things to pass. Elder Ballard was also very funny and told some funny stories. To me I realized that they truly are men of God who are such good examples. They really are ppl like us with lives. That’s one thing that most elders were saying after they left. But it was so cool to see them sit next to their wives and see the happiness in their lives. Anyway it was a supper good day on Friday and I have a ton of notes and I wish I could share everything with you guys but I just can’t.
This Sunday we also saw a huge difference in the ward. Everyone was happy! I think it’s because for the first time the ward actually had enough ppl to fill a van up and go to the temple. Right before sacrament meeting a random family walked into the chapel, It is a huge blessing for us so were going to work really hard with them. Also today for p-day the zone got together and studied together and the Zone leaders gave a lesson on ´having confidence with our comp.´ well they also had an activity which went good for the most part and it went like this. The Zone was all in one room. They went and hid a couple of things though out the church and came back. Then one at a time one set of elders would have to find those things. But one of the elders had to be blind-folded and the other explains where to go. They also said that it would be timed and the fastest would get some candy. Anyway all of the other elders went first and found all the stuff in 12 min or so. Well I was a little nervous because my comp still doesn’t speak or understand very well. But I told him we would win. So E. Allen put the blind fold on first and I started to guide him and man I was running around like crazy trying to find the things then guiding him to the object. It was hard because I couldn’t speak English to him but he figured out that it was easy to just follow my voice. Anyway there’s a part in the race were we switch and I put the blind on and he started guiding me. It was supper hard because he didn’t really know what to say but I followed his voice. Anyway at one point we were going to win and he told me to start running in a straight line. (running with a blind fold isn’t a good idea, but I wanted to win!!!) SO trusting in him I began to run and at this point the whole zone was watching me and saying to run so I actually started running. Well in this hall there was a huge flower pot and while running I kind of went off course and ran right over this pot like I was playing football. I was totally trusting in my comp to tell me to stop if I was going to hit something but he never said to stop so I hit it. Neither did the other 10 elders....... anyways long story short, trusting in my comp, he let me run into this pot and I broke it. When I asked him why he didn’t say anything he said he didn’t know the word in Portuguese. Then the other elders told him he should have at least said it in English. But any who I broke the thing because my comp let me run into it, good thing is I won’t have to pay for it but it was pretty crazy.
But my week has been good. Jake sounds like a stud baptizing like an animal which is way cool. I’m so glad for his success. But I love you all. Be careful! Love. -Josh

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey everyone so another busy week and I have a lot to tell you’re so first off I did get some money out of the bank and already bought one more item to send home. (I’ll send a picture home) and so when I get things ready ill send a few things home in the future. But thanks for getting my card all worked out for me. Anyway last week I told you that I was going back to Curitiba to take my comp to the federal police and well it actually turned out to be a special thing for me also. So while there my comp and I was walking into the bathroom and I saw a girl cleaning and she looked at me then I went into the bathroom. For a moment I thought man she looks so familiar so leaving the bathroom I went on a search inside the federal police station in search of this lady. Well after 10 min I found her and I went up to her to talk to her. When I started talking I remembered exactly who it was and before any words were exchanged her name popped right into my head. Her name was ``Maria`` and exactly 5 months ago that day I did her baptism interview. (which was my second interview ever) It was really cool and very special to talk to her. I asked her how things were doing and she told me her son was also baptized later. So for some strange reason I was able to talk to her, even though it wasn’t anybody that I baptized but yet someone who I remembered and an interview I remember really well. Also while their I was talking to an elder who worked in my first areas. Well the area that we were taking care of along with our area. Anyway he asked me if know who was ``Cintia`` and I was like ya she was my first baptism and he told me that she is supper amazing even thought she only 9 years old she learned to play the piano and plays every Sunday. This elder also told me about another lady that I started to teach there and told me that she was baptized. This was another lady who we worked with a TON and we didn’t ever baptize her because of an elder who did a bad baptism interview with her. Anyway this elder told me that she still remembered me as the one who didn’t know how to speak at all but always smiled. But she said she was so grateful for us teaching her. So it was a supper and very exciting story for me. Once again I wasn’t ever able to see her baptized but knowing that she was finally baptized is so cool and a miracle.
On Friday I’ll be in the presence of Elder Anderson and Elder Ballard as they will talk to our mission. Man its going to be so cool!!!!! I’m stoked!! Anyways that’s my week for ya. It’s been good and I’m doing well. Jake sounds like he’s in his second area and I know he will like it. But I love you all be safe and pray for the snow. Love -Josh

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!
So it seems like the week went by a little slower than normal, but with that it seems like we were able to do a little bit more. I must say that as of now I am learning a lot and really see that my new companion has a huge testimony and probably enough faith that he could move a mountain if he wanted to. At least a lot more that I did when I first got into the mission, but he’s been one of the most positive companions that I have had. Although he’s really quiet and only talks about his chickens or cats..... It’s kind of a weird thing but like every time he sees a chicken or a cat he does this high scream and says ``oh my gosh`` So other than that he loves cat more than Becky dose and has already tried to bring one home, other than that he’s a sweet comp. He’s trying to do his best and learn things and tries to keep up with me. I like to think of him as my mini-me. He mimics my moves and everything I do. At times it’s funny. If I lean forward, he will. If I cross my arms to pray he will. If I pull out my planner for nothing he will and if I buy something he will. It’s great because if I start cleaning the house he will too. lol so I have fun with it and it shows that I have to be obedient because he follows my example. Anyway the work has been good. We marked a lot of baptism dates and found a few awesome ppl to teach. It’s been raining a ton at night and during the mornings and the it’s supper hot and humid in the afternoons. The shoes I have are awesome and I haven’t had wet feet yet!! Unlike last year every time it rained. So it’s been the best present. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us because once again we have to make the trip to Curitiba and it will be 4 hours on a bus and the while there my comp will get registered at the federal Police. Anyway I’m doing well. I’m learning a lot right now and seeing people open up their doors to us. I just want you all to know that I know the savior lives and that God is a God of miracles. He changes and moves people lives in short amounts of time and guides us to people who are ready and in need of the gospel. I’m supper glad you guys are reading the BOM and I hope you continue to do that. Be safe and travel safe. I love you All, -Josh

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So man it’s been a busy week, but also one of the best. I now have my new Comp who name is Elder Allen from cotton wood heights aka Salt Lake City. So he’s doing really well. I must have been a little stressed out about training but really it’s the best thing ever. I love it. My comp is really quiet and is more calm and not one to jump around so much. But he’s got a good desires and a lot of faith! He wants to do things the right way and so it’s been awesome. I was amazed at the way our week came together at the very end. The Lord really blessed us and put ppl who are ready in our way. So it was very special with that. I don’t have a lot to say this week other than I’m supper tired. We didn’t play any ball or soccer today which was good because I don’t think I could have handled it. I’m literally exhausted. It seems like I haven’t had a p-day in weeks when really it’s only been 2 weeks. But I will defiantly take a nap after this. Anyway the weather is hot and it usually rains around 6 pm everyday now. My shoes are so sweet and keep my feet dry. It’s been the best pair I have ever had. But the work is going awesome here. I’m doing good and taking my vitamins every day. I hoped you like my two tone body picture ha-ha I have some tan arms huh. always I better send some pictures home because I’m out of time. Dad yes send me jakes pictures!! I hope all is well with you guys. Be safe and everything. Love,-Josh

Monday, January 2, 2012

Surprise!!! Well it’s Monday and yes I’m e-mailing you guys today because our P-day is now on Mondays!!! The mission moved a lot of things around. It’s really different for me not having p-days on Wednesdays now.. also district meetings are on Tuesdays. So today is p-day. Sunday morning I got a phone call and was told that I was going to be training. So that meant I had to be in Curitiba today at a training meeting to become a trainer. My day has been like this. We were suppose to get on a bus at 10 am but one of the sisters made us miss our bus and we had to get the next bus at 11 am. The bus ride was a 2 hour ride and then once in Curitiba we had to get a bus to take us to the mission office. At 2 pm my training started and President explained how we should train the new missionaries for the next 12 weeks. I’m pretty sure after that meeting I was so stressed out and was doubting myself that I would be able to help the new missionary out when he gets here. Not going to lie I’m nervous and scared that I won’t be able to do everything like I should. But then president comforted all of the trainers saying it’s a big responsibility but the lord has chosen us to do this and with this new 12 week program that means I’ll be here in the same area for the next 12 weeks with the same comp. The program is intense and requires extra studding (3 hours every morning and an hour after lunch for language study) for the new missionary and by the end of the 12 weeks he should be able to train a missionary if necessary. WOW! So ya it’s going to be a challenge for me to give the example to this new missionary. At first I was freaked out but now I ready for this. Anyway at 4 pm our meeting ended and we got on a bus at 5:30 pm and came back to our area. So I spent a good 4 hours on a bus with my comp Elder Sodré and two sisters that talked our ears off! They are crazy. So my p-day today really wasn’t a rest or anything for me, but tomorrow my new comp will arrive at the bus station and I’ll pick him up there. I’m not sure if he will be an American or Brazilian yet. I want a Brazilian to train, but there is only 2 Brazilians out of the 9 Americans who will arrive tomorrow. So I’ll probably train an American. I just hope he’s a good missionary. So by tomorrow night I’ll be a daddy!!!! ha-ha but while in Curitiba I saw E. Roberts and he was supper excited to see me, man he’s changed a lot and is a good missionary.!!!! But I sent you a lot of pics. I hope they got to you. If not let me know and I have a lot more to send next week.
But how was New Years? good I hope. Mine was chill and I never have eaten so much food. We ate a baby pig at a member’s house that was good.. But man the members have fed us so much this week its crazy.!!! but the fireworks were ok but not too much. Anyway I don’t have much to say other than I’m not sure what to expect with the new comp or how things will go the first week. But I know it will all be good. But I know the church is true!! I love you all, thanks so much for the pics. Everyone looks great!!! But where’s the snow?????? Ha-ha but until next week. Love you! -Josh