Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hey well it was supper cool talking to you guys like you said and hearing everyone’s voices. Man I’m stuffed from eating peanut butter plain. (that peter pan honey stuff is so good) ha-ha but I’m glad everyone was there to talk. So it sounds like everyone will have a few days off so enjoy it while you can and be safe on the roads. Like dad said I don’t really have much to say this week because I told you everything on the phone call but I forgot to tell you was that on Christmas Eve I finished the 创Bom创 in port. for the 2nd time. Although I won’t be able to finish it in English before the New Year like I had set my goal but I’m getting close to getting that read too. But the Bom is such an awesome book. It truly helps and improves the lives of those who read it and study. I know that the book is 100% true. It seems like every time I give out a book of Mormon to someone I feel like I’m giving $100 million because to me it’s so worthful. But almost everyone who receives the book doesn’t realize the worth or the blessing that come from it. But really the BOM is a huge blessing in my life and I’m so glad I share that with ppl.
But yes we have transfers this next wed. 4th of Jan. SO I’ll probably get a new comp here with me. (Ill let you know next week) But yesterday we were teaching a man in his store when his pastor drove by, pulled over, and started yelling at us to the point where he was going to punch us if we didn’t stop teaching this man. When he entered in the store we looked at him asked him to be polite and respectful and I continued to teach the man. Well I think that ticked him off calling him out on his manners and that’s where he got in my face yelling. We kind of laughed at the pastor at his childish behavior like it was some kind of joke, and finished the lesson getting the guys address to pass in his house later. Man this pastor was on fire and deep down inside I was too. But while leaving he said a smart comment and said Have a good lonely Christmas and new year as we left the house, it wasn’t too cool. He defiantly wasn’t a man of god and acted like the devil. I’m pretty sure everyone on the street saw that. I really wanted to say something back but I wasn’t going to stoop to his level. So that was yesterday’s excitement. But the work goes on.
Also dad that’s sweet you talked to Mack. Man I was wondering what happened to that kid. Glad he’s doing well. Anyway I better send some pictures to you guys so I’ll finish this e-mail. But I love you all and hope your all safe! I Love you all, -Josh

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey Everybody!!!
Well this will be a short e-mail because I’ll save the good stuff for the phone call but today I was burned. It’s really hot and we played b-ball for a good 2 hours straight. Then soccer for an hour. Man I’m already feeling that sting.... oh well next time I’ll put more sunscreen on. I also received a punch in the face while playing ninja (a kid’s game) then took a ball to the face to protect the goal! The two defiantly hurt and left me seeing stars.. ha-ha But that’s life right. But other than that things are awesome. Oh yes, I GOT the 2 packages and opened up one to get my meds. But I opened up the wrong one and opened up the b-day package.!!! Man I was just about to send picture of my trashed shoes. These defiantly will last for the rest of my mission! So it’s a supper good present. You guys like read my mind or something to know that. But everything inside that package was awesome. My comp was so happy he had a little something to eat so he says thanks. But it was perfect because I opened it up on the 15th. (Only a day late) As for the other package I won’t open it up until Christmas. I really need the meds but will suffer for a few more days just to have something to open up. I’m probably crazy to wait I’m really dying here without it. We also had our Christmas conference which was pretty good. Wasn’t as good as the last one because they didn’t let the whole mission meet up and just have one big party. So really being to far away from Curitiba our Christmas party only had like 30 missionaries... but it was cool I learned a lot.
But man its crazy Coles going on a mission. He’s going to like it a lot. You defiantly will know how Cory is going to feel sending off the first missionary in the family. I think it’s always the tuff not knowing what to really expect but the fosters will also be busy now writing e-mail, letters, and sending packages just like you guys are doing and Rick and everyone else. But all that stuff is part of the experience. Cole will do great and his mission will bless his family so much. It’s truly a blessing and the best place for someone to learn and help others.
Anyways when you call I’ll explain how the work is going here in the area and fill you guys in on everything. But I love you all be safe and write down your questions to ask me. We got to use our time wisely!! but until Sunday. I love you all, -Josh

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all of the b-day wishes. You guys are awesome! But let me tell you about my day so far. Anyway today we had to practice a couple of songs as a zone to sing to President for Christmas. Then after my Zone leaders bought a basketball and we balled it up for 3 hours straight. Man I can’t even walk my back hurts so bad I got my fingers jammed pretty good and I’m unable to take my ring off my finger now. So that was the bad part, after playing b-ball in the rain my leaders took me to McDonalds and bought me a chicken sandwich and a Mcflurry that tasted amazing. Man they are awesome.!!! So far the day is going really good. It kind of doesn’t even feel like my B-day. I guess getting old never was too fun.. haha. Anyway the past week has been good. Were trying to get the members to do something and have more excitement. Matter of fact they weren’t going to have a Christmas party because the bishop is a little difficult. But Monday night they had a little get-to-gether and it was the best thing ever for the ward. I actually saw smiles on ppls faces! Also our investigators loved it so it was awesome, but were really trying toget the members to help us out here so were doing everything. But this last week we also taught a guys who had a bunch of grape vines that he takes care of. It was so cool to see millions of grapes, he said when they are ready we could cut some down and eat them. He also gave us a fruit that’s called ``Jabuticaba`` it’s almost like an oversized grape that you eat the liquid on the inside there really good.
But about the phone call. I think it would be better for me to just call on the phone we would waste a lot of time switching from Skype to the phone. So I’ll just call home and Jared could do the conference call with us. I want him to be a part of the whole conversation so just plan on the call. Anyway as for the time next week just give me a solid time on when Jake will come and I’ll work around that and I’ll give you a number to call me. But everything will work out.
But a lot of my friends are starting to come home now. Taylor will be the next or if not he’s home already. If I was smart I would have sent my papers in when he put his in and I would be at the end of the mission. I know that on the 13th of June I’ll fly out of this place and so I really don’t have a lot of time to work, kind of sad when I think about it really. I feel like I only have a year on the mission so I’ll have to make the best of my time.
But I was supper happy to hear that dads going up to henrys to ice fish!!!!! man that’s sweet I just better get the pictures ha-ha. I’m glad my packages got home that’s a good thing to me it’s a lot of work in those books. Tomorrow we will have our mission Christmas conference so if my packages are here I’ll get them tomorrow. I don’t plan on opening them either except to get my meds I’m dying here! but Grandmas I’ll keep until Christmas. The DVD player is only for the missionaries and we can’t take it out of the house on p-day we can watch movies that the church made, the tabernacle choir would be awesome also. I better wrap this e-mail up. Once again thanks everyone for the b-day wishes and for everything. You guys are awesome. But for some reason this b-day isn’t difficult like the first one. I think that Christmas will be easy to for me. But I love you all. Love, -Josh

``If we want to be Diamonds, we better be able to take the pressure.``
Hey everyone what’s up? Sounds like it’s starting to freeze in Idaho and at the same time I’m turning into a baked Cookie. (But I’m getting a little brown on the outside. I need to be pulled out of the oven pretty soon) ha-ha. Anyway it’s been like 26 days since the last time it rained and so it’s pretty dry here. I feel like I walk in flour at times. Reminds me a lot of the times when I worked for Jody and we did some house foundations in the dirt that was fluffy like flour. I can still see my foot sink in the powder walking with a form. Anyway a lot has happened this week. I’m must say it was a difficult week in the work aspect and things were not in our favor really. But this week is a whole new week so I happy with that. Yesterday I had a leadership meeting that was really cool. Learned a lot from pres and sister cordon. I really like these meetings because pres cordon is a little more chill and plays around to make things fun. But in a way to remind us that (having fun is part of the work.) President Cordon
But I finally got everyone’s letters and so I’ll respond to them and get them sent off when I can. Also before I forget, start planning out things with Jake to know when he will call home. I will most likely use Skype this time because a member has a laptop and I’m pretty free on when I can do that. So just say a time and I’ll plan around that. But tell Jake to choose a time when it’s good for him. He gets first choice because it’s his first time and so I’ll work around him. Also start thinking of questions and writing them down on a paper so when we do talk we talk use our time wisely. (Ill do the same) Also I was a little disappointed today when I went to go pull out $$ from my account. Turns out my card expired and well I’m left without money to get some things I want. I wanted to get a handmade hammock that is really pretty but I’m out of money and now I have no way too pull my own money out so were going to have to do something to fix that. I also can’t send Jake his Christmas present I bought him because I have no money.
Jc said you got my present so that’s really good. It was cheap but cool and so I got it for you guys. I sent my books home and I hope they made it too because it has important stuff also so let me know when you get that. pls.
Now for my past few days. Well THEY ARE BACK. and I’m talking about the fleas..... Man Thursday night we discovered the problem when I found that I had one on my shirt. Then the next night we spent a lot of time trying to kill the ones on our beds before sleeping. Man it’s so hard to kill one. Stepping on them doesn’t work and you have to cut them in half with your fingernail. We also haven’t slept very well because of that. Yesterday we finally got some stuff to kill them and we had a better nights rest so that’s one of the problems we are having... also a good note now is that the fireflies are back too and they are sweet to see. I wish they would show up in pictures because there are so many here
This Sunday was also interesting also because in elder’s quorum they were explaining on how to give a health blessing. Well during the practice they started saying that women could also be a part of giving a blessing and stand in the circle when the man gives a blessing. Now I don’t speak up too much unless have too or need too and I’m usually pretty quiet in that class but when I heard that I about fell off the chair and had to stop that false doctrine out fast, about 8 ppl were agreeing that women could do that. So in a nicely manner I told them how the church was founded and showed them a scripture in D&C that stopped that idea. Kind of crazy if you ask me......... Wow so ya that was the big apostasy this week. They always have little stuff but I forget to tell about them.
Oh and now in our mission all the missionaries will receive small portable DVD player. I was one of the first to receive. But I not sure if I like the whole idea of the DVD players. They come with DVD of training videos but still it’s going to be a huge temptation for a slacker missionary to put a movie in a watch it. But the DVD player can be used in a very good way. Well I’m out of time. I don’t have any pic to send home because I sent my card home. So I love you all. Be safe wherever you all and start asking Jake when he will call home. Love you, -Josh

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sweet well I got your pictures this week in the e-mail and it look like it’s a blast down there in Idaho. Killed some of my homesickness too and made me feel a lot better. About the letter and packages, my zone leaders will go to Curitiba tomorrow and I’ll get me mail that’s been collecting for over a month now also we will see if the packages will be there. So next week I’ll let you guys know and respond to all your questions. But becarefull driving, the Bucks will be crazy running around for doe’s and they really don’t look out for cars or ppl. It’s also that time of year that if I was at home I would also be living in a tree until the sun goes down or until that buck steps into a shooting lane. Seeing the deer was way cool also. But it all will be their when I get back so I won’t worry. Also if the owner puts the land up for sell buy it and I’ll pay ya back dad. (it would be sick to own that part of the bottom lands) sounds like everyone is spreading out over the US this week kind of cool, but just be safe. Jc is growing up so fast and I can’t believe it. Jake is also working hard and is baptizing and that so cool. It makes me happy to hear that.
But now for the work side. Man its HOTT here. There isn’t wind and it’s pretty difficult to find ppl in the streets during the day or to get them to answerer the door. We have been knocking doors this week and have had little success. Usually you see someone stick their head out of the window to look at us but then they disappear and won’t leave the coolness of the house to talk to us. But last night we were blessed and decided to knock on a door to try our luck one last time before going to a couple investigators houses. Well we knocked on the door and a lady came out to talk to us. Told her who we were and she said that her daughters were visiting the church about 2 years ago, so we asked to talk to all of them and they let us in. Well after talking to the dad (who’s 70 years old with hot pink hair) we shared our message with them and marked baptism dated with them and they all were very happy. It was a blessing for us because we’re not finding very good ppl to teach who will commit to things. But it really got me and my comp excited to find this family. Although the dad who’s 70 is married with a 45 year old girl and they have a 3 year old boy. Which is a little weird but very common here (the dad was very prideful of that) Anyway my eyes are often red at the end of the day wiping the sweat off my face constantly which isn’t too cool but it’s part of the job so I’m pretty sure I’m a fan of colder weather than hot weather at this moment in my life, ha-ha so what I’m saying is, I MISS SNOW but send more pics and visit the river one more time for me. Count the stands also.... but I’m doing well I’ll let you know if I got my packages next week. But I love you all!!!!!!! Be safe where ever you are. Love, -Josh

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My time is short today once again but I’ll do my best to fill you in on the weekly update. But Jeovani was BAPTISED Sunday.! It was awesome and he was super happy although the water was cold for him. (Somebody left the gas on at the church, and didn’t turn it off but my comp entered into the water for the first time and it was very cool to see that! So with a baptism this week was awesome. We really worked hard to meet our goals and to teach with members. But I also forgot to tell you that we were having transfers last week. Well Monday night we got a call and my comp and I will continue on together in this area until Dec 28. I was supper stoked because my comp is sweet. He really tries to do things right. Well anyway we have another baptism marked this Sunday but the boy’s parents are really difficult. But tonight were going to talk to them. They already know the ``elders`` so we will have to see what happens...
Anyway today was really good day. For our activity we found a basketball and played some ball before switching over to play soccer. (Man I was making it rain from down town today!!!) It was crazy cool, but we also took an investigator with us to play some soccer and I’m pretty sure he loved it. In two weeks he should be ready for baptism. But I have been supper busy getting things lined up for this next 6 weeks. It’s going to be sweet. Also after my district meeting we were walking along a big shopping place (like an outdoor mall) when a guy on drugs came up to the 4 of us missionaries. Well for some reason he would only talk to me, but doing so he would try talking in English so I told him we didn’t speak English. He then switched to German.... Anyway in his sloppy Portuguese he asked why I was holding books (I had a pile of BOM in my hands) then one of the other elders told him why and what they were for. The crazy dude then asked how much we sell them for and we told him we don’t sell them that’s when he stopped, looked at all of us, looked around and then grabbed a book from the top pile and ran off. That’s when a store worker was like, I’ll call the cops. We told him no and that it wasn’t a big deal. But for the first time someone robbed me and they took my Book of Mormon. So ya it was crazy but funny. I guess when we told him that we don’t sell the books, he thought they must be rare or impossible to get one and so he took one and ran, ha-ha it was crazy. Anyway dad I’m not getting any pictures that you send. It’s been like that for the last few times you have said you sent pictures maybe you’re not sending them to the right address... but sounds like the snow is there to stay. Anyway I hope everyone will have a good thanksgiving and your all safe. Jake and I will be eating rice and beans... ha-ha. But Becky happy late birthday. But I love you all be safe. Love, -Josh

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Many Blessings

So a lot has happened this week and I won’t be able to tell you all in this letter. But before I get way side-tracked I will give you an up to date on the work here in Nova Esperança. This week we once again have seen many blessings. We lost a few investigators and was hurting for a few days but were quickly blessed and gained a few awesome people to teach. I know it because of our faithfulness in doing our contacts. But so far we have 2 people that are doing awesome for their baptisms this week. Jeovani is for sure ready and really excited. He’s 14 years old and we found him playing around with his friends. He also went to church this last Sunday and loved it. So with one of his friends already in the church he is excited to go. Yesterday the Stake gathered together all the young men who are preparing for the mission and spent the day as missionaries. It was a really cool thing, before lunch the elders gave trainings and prepared them to be able to teach about a few things. (I gave a training about Christ doctrine and the missionaries purpose, it went well) then we all ate lunch and left on divisions in our areas. Each elder had a member with him but the bad thing was that it was raining supper hard all day. I must say a first I was thinking, man this will be difficult and how will I be able to give a good experience to this member when nobody lets us in when it rains. Well I must say that I was a doubtful but I was going to do everything to at least teach. So our first lesson we were able to teach to a person who let us in, It was a contact I did last week and an unmarked appointment well that lesson went well and then we were off to our other investigators. Well all of our plans fell through so I started knocking doors and we knocked a ton before someone opened up the gate for us. But in total we taught 4 lessons and a few hours and were able to mark 3 dates. Two of the ppl are really ready for the gospel and were really excited. Over all the day turned out to be cold and wet before returning the member back to the church to meet up with the others. By the end of the division he was supper excited and wanted to knock more doors it was awesome. Anyway this week has already started off really good and we will have a baptism this week too. Although I had an experienced that opened my eyes and shook me once again, but not like the last time. This time I wasn’t in danger. But it’s still a crazy thing that’s not solved and when it is I’ll tell you what’s been going on.
Once again we as a zone did a sweet activity and went to a national park with lots of cool things and rock formations. It was sweet and I took a ton of pics. so I’ll send a few home, there were wild monkeys their but we didn’t get to set any. I hope everyone is doing good and staying out of the cold. Sounds like a crazy snow storm and stuff, just drive safe please. But I love you all. Until next week. love, -Josh
P.S. This week I was kissed by a drunken man, had a small dog bite my leg, and then a gang told us that we are protected by them that we’re their bros and if anyone robs us or does something to tell them and they will take that person out. We actually were teaching 3 of the gang members but had to cut them as investigators. But as friends were always talking to them so it’s great. I know that I’m now safe in this hood

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seems like yesterday I was sitting at this computer. The time few by this week and I’m left scratching my head wondering why it did. But the best part of that is that it’s ok when it happens like that. But the week has been busy. The district is doing really good and is keeping me running back and forth from my area to theirs. Saturday I was given the opportunity to do 3 interviews and 2 of them were with two little girls. (8 and 9 years old.) I must say that they probably were the smartest little girls I have done an interview with. Defiantly was really cool to see them ask questions that grown up´s don’t ask. I think the older ppl get nervous when I talk with them. But these two girls were straight up with the questions. The girls are very mature at a young age and if I would have had to guess their age, it would have been 12 and 10 years old. They talked alike an adult. Anyway the 9 year old passed the interview and also one other person, but the 8 year old drinks a TON of coffee so this week I’ll go back to talk to her, anyways our area is getting better. We still had a good week but also lost a few investigators which have had us searching for new ones. I must say that after the loss of a few investigators we were quickly blessed with a few good new ones which have some friends as members so it’s going to be awesome.
I’m supper pumped to hear Jake got his feet wet and was able to baptize Eddi. That’s so cool. Also to have the president there must have been so cool it’s rare. I have tried to invite my president, but so does 165 other missionaries, anyway sounds like he’s on a history ride to visit the ruins and stuff. I hope I get to see some pic.!!
As for today the zone decided we would go and look for this water fall that was in an area. They said it wasn’t too hard to find all you have to do is fallow the creek, Duh. Well that didn’t sound too hard so we started in a field and then entered into the trees. Well turns out that there wasn’t a trail and we were walking in chest deep matov (weeds, fallen trees and through huge spider webs!! Just like you would see on TV) Well anyway after walking about 15 min I started talking to my LZ (who is a hunter also) and he was like man this is going to be hard to leave this area, were going to get lost. I was thinking the same thing and told him that we should mark trees with plastic sacks or something to help find our way back. We didn’t have anything like that and neither did anyone else but eventually we got the water fall and took pictures and ate a small snack. The hike was a beast and we about killed two sisters.... ha-ha anyway everyone fell into the water and was all wet except for me. :) I have balance and skill (lol, jk) but it was awesome. We did find our way out of the jungle after a few attempts and after some ppl decided to just walk in the creek. But nobody was hurt and only one person was bitten by a spider.
Anyway I feel bad for mom’s loss. It’s thought to see family members leave this world. But like we have been taught, they are in a better place and are without pain. Their mission here on earth was complete and is helping out on the other side of the veil. With the comfort also knowing that we will one day be with them again and in a state of never ending happiness!! What a wonderful promise. But I hope the roads stay clear. Seems like it’s early for snow...? crazy. It’s been supper hot here! (I’m praying for rain) I love you guys, be safe and do what’s right!! Love Josh

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is going to be somewhat short letter today because well we have been working all day. So let me start off with this week’s busy activities. Yesterday we had a zone conference. That was extremely awesome like always and I learned a bunch. President Cordon did a very good job with everything and everyone left excited and ready to work. Also today was the first time here in Paraná (the state) that they had a Genealogy conference (or family history). It’s been advertised for months now so for our p-day we were to go there and work. It was really cool and there was a ton of ppl that were visitors. The only thing was that we were not able to do contacts with them unless the ppl were to ask us what we do. So that made things a little bit more complicated. But it was good. While I was talking to president, he told me to leave and go e-mail. So it’s just luck I made it here and am able to e-mail you guys. I was already planning on being out of time and not being able to e-mail until next week but president told us to go e-mail and the others who wouldn’t have time to write a had written letter. So ya it was cool. I’m glad I’m able to write this quick letter. Anyways I also got 8 letters yesterday. With the mail strike it’s really slowed down the mail. The oldest letter talked about Jake not yet receiving his vista. (back in sept 28) so it’s been a while since I have heard of my friends and from you guys, but it’s all good now. Anyways this week was busy and well somewhat difficult my mission ties will tell you why. But all is well here and I’m doing well. It’s been special week here in Brazil because of the news coverage of the church. Here they did a 5 page story of the church in the biggest news paper here in Brazil they talked about everything. Also at the thing today they had a camera crew recording everything. I have been really surprised on how much the church is advertising and making the name known here in Brazil. It’s playing a huge part in missionary work and it’s awesome. Also they keep a close eye out on the USA and have been talking about Mitt Romney running for president and the fact that he is a member and that he’s on the course for winning. So the subjects about the church are like wildfire and its spreading like crazy here. But one more thing really fast that I was so glad to here today. I received an e-mail from my last comp elder da silva. He said 2 weeks ago Tuane and Teresina were baptized. Man it was so cool for me to here that. I worked with them for months and they were able to be baptized a week after I left. Although I wish I could have been there to see the baptism, but the important thing was that they were baptized and I was a part of that just helping them and teaching them I’m really speechless. But I have to go. I love you all. and I’m doing well. For Christmas I could use some ties..... hint, hint, but I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Jake sounds supper excited about his week and I’m praying for his success every day. I love you all and miss you all. Love, -Josh

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey everyone!!!! Well I must say I’m really tired this week from today. Today we played soccer like always but we mixed it up and played Americans against the natives. So it was 3 on 3 so good news Americans won 25-22! ya it was crazy and probably too crazy. Brazil doesn't like losing in the game their best at and they left the court unhappy but they got over it after a fruit juice. ha-ha So also it’s been a very long week for me. I’m still trying to get the hang of things and get things rolling. My comp is awesome like I have said. Thought young in the mission, his desire to work and to keep up with the expectations are really good. I felt bad because he ended up with a huge blister on his foot from walking this week, but the trooper didn’t say to slow down once so it was cool. This week we were able to find a bunch of new ppl and did a ton of contacts and all were awesome. The bad thing that happened this week was that I lost my planner for the first time and lost 6 days of work, names, addresses, and the lessons we taught. I must say I was pretty devastated when I lost it. Man I really worked hard to get those addresses and to mark appointments for this week and almost the entire next week. So it was a real bummer for me with that. But it won’t really have much of any importance to you guys just thought I would let you know of the low point in my week. Writing this I also thought of the lost 116 pages (or however many it was) from the book of Mormon. I’m sure Joseph was pretty sad of that when he lost something so important to the lord’s work and to the future people who would latter read the BOM. But because of Nephi he re-wrote the things more important and we still know of the things important in those pages. Un-like Nephi my comp didn’t mark any of our future appointment or anything so we really lost things important to this area. But the work goes on right....
Anyway sounds like Jake is doing well. Makes me happy to hear the lifestyle and the things he’s eating. I must say for me a grasshopper looks better on a hook than on a taco.... and the hook and grasshopper produces a better finished product....!!! (FYI a fish..) But yesterday I was also hugged by a huge drunk guy. More like a bear hug that lasted longer than a young couple dating......... I almost passed out from the smell or beer or ``pinga`` what some call it here. I must say also it was hot yesterday and he was sweating pretty well and that was also shared in his more than friendly hug so it’s been a crazy this week. But I’m out of time because we need to get to work. We arrived late in the area and so that cuts our internet down. But I love you all Keep doing what’s right and being examples. Be careful with your back dad.!! I heard fishing trips are a good medicine to take and I will need a lot of medicine when I get home. I love you all, Love -Josh

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


To start off this e-mail I will just say ``We BAPTISED Again!!`` Yeah Boy!  Sunday morning Marcos was baptized. It was really cool. We have been working with Marcos for about 1 month now. We first were told about Marcos when a member girl said she had a boyfriend and she wanted us to teach him. So being a sweet girlfriend she set up a meeting with us and then brought Marcos over. I’m 100% sure it was a surprise to him and that she on purpose didn’t tell him some missionaries were going to be at her house to teach him. Haha so she tricked him into talking with us and in the end he was baptized. Sounds crazy if you ask me. The member girl is a return missionary and apparently knew what she was doing and pulled the surprise visit. But the cool thing about Marcos was the fact he was so interested about the temple. When we taught him about eternal families he was like, ´´that’s what I want some day!`` and then asked and asked about the temple. It was really cool. He’s got the biggest desire to be married in the temple and I’m sure he will be. So it was a very cool baptism because of that. But now for the other news. I was transferred out of my area. It was really good though leaving the area helping another person be baptized there. It made it a lot easier to say goodbye to my friends in Almirante Taman dare.
But Wow has it been a long day for me already. I was able to get all my stuff in my bags but it was a tight fit. My bags are supper heavy so lifting them in and out of busses as we changed wasn’t too fun either so something’s gotta go. haha Anyways I’m here in my new area that’s called ``Nova Esperance in Ponta Grosse`` and well it’s safe to say that Nova Esperance just received Esperance! :) (that’s me!) ask Jared or Jeff to translate that for you mom and dad. But the area is a ways from Curitiba and is interior with nothing but hills. Only difference is that their paved so nothing will de different to me in that part. Anyways my new comp is a native again. Elder Sondré from the north of Brazil from a town called Nanvque he’s only got 3 months in the mission, so I’m another step-daddy again. Seems like a cool person so far. He’s told me about the area and well the work here is slow from the sounds of it so I will change stuff up like I did in the last area and yes I already have cleaned the whole house. Man I’m disgusted with how some missionaries live. I thought our house was a dirt floor until I moved the table and saw where the table legs were at. Anyways the first area I cleaned was the bathroom, that’s where I was gagging so it shows you it was bad if it came down to that anyway sounds like Jakes doing well. Sounds like me seeing the dogs and homeless at the start of my mission and the houses. I’m sure he will like the area. I wish I was there, I want to see the ruins and that stuff. Mom and Dad don’t come and get me in the mission when its time, lets save the trip and get Jake down in Mexico or go on a cruise again. haha but I got that paper dad and will send it back this week. It’s already signed and ready I just need to find the mail place. Also continue sending me Jakes letters and that will help me out. O and I hope it snows so much that nobody will be able to shoot a deer. haha jk I can’t believe it snowed already so with that be careful driving!!! I’m out of time though and will send you pics. I love you all and pray for you guys. Love, -Josh

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That’s sweet Jake was able to leave to get into Mexico Monday.!!! I’m really excited about the good news. And that Jeff was able to get to see him and you guys were able to talk to him. I’m sure it was a sweet moment for him and for you guys to talk to him before he flew out. But I’m sure he’s doing great, a little lost, but I know he’s safe. I’m also very comforted to know that dads surgery went well. I had these two things on my mind all week anyways so it was a very cool week with conference going on. I must say that it was very good like always the talks were very uplifting. I too liked the story of the boy from Idaho who baptized only the one guy not knowing the blessing he gave the family until years down the road, another talk I liked was of Elder Holland’s in priesthood. It was about missionaries and the importances of going. I must say I too was shocked to hear about the temple in Star Valley, Wy ha-ha and the comment President Monson said. ``Ì really wanted to dedicate that temple``  it was awesome as always I learned a ton from the talks. 
As for our week now, we were not able to baptize this week, but was so close. Ana passed her baptism interview but said she wasn’t quite ready to be baptized. So were working so hard to get her into the water this week so far she’s reading and praying every night about the BOM and she´s happy. So things are going good with that. We also have 3 other ppl we are really working with to help them out this week also. Marcos is another person who is lined up to be baptized this week end. Were running around like crazy to help these ppl out, and keep in contact with them. It’s something very important that we see and talk to them every day this week so devil can’t tempt them. Also this next week we will have transfers. I’m not too happy because I know I will probably have to leave and say goodbye to ppl. I’m praying that I stay but the lord knows where he wants me to go and if it’s to leave or to stay, then I’m in agreement with the decision. There was a talk in conference about this that the lord calls us to areas and gives us companions so that after the mission, we will be better ppl from the ppl we meet and teach and this helps us be better parents. But I would really like to stay in the area. My comp said to me the other day that he wants to stay one more transfer with me. ha-ha I about fell over when I heard that it kind of shocked me that he said that. But it’s cool. 
This week I was also interviewed by President and it was very good. Our conversations are so cool. He told me something really cool that I never heard before. That the Book of Mormon was translated in only 75 days, that’s pretty fast! (We have the goal as a mission to read the BOM in 95 days, or before the new year.)  I’m going all out and reading the BOM in Portuguese and English at the same time before the New Year. Mornings I read in Portuguese and before bed in English. It’s pretty cool. 
As for my scary story, know that I’m safe and that it wasn’t written to freak you guys out. But it’s something scary for sure. (I laugh now because I almost crapped my pants when it happened) It was also very nice to hear that everyone is doing well. Grandma, Jim and Ross and jean, I’m so glad everyone is doing well. Be sure to forward Jakes letters to me when you get them.   I didn’t hear anything from him so I have no idea what he’s doing. But I love you guys a lot. I know that jakes going to be alright. Send him lots of letters to help him out. When you have his address immediately send it to me so I can get a few pics to him.  But I love you all. Be safe and pray always! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So it sounds like you guys have had a busy week back home. So before I get way off task, let me tell you about my week. Well this week we had a baptism! Edwardo was baptized and it was very cool so that tops the whole week off for me. Also today we went to the temple and are just getting back now but it was a beautiful day at the temple and always a blessing. I put names in the temple too. But for my week end I was really sick it was good I got the meds in the package or I would have died but I’m all good now. I’m also really excited also for the conference and to see that I just hope I can watch it in English because it’s not the same in port. But we did have a very cool lesson this week that I will tell you really fast because I’m short on time. SO this week we went over to a members house to give one of a member’s a blessing, well while there a neighbor was there also so we asked if we could just share a scripture with them really fast. So my comp read a scripture that he likes out of the BOM to help the sick member out as doing so I could tell that this family friend was really interested in the BOM. (she kept trying to look at the cover.) So I asked her if she would like a book for herself she said yes and so we explained about the book of Mormon anyways once the book was finally in her hands she said. ``Wow this is really awesome, I knew there was more than just the bible and now I can share this and read this to my school classes.`` (here they teach the little kids bible stories in school) but when she said that I thought about how many little kids will no learn for the book of Mormon and about the true church because of this teacher who is going to share this with them. I thought it was pretty cool.
Anyway let me start off about the fish and game guy. HES STILL ON MY TARGET LIST he’s lucky I’m in Brazil. Dad you will have to tell me all that went down and how Cory talked to him but the ride looks awesome. I want to go there when I get back. It’s pretty high up also and you can see everything. But it looks like jc had a good time at the dance and she looked pretty in her dress. Dad I hope that your surgery will go good but I hope it gets better fast. Anyways I’m really excited to watch conference and to learn, I hope you all are too anyway I’m out of time. I’m getting slower at typing and my computer skills are going down the drain. I’m sure if I was to drive a car that it would be the same scare...... J lol (I hope they make the church parking lot bigger.........) anyway everyone have a good week I love you all and your all in my prayers be safe. love -Josh

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jerky & Shirt

It’s been another good week here in our area for us. We didn’t have a baptism this week, but this Sunday we will for sure have a baptism!!! We’re teaching a 10 year old boy whose family is a member and this little boy is really excited to be baptized. We’re teaching him the lessons because he needs to be taught some things and the lesson I hope will help his family out to become more active. This really was a blessing for us. Last Sunday the parents came up to me and were like hey our son wants to be baptized. I asked, how old he was and if has been to church more than two times and they said yes. I then asked (while my comp was talking and joking with the teen members) were the kid was at and they called him over. I asked him hey so you want to be baptized he was like yeah I want to. I told him next Sunday will be his baptism. The parents look at me and said perfect so that kind of how it all went down. It was very cool so next week I’ll send pics.
Also last Thursday I got the package. Man it was supper fast!!!!! I was very excited about the shirt and jerky. Matter of fact I put the shirt on and ate jerk in the shirt. hahaha I was in another world it was so good, also the meds and deodorant and clothes stuff is very helpful. Right now things are starting to bloom and it’s a good thing I have meds. But I was surprised on how fast it got here. The good thing was the day after the post office went on strike here in Brazil and so everything will be backed up. I sent Jake a letter so I hope it will get there in time but if you’re not getting my mission ties It’s because of the mail service Last Thursday I went to an 8 hour training that was very special it was for zone and district leaders and I learned a ton that day. So it’s been a very busy week all by its self. Dad the pics you sent from the fair didn’t come through :( so you will have to try again for me. About the shoes, keep them at home. I was given a pair from a member that is decent and is working for a little bit. I also this week entered into Wal-Mart for the first time here. Man I was very disappointed, first it doesn’t even look like Wal-Mart inside, 2nd they don’t have a fishing section and or sell guns but I think I’ll wait until I’m home to return to Wal-Mart..... things are cheaper their anyways. Oh 1 hot wheel car here is $6.50 wow what a rip off. 
Anyways sounds like it will be a fun party with frank coming up man I wish I could be there. Frank is awesome, and put him with Cory, man it’s a comedy show!!! so take lots of pictures tell him hi for me. Dad I really liked the Sept 21 thing I also like to think of the 21 as the day I left really but yes it was very cool.  As for me I’m doing well working hard and trying to get my rest. It should start to warm up here in a few weeks and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I hope I’ll leave this area before the hot weather because this area would be very hot climbing these hills!!! Anyway but I better go supper tired. We played a lot of soccer today.! I’m still not sure if I’ll tell you about the scary story. I don’t want you to worry so if I feel like it ok I’ll send it home in the missionties. But the good thing is that the lord protects his missionary who do the right things and who are obedient. I have a strong testimony about obedience now and how the spirit protects us if we listen to it. I’m very grateful for the package and it brought me a lot of happiness. So thanks for throwing that together. And thanks for all your prayers. I Love you all be safe and help others. Love, -Josh

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It’s been a very good week! I guess I’ll start off with the good good news today. Well Sunday morning we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Rafael was baptized then confirmed a member right after in sacrament meeting. It was very cool. I have been working with Rafael for a long time now. (matter of fact I looked back in my journal and we found him my second week here in this area with E. Roberts) So it was very cool to finally see him make the commitment and enter into the water. He was so happy. Rafael is 21 years old and was so excited that Monday we took him out to teach a family with us. I must say also the lesson that we taught was very cool and very powerful. When Rafael shared his testimony it was amazing! I was touched by the spirit in that lesson. Also it was a very cool Sunday because for the 2nd week in a row we have had 11 investigators at church. It’s so cool to see these ppl put their faith into action and go to church. I know that every one of them felt the spirit and liked church. (We were lucky and didn’t have any big apostasy with testimonies this week.) ha-ha But as for my district, my whole district was able to baptize this week. I was able to go into their areas and do the interviews which turned out to be another sweet experience for me. I’m really glad for the work everyone is putting in this work and for the excitement they have. It really helps me more than they think. So really this week we have been blessed and I’m so grateful for all the prayers and support. It means a lot and I know that all the prayers help a lot. 
Anyways dad it sounds like you had some cool experiences. It’s worth going down there to just have those at the fair. Just make sure you work next year so I can go down and stay in the camper. Oh and mom, this week I was talking to a few elders and was asking where they were all from and there was two from Idaho. One from Preston and the other was from Burley. I told the one I have a lot of cousins and uncles down there and he asked what are their names so I told them Sunderland. Well come to find out that this kid know everyone down there and he’s Lees, & Steve neighbor.!!! he knows Nicki also. His name is Chris Burkley, so I took a pic. with him so you could send to Lee and then he can give it to the Elder’s parents but it was really cool. But the work is going really good here in the area. I’m doing well also. I hope you’re all doing well too. Be safe this week and maybe next week if I have time, I’ll tell you about a scary story. It was not cool but I’ll think about if I really want to. I wouldn’t want you guys to freak out so well that all for this week. I love you all, -Josh

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mosiah 2:21-25

The week has been pretty good so far, It’s rained (like always) but it’s been good. Today was pretty cool also because we did something different here in the mission. Today is the Independence Day for Brazil. So we walked in the parade through Curitiba. It wasn’t big at all.... like the Rexburg parade would have made this look like a joke for the size of the city but it really was just the military, police, a few schools, another church and us. The plan was for the whole mission to walk through the streets but then president cut it down to just the missionaries who lived somewhat close. (about 50 elders) We all walked with Book Of Mormons in our hands singing two hymns then as we walked we passed out pass along cards it was really cool. Although it was raining supper hard... and we all got wet we  was surprised how much the ppl liked us.. it was supper cool and awesome. (we were the only ones who sang)
Anyways the other elders who were living with us already moved out into another house. They were cool and exercise time was a game on who could out do the other.  As for the week it was a bit harder we dropped a few investigators and are searching for some good ppl to teach. Friday was the best day for us so far and we were truly guided by the lord once again. Seems like everyone we stopped in the street was ready and listened to our message. We also found a small family, but I’m not sure if their married, (and I didn’t see any rings on their fingers) they have baptismal dates so next time I’ll have to asked if they are married. Friday was a sweet day. I don’t have a much to say about the day other than it was just what we needed to keep going and to help us out. 
Today I also got the pictures you sent!!! haha I’m already going to put some on the wall. The one shirt Jake has gave me a good laugh, that’s awesome another one is of Crue fishing. ha-ha everyone is looking really skinny though!!!! are you guys eating over their? But it looks like it was a fun trip I’m very happy you sent me the pics. they help me out so thanks a ton, also I got some mission ties. I’m grateful for those too. Sounds like everyone will be busy with the fair and everything take pics for me while you’re there. Anyways I’m supper tired and I can hardly see what I’m typing. We woke up at 430 am to go to this parade thing so sorry about the short letter. But just know that I love you all. I hope you’re all safe and happy. Trust in the lord and know that he takes care of his missionaries. I’m learning so much still and trying to do my best.. 
But I love you all. President Cordon wants all of us to read the book of Mormon again before the year is over and to do that we need to read 6 pages every day so ill start today. But I know this work is important and that Christ is our Savior. I know were part of a very special plan that was created for all of us and that we can all have blessings or answers to our problems in life if we can trust in the lord. Everyone be safe. Love, -Josh

Mosiah 2: 21-25

Friday, August 26, 2011

Alma 37:6

Well it sounds like everyone is doing good and doing things before school starts. I’m a little surprised Crue likes Utah. I hope he doesn’t get attached to Utah, because he’s going to have to move back to Idaho in a few years. I had a little stressful weekend, it seemed like with my talk and then preparing for the District Lesson but after it was all over I could really relax. Everything went really good in the end I’m not sure why I stress with little things like that but it must be a hope trait and along with the food. I get pretty quiet without food in my tummy. Ha-ha But anyways the work went really good this week. We thought we were going to have a baptism but our investigator randomly went to his mom’s house... oh well we will get him this week! Also this is the last week here in the transfer. So next Wednesday is day I could be moved. I really want to stay one more and I think I will. But there is always that chance so I guess we will wait and see.
Also my one pair of slip-on shoes are trashed now I’m not sure if you want me to take pictures and see if you can get a new pair or just put money in the account so I can get some cheap ones here. Let me know what I should do. If I do get transferred I will throw them out and will be sending a few more books home to make space in my bags. I also found peanut butter in a Wal-Mart today and bought some. I’m so excited to go home and eat it with an apple so don’t send peanut butter because I have some now. lol but I will make a list on things I need, some of my stuff is showing wear my watch broke so I’ll probably buy a cheap $30 Reais one here if that’s ok.
But I’m doing well here we had a supper awesome lesson here last night when a member from another ward took us to a friend who lives in our area. It was very cool and I’m sure the member will never forget this lesson. Her friend was praying for help and to know how she could find out which church is true. She has cancer also so she really wants to make sure she is in the right church. Well this friend of hers had huge feeling that she needed to take the Missionaries over to her house. She said it was the strangest thing ever and she knew that he had to follow her feelings. Well last night the two of the made the connections and knew it was all a planned and a response. It was very cool and after the member offered a blessing after he explained and asked if she would like a blessing. So that was really cool. It just goes to show that things happen for a reason. EVERYTHING! Without a doubt the lord has a plan planned out and his responses. He really hears and answers our prayers. I know that he loves all of us and wants the best for us. I’m so grateful for all your e-mails and letters. My new favorite scripture at the moment is Alma 37: 6 because some ppl really are confused with small and simple things. It’s so crazy when someone stops us an asked us things, then show them how they can know for themselves. (by prayer) it such a small thing, but yet it confuses some of the brightest ppl. Ha-ha I know this church is true and I love you all. 

Salmos 91:4
Ele te cobrirá com

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Powerful Testimony

It’s been a very special week for me and full of spiritual experiences. Last Friday and Saturday I went on 2 divisions all over the place doing baptism interviews. (Like 5 ) And I must say that I learned so much in each one of them. The spirit was also very strong and during one interview I almost cried when the lady bore her testimony to me. It was such a joyful experience knowing that were a part of the church and to know that we really are loved here on the earth. This lady has passed through so many hard challenges with her 10 month old baby dyeing and her dad. She had a powerful testimony of the plan of salvation and of the book of Mormon. It was something I won’t ever forget. But we also had an awesome Sunday and had a baptism. Liliane was baptized and had a smile from one ear to the other, she choose me to be the one to do the baptizing so it was really cool for me.  I must say I was nervous because I haven’t entered into the water too much but everything went well. (I’ll send pic to you guys) But we were working to get the other person baptized this Sunday so I sure hope things will work out.
Yesterday we also had a zone conference with President Cordon. It was very cool and I learned a ton for the training. It seems like every time I leave training like that I’m so pumped up to work and to try things different. Oh before I forget I was wondering if you could send me Jakes address for the MTC. I really want to send a hand written letter to him. Also if you could print off a few pic. I send in e-mails and send them through the mail to him that would be awesome thanks. You will also have to forward his letters to me so I can read want to know how he’s doing. 
I must say the story about the cat is funny though. I didn’t know Thor buried things, that’s unlike him. Man even the dog changes personalities while I’m gone for this short time ha-ha. Anyways funny you gave me a scripture dad. Sunday I was asked to give a 10 min talk. I think you were inspired also, but the work here is going good. We have a few goals were working on to help get some more ppl in the waters of baptism. It’s going really good. Today we also messed around as a zone played soccer but also flew kites. We tried making our own kite but that didn’t work so I bought one for 25 cents. These kites are different though you battle with others to cut their lines. Usually the grind up glass in a powder and take elmers glue and run it along the string then when it touches another kites string it cuts it and the kite floats away. It’s really cool how it works because you latterly can control the kite by how you pull on the string in patterns very interesting. But we didn’t have the glass line to cut other kite down It’s illegal. But I’ll also send pics home about this, anyways I better send this pic to you guys. I love you guys a lot. say hi to the kids for me. Be safe. Love -Josh

Monday, August 8, 2011

Moving Fast

Wed 8/03/11 12:29 PM

This week passed by a lot faster than it should have. I don’t really remember where the time went, but it’s been an awesome week from all the events. But most of the time I was thinking about Jake and you guys at this moment. I must say thought it will be awesome for him and the blessings will pour out in abundance for him and for your guys. Just remember to send little letters often for him he will enjoy every one of them and it’s like the best thing to get while you’re in the MTC.
I must say things are defiantly moving fast for me here in the mission. Friday we had a mission conference and I was able to talk to a few ppl. 1st I saw Elder Youngberg and we had a great talk, then Elder Oliveira showed up and gave me some awesome news about Lapa. He said one week after I left they baptized a girl that we were teaching... It made me so happy to hear that kind of a satisfaction that I was able to be a part of that. Also to here that Rryilda was still going to church, them when walking down the hall I saw a member from my first area. After talking to him for a while I asked him if the people I baptized were still going to church and he told me ALL are firm in the church and that Antonio will receive the Melchizedek Priesthood in two weeks and that the young adults are still on the right path and going to church every week. After we finished talking to him I was truly happy knowing that everyone was still firm in the church. I also realized just a little bit of my purpose here in the mission. The work I’m doing and the opportunity of sharing this gospel with others, It was such an awesome day to here all that.
The work is still going good here. My district is also working really hard. The sisters in their area were having some difficulty teaching but now it’s all good and there doing awesome. In our area we are being blessed. Last week we had an investigator walk in the church and said she would like to be a sister missionary. We left her with the 1st lesson after church was done and then we marked a baptism date with her. She was so excited and said she would absolutely be baptized. Then the ward had a party this week too called `´fiesta junina`` and when we showed up she was there waiting for us it was awesome. I never have seen someone with such a desire
to be baptized. She stopped drinking coffee on the spot and said she knows the BOM is true so she defiantly is an elect.
Anyways it rained for about 4 days straight here and the city literally was flooded. and also our house. I took some pics and will send them your way but it was crazy a lot of little mud slides, flooded houses, and everything.
About an hour ago we watched a helicopter land in the street because a motor bike smashed into the bus it wasn’t pretty.  Anyways I’m doing fine It’s stopped raining but it’s really cold. We stilled played soccer though this morning. I just want you guys to know that I love you all! I have really prayed a lot for each and every one of you this week. I just want to say that I know this church is true. I know Jake will be in good hands and safe also you guys will too. Keep praying and holding on to the iron rod with all your might. Until next week. Love, -Josh

P.S. I guess I’m not the only Elder Hope now so I hope the church doesn’t give all my money to Jake every 15 days ha-ha that would be good for him bad for me. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Companion

So last week I forgot to tell you that we had transfers coming up and with that said there was some changes. I wasn’t too worried because I thought we would both would stay because it was going really well here and we were doing awesome. But my comp was transferred out of the area.  :0 And now I have a new companion but it was really sad to say good-bye to Elder Roberts he was an awesome missionary and I learned a lot with him. I also felt like when we talked about Rexburg I was talking to someone who actually knew what I was talking about. Elder Roberts said last week the finished the new swimming pool that’s new news because it wasn’t even started when I left. But he was a good friend and a comp. I told him that I’ll be there at his home coming talk, and sitting next to me in the chair my unknown future wife..... lol jk (I was messing with him)
Anyway I have a new companion his name, Elder Da Silva from the North of Brazil in a city called Recife. He’s another young Missionary with 3 months in the mission and is still learning. (this is his 2nd area) so it should be interesting once again. Like always I haven’t got to know him yet so that’s about all I know about him. 
So another thing is the work is still moving forward with a lot of progress. We have 2 baptisms marked for this Sunday and I praying for them to work out we’re so close with these two different investigators. But the weather has held out for us which is a blessing. A few weeks ago I saw first hand a blessing that the lord gave one of our investigators. She was having a hard time finding work for a long time and I promised her that if she went to church 2 times the lord will open up a work and it will provide for her family. Well she went to church the 2 times and sure enough the Lord fulfilled the promise we made with her. She had 2 different jobs call her up and she was able to choose the one she wanted. It was such a cool experience. 
Also these past weeks I have been reading in my first journal form the beginning of my mission. It’s been so cool to see the experiences and the growth I have made. I can truly say it’s already helped me in this day the things I wrote at the beginning of the mission so Jake write in a journal. 
I’m 98% sure that I will buy in of those dirt bikes/ road bikes with signals. I see ppl cruising around all over here it was a bike that I can take in the mountains and then on the road so I’m just letting you guys know in advance. I’m sorry to hear about the well problems. I’m sure that’s been a pain in the neck and it hasn’t been easy with that and the kids running around, but let’s look at the bright side I’m sure the grass is green in that spot.... :) There won’t be that dry spot there this year. jk its a serious problem but I know that everything will work out for you guys with that problem. 
 Before I go, good luck to Jake and his talk. I know you will do good, just write it now and not on the last day it will save stress. But I’ll be there in spirit.
Everyone have a good week be safe, happy, and kind to others. I know this church is true and that we are together forever!!! 

Love, Josh

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well how is everyone this week? Good I hope. I’m doing well and am feeling a lot better. Once again this week has some interesting things happen and so I’ll start with those. First thing, my comp has Worms!! He’s lost like 35 pounds these last few weeks which isn’t good. I started thinking man I might be walking him to death but I’m not losing anything.. then he said he had pains in his gut so I called up Sister Cordon and she was able to confirm that there was a ``Monster living inside him and he was to take the pills to bomb him out`` those were her exact words. I about died laughing in the street. I don’t think my comp likes the fact that there is something inside of him....
Anyway they work is going really good still we had 4 investigators in church but were expecting a couple others that didn’t show but 3 of them are really solid in the church and were working with them to help them achieve their goal for their baptism date so that’s awesome.
This week for the first time I also boiled eggs. I thought for a min. that maybe I would hide some for my comp to find when he got out of the shower just to be funny but then holding the eggs in one hand and thinking that I was really hungry I decided to just eat them. haha  ops. (Jake ask mom to teach you how to cook meats, and simple things. like ground up beef.)
But I also have some info that might be useful for Jake; buy some sweat shirts that you can work during the day in, also a good rain coat they also have this stain remover stick that looks like deodorant that’s awesome It’s called (Resolve stain stick) and that thing works like magic! take a few of those. Also I want you guys  to send me Jakes mission home address and info to me so when he’s  in the MTC so I can dear elder him it should be inside the packet he got.
Now for my last story. Yesterday we went on a blitz to another area. (That’s where the zone helps an area out for a few hours and finds new ppl to teach) anyways we went there and started to work but I went with my district leader Elder Hardy. We taught 2 lessons and were walking around on the street to do some contacts because it was almost time to go back that’s when we saw an old short man leaned up against a fence so we went over there to talk to him. Well come to find out he was an owner of a bar and we were actually standing in front of it. (I couldn’t really tell, there was no sign and it looked like a shed) so E. Hardy asked if he has many ppl who come by his bar. The man got quiet and sadly said No it’s been really slow this month then the guy was sad so my DL asked the guy if he sold this one type of juice. He said yes then E. Hardy thought for a moment looked at me asked if I had $1 and was like we will buy a juice. But this guy knew everyone in the area and gave some good references and even though he owns a bar he doesn’t drink at all. Grandma told me about the scam. It’s a good thing Jared’s really not it Canada he would have fooled us all but it goes to show  that personal info needs to be protected. I’m glad everyone had a good 4th of July party, after this e-mail I will meet up with other Americans and we will have a late party to celebrate and cook some hamburgers and hot dogs, but I love you all. Be safe and do what’s right. I’m so grateful for your prayers and the things you do for me..... But until next week.
Love, -Josh

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Touched by the spirit

Oi, como esta todo mundo? Está bem? Eu ainda esta com pouco gripe mas esta melhorando.  But this week was a very productive week for us here in our area.   In matter of fact it was a really good week were we were able to accomplish our goals. Although I’m not fully back to full speed I’m still fighting my ears and throat but that’s ok. This week we manage to find 30 new investigators and a few families. It seems like every house we were at there was family or family friends waiting. Last night we had a sweet lesson where a member girl invited her friends and there was like 5 of them, then the little girls mom is dating a guy so it was another big group to teach. It’s always awesome to have everyone sitting out in front of you while you tell them about Joseph smith. The spirit was so strong last night while teaching that even I was touch and learned something new. Also I know that the people who we taught also were touched by the spirit because of their questions after the lesson. One boy ``rafyel``  was really moved and is an elect for us he is really looking for a church that can bless his life and he only wants the truth. After the message the membros even saw how he really wanted to know the truth and desires he has also after the message the members made us a small dinner which was awesome because I was very hungry. In this area im eating really well and need to limit myself more on how much I eat....
Anyways about the shirt..... yes there was a ton of smoke and no we don’t have a fire alarm. (it’s out of batteries.) But man I remember when I first got in the mission I didn’t think I would ever burn a shirt but when the moment came I just had too, it was a must.
It was also good to hear that you guys had a good week camping and that no one got hurt. I wouldn’t blame Crue or Garcia for not wanting to right to gramps. hahahaha jk (THOSE POLARIS WILL DO THAT TO YA....!!!) haha im just kidding.
But anyway we also had some investigators at church so that means we could have some baptisms coming up. That’s so cool Jake went through the temple, you will soon see the blessings and awesome things that come from that. I challenge all of you to go through as much as possible. But I’m out of time for this week. I love you all, take care, and say safe. -Josh

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So this week has been supper busy!!! I’m might have said that this area has a few hills last week in my e-mail... I guess I was really wrong this city is on a mountain. Last week I was just seeing the top of the hills and nothing in-between until later that day when we started to work. I literally climb up mountains all day. (which is cool, my style of life) but I’ll probably turn into a Billy goat, bah bah I mean ``ha-ha`` 
Anyways today was really awesome. We went to the temple and had interviews again. My interview with President was pretty awesome. But also going through the temple was pretty cool. Every time I go in and come out I have a learning experience and leave with a smile. So Jake you’re in for a treat on the 28th I must say also to go through the SLC temple before you leave for the mission, the temple will always be a blessing to you.
I also got your package on Monday and it has been awesome I really needed the socks! I might have pushed the time limit and should have asked sooner anyways it’s all good though. I might want you guys to send the wheeler or dirt bike next..... ha-ha but the candy you sent is awesome and the articles Bill wrote I always like too. As for my comp he’s doing really well, he’s really really quiet and is new in Brazil. He’s only been here for 2 and half months and is learning the lang. I’m his step-dad in the mission but we’re working really hard. I’m supper tired and not use to the climbing yet but the areas great along with the members so it’s going to be awesome to work here. We actually live in front of some members and after a long day of work they often bring a small piece of cake over.
One thing I forgot to tell you last week in my e-mail was two Sundays (5th) ago I finished the Book of Mormon in port. for the first time. It was supper cool and I finished it before the day I had planned. I’m pretty sure I started reading it and understood nothing and by the end I could understand almost all of it. It took a long time though 8 months of reading... but was well worth it.
It also sounds like things are warming up there that’s awesome you went camping. I believe I went there one time with the wheelers and with Hamptons and Edelmayers and that’s where Shaun and Jared got lost. I also went swinng in that warm spring and fell off the dock and got all wet and had to sit in Jody’s truck with a blanket until dad, Jeff, Jared got to Salmon for the high adventure. (Steelhead fishing). But I hope everyone’s doing well and now golfing. Sounds like dads getting back to compete with kettle just don’t get hurt... and yes I cleaned the house like crazy. I’m not going to live in a dirty house and Colin wouldn’t either ha-ha, I cleaned the oven also...
But I’m outta time. I love you all and put your names in the temple. Keep getting out of the house and taking pics. I want to see everything. I’m doing fine and am healthy. My comp is a working missionary and things are going to be awesome here. Thanks for the love and support. I’ll send a mission ties this week. Things are just calming down with the new area. Be safe. Love -Josh

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rexburg, ID

So I know you all are wondering if I stayed in my area so I get right down to what my last few days have been like. Today I was transferred to a new area. My new area is called (Almirante Tamandaré) it’s a little closer to the city but it still has a small town feel to it and with a few small mountains close by and a lot of dirt roads so I still feel at home. (well not exactly...) But you’re really going to think that the world is small after I tell you my next news with my new area, I also got a new comp. He´s American and from REXBURG, IDAHO!!!! Wow huh! it kind of shocked me that I was put with person from my own town. His name is Tyke Roberts and has 5 months in the mission. I think I remember seeing him a few times when I was in high school but he remembers me but he was in Jakes graduating class. Were going work supper hard and baptize!! It’s going to be really cool. I’ll try to send a pic of him if it works in this internet place. The ward is good from what he says and the house is ok.. I’ll have some cleaning to do when I get back, I probably won’t sleep until it’s all clean to my standards. The house was flooded a while ago but they fixed the house up a while ago so it’s about like my first area house. I was able to get all my stuff into my bags again. I’ll probably send some books home to gain space and lose weight. The bad news is that my wheels on my bags are broken so it’s going to be really hard to fix that. I’ll probably end up just dragging the suit cases around for 2 years.... :(
Anyway it was hard for me to say bye to the people in my last area. I really don’t like goodbyes but there are some really good investigators that are there! This week while at an investigators house, there dog got hit but didn’t die. They were all crying, and the dog was almost dead. I thought I was going to half to finish killing it with a shovel so it wouldn’t suffer (Which I was glad I didn’t half to) but it almost stopped breathing a few times... 
Charton was doing fine, but is having a hard time understanding the law of chastity.. He stopped smoking and everything but hasn’t obeyed the law of chastity.  But I’m sure he will be baptized soon and there are a few other investigators there that are really good.
It sounds like it’s getting warm there finally that’s good. I hope the flowers look good and pretty but I better try to send some pics. I hope everyone is safe. I received some mission ties and I have a lot to respond to for some reason they have been backed up for 3 weeks. I got like 6 letters all at once but I’m doing well. This week will be adjusting once again and so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write next week after I get to know my comp he’s still quiet. I love you all, thanks for the missionteies and e-mails. Be safe. Love, -Josh

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Fishing

So today we went fishing. It was pretty good for the few hours we went. Our investigator wanted to take us fishing on a river nearby where we could have some real fishing instead of fishing in a pond. Of course when I go fishing with anyone else other than by myself, I turn the fishing trip into a big competition! So we got out on the bank to fish, and they turned it into a Brazil against the USA fishing tournament. So with that said Brazil pulled 2 fish out first and reminded me that it was 2 points for brazil and 0 for USA. Well I had a little luck and pulled out 2 also. In the end Brazil won the tournament with like 12 fish and me with 5 or 6 fish. I did catch a fish that was like a Paraná looking thing it had some nasty looking teeth but I failed to get a pic before we gave the fish away. All of the fish were pretty small (about 8-10 inch) and like a catfish but it was really cool and it was real fishing.
Anyways this past week was good also for us. We had 24 new investigators, but mostly ppl that had no interest but we did get a few good ppl to teach in the group. Charton went to church this week and it was really cool. Charton is pretty funny and gave me a hat to wear when it’s cold. Except I’m pretty sure it’s for a girl..... hahaha anyways Charton is progressing so well. The only problem is that he smoked one or two times this last week and he probably won’t be baptized on the 30th now. But it’s been really cool to teach him and see his progress and the joy he has.
While walking down the road I saw for the first time in my life a toucan (The bird that’s really pretty and has a huge beak that’s colorful.) so that was pretty cool. Oh ya last Saturday we were over at the lady house who was baptized a few weeks ago and we were just about ready to give a lesson when she had a nervous attack and it was pretty crazy. She like stated shaking and foaming from the mouth and then she help her breath until she passed out and fell over in the couch. My first thought was to give her a blessing, but her kids that were like 18 and 12 years old were laughing at her while her other son held her from getting hurt so we didn’t give her a blessing. It was sad that her kids laughed at her but we just left and didn’t leave a message she wasn’t taking her meds and so that’s why it happened. My comp was freaking out after we left he’s never seen anything like that and was really scared. Anyways not a lot has happened this week. They moved our church time to 9 am now because it just wasn’t working out for anyone so this next Sunday we start church at 9 am now and that’s really good for us to work after.
 I love you all, I hope all is well for you guys and that you’re all healthy and doing good. I love and pray for you all.
Until next week. Love, -Josh

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dude get the Picture book

It’s starting to get cold here now or at least I feel really cold today. (I hope I’m not getting sick.) But last week the temple was really good, I learn something every time I go there.  I heard that president Cordon wants everyone to go 1 time each month so if that’s right  then that would be a blessing. I only took a few pics at the temple because it is under construction again and there were ppl climbing all over the front of it and next to angle Moroni. But my comp took the pics with his camera so I will have to get them from him. Also after getting back to our area around 8 pm we got off the bus and went straight to an investigators house with a baptismal date, well we got to his house and he wasn’t home so we were pretty far from the house and still in our suits so we decided to knock some doors and work our way back home. (we don’t like to work in our suits here because they get supper dirty on the dirt roads.) well after knocking on 1 door we went to the next that’s when we found ``Charton``. Charton was sitting at his computer from what we could see and when we clapped, he came running down from the 2nd story. We told him we were missionaries and he let us right in. We sat on the couch and he started talking he told us right away has been praying for us to come to his house. We began to talk and he wouldn’t say much he was pretty sad but at the end of our message he began talking and said has seen other missionaries in Curitiba, but they never talked to him. Anyways he said he had a huge desire to change his life and forget his past. So we told him how he could do that and marked a date for a baptism. Well Sunday came and we went to go get him and he was in the process of moving to a house down the street and he had help show up so he wasn’t able to go to church with us.  Monday we passed by his new house and he was pretty sad he said he felt bad he didn’t go to church and that now he couldn’t be baptized on his date. We were pretty shocked because usual people don’t think like that so we were like it’s ok  were here to help then he shocked us and was like, ´´I want to be baptized on the 30th of this month. ´´ SO he marked his own baptism date by himself it’s been really cool teaching him The last time we were there I read a scripture to him and he was like can I say a few words about this scripture... so we let him and he basically taught a lesson to us it was freaking sweet. He keeps saying God answers his prayers every night and that he knows this is right for him. Then just as we were leaving a lady that lives in the front of his house came in a started talking to us she started telling us her life story and how she’s almost died and stuff. Then she was like during one operation she had a dream she began telling us how she walked through a door and the door lead to a huge green field when she turned back the door was gone and in this huge field there was a huge pretty tree and under the tree was one man dressed in white but the man and the tree were really far away. She said she would walk and walk, but it seemed like she could never get close and she told us more about this dream, at the end of her story I looked at my comp and was like,
``dude get the picture book`` and he got the book opened up the book to ``The Tree of Life`` (were ppl are holding to the iron rod and walking to the tree and there is ppl on the other side of the river making fun of them) anyways she looked at the picture and was like ya that’s about what my dream was like except for all the ppl. It was pretty crazy to hear her describe this dream of hers it sounded exactly like Lehi’s in 1 Nephi 8. anyways this 23 year old Charton is really cool. I sure he’s one the right path for baptism.
BUt like I said it’s getting cold here, the 55-60 degree weather is really making me cold. I keep telling myself that I’m from Idaho and this shouldn’t be cold to me but my body is telling me that ( IT’S COLD HERE!!)  hahaha but I’m doing good here. I’m not sure how my comp likes this small area and town with little movement. I think he’s getting a little un-excited about the area and he’s getting a little cranky with the cold.....  I guess this town hasn’t worn on me to much yet and maybe that’s why I’m staying longer in the area. But I like the area so I won’t complain. I hope all is well with you guys and that you’re all safe. Keep doing what’s right. Love, -Josh