Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My time is short today once again but I’ll do my best to fill you in on the weekly update. But Jeovani was BAPTISED Sunday.! It was awesome and he was super happy although the water was cold for him. (Somebody left the gas on at the church, and didn’t turn it off but my comp entered into the water for the first time and it was very cool to see that! So with a baptism this week was awesome. We really worked hard to meet our goals and to teach with members. But I also forgot to tell you that we were having transfers last week. Well Monday night we got a call and my comp and I will continue on together in this area until Dec 28. I was supper stoked because my comp is sweet. He really tries to do things right. Well anyway we have another baptism marked this Sunday but the boy’s parents are really difficult. But tonight were going to talk to them. They already know the ``elders`` so we will have to see what happens...
Anyway today was really good day. For our activity we found a basketball and played some ball before switching over to play soccer. (Man I was making it rain from down town today!!!) It was crazy cool, but we also took an investigator with us to play some soccer and I’m pretty sure he loved it. In two weeks he should be ready for baptism. But I have been supper busy getting things lined up for this next 6 weeks. It’s going to be sweet. Also after my district meeting we were walking along a big shopping place (like an outdoor mall) when a guy on drugs came up to the 4 of us missionaries. Well for some reason he would only talk to me, but doing so he would try talking in English so I told him we didn’t speak English. He then switched to German.... Anyway in his sloppy Portuguese he asked why I was holding books (I had a pile of BOM in my hands) then one of the other elders told him why and what they were for. The crazy dude then asked how much we sell them for and we told him we don’t sell them that’s when he stopped, looked at all of us, looked around and then grabbed a book from the top pile and ran off. That’s when a store worker was like, I’ll call the cops. We told him no and that it wasn’t a big deal. But for the first time someone robbed me and they took my Book of Mormon. So ya it was crazy but funny. I guess when we told him that we don’t sell the books, he thought they must be rare or impossible to get one and so he took one and ran, ha-ha it was crazy. Anyway dad I’m not getting any pictures that you send. It’s been like that for the last few times you have said you sent pictures maybe you’re not sending them to the right address... but sounds like the snow is there to stay. Anyway I hope everyone will have a good thanksgiving and your all safe. Jake and I will be eating rice and beans... ha-ha. But Becky happy late birthday. But I love you all be safe. Love, -Josh

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Many Blessings

So a lot has happened this week and I won’t be able to tell you all in this letter. But before I get way side-tracked I will give you an up to date on the work here in Nova Esperança. This week we once again have seen many blessings. We lost a few investigators and was hurting for a few days but were quickly blessed and gained a few awesome people to teach. I know it because of our faithfulness in doing our contacts. But so far we have 2 people that are doing awesome for their baptisms this week. Jeovani is for sure ready and really excited. He’s 14 years old and we found him playing around with his friends. He also went to church this last Sunday and loved it. So with one of his friends already in the church he is excited to go. Yesterday the Stake gathered together all the young men who are preparing for the mission and spent the day as missionaries. It was a really cool thing, before lunch the elders gave trainings and prepared them to be able to teach about a few things. (I gave a training about Christ doctrine and the missionaries purpose, it went well) then we all ate lunch and left on divisions in our areas. Each elder had a member with him but the bad thing was that it was raining supper hard all day. I must say a first I was thinking, man this will be difficult and how will I be able to give a good experience to this member when nobody lets us in when it rains. Well I must say that I was a doubtful but I was going to do everything to at least teach. So our first lesson we were able to teach to a person who let us in, It was a contact I did last week and an unmarked appointment well that lesson went well and then we were off to our other investigators. Well all of our plans fell through so I started knocking doors and we knocked a ton before someone opened up the gate for us. But in total we taught 4 lessons and a few hours and were able to mark 3 dates. Two of the ppl are really ready for the gospel and were really excited. Over all the day turned out to be cold and wet before returning the member back to the church to meet up with the others. By the end of the division he was supper excited and wanted to knock more doors it was awesome. Anyway this week has already started off really good and we will have a baptism this week too. Although I had an experienced that opened my eyes and shook me once again, but not like the last time. This time I wasn’t in danger. But it’s still a crazy thing that’s not solved and when it is I’ll tell you what’s been going on.
Once again we as a zone did a sweet activity and went to a national park with lots of cool things and rock formations. It was sweet and I took a ton of pics. so I’ll send a few home, there were wild monkeys their but we didn’t get to set any. I hope everyone is doing good and staying out of the cold. Sounds like a crazy snow storm and stuff, just drive safe please. But I love you all. Until next week. love, -Josh
P.S. This week I was kissed by a drunken man, had a small dog bite my leg, and then a gang told us that we are protected by them that we’re their bros and if anyone robs us or does something to tell them and they will take that person out. We actually were teaching 3 of the gang members but had to cut them as investigators. But as friends were always talking to them so it’s great. I know that I’m now safe in this hood

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seems like yesterday I was sitting at this computer. The time few by this week and I’m left scratching my head wondering why it did. But the best part of that is that it’s ok when it happens like that. But the week has been busy. The district is doing really good and is keeping me running back and forth from my area to theirs. Saturday I was given the opportunity to do 3 interviews and 2 of them were with two little girls. (8 and 9 years old.) I must say that they probably were the smartest little girls I have done an interview with. Defiantly was really cool to see them ask questions that grown up´s don’t ask. I think the older ppl get nervous when I talk with them. But these two girls were straight up with the questions. The girls are very mature at a young age and if I would have had to guess their age, it would have been 12 and 10 years old. They talked alike an adult. Anyway the 9 year old passed the interview and also one other person, but the 8 year old drinks a TON of coffee so this week I’ll go back to talk to her, anyways our area is getting better. We still had a good week but also lost a few investigators which have had us searching for new ones. I must say that after the loss of a few investigators we were quickly blessed with a few good new ones which have some friends as members so it’s going to be awesome.
I’m supper pumped to hear Jake got his feet wet and was able to baptize Eddi. That’s so cool. Also to have the president there must have been so cool it’s rare. I have tried to invite my president, but so does 165 other missionaries, anyway sounds like he’s on a history ride to visit the ruins and stuff. I hope I get to see some pic.!!
As for today the zone decided we would go and look for this water fall that was in an area. They said it wasn’t too hard to find all you have to do is fallow the creek, Duh. Well that didn’t sound too hard so we started in a field and then entered into the trees. Well turns out that there wasn’t a trail and we were walking in chest deep matov (weeds, fallen trees and through huge spider webs!! Just like you would see on TV) Well anyway after walking about 15 min I started talking to my LZ (who is a hunter also) and he was like man this is going to be hard to leave this area, were going to get lost. I was thinking the same thing and told him that we should mark trees with plastic sacks or something to help find our way back. We didn’t have anything like that and neither did anyone else but eventually we got the water fall and took pictures and ate a small snack. The hike was a beast and we about killed two sisters.... ha-ha anyway everyone fell into the water and was all wet except for me. :) I have balance and skill (lol, jk) but it was awesome. We did find our way out of the jungle after a few attempts and after some ppl decided to just walk in the creek. But nobody was hurt and only one person was bitten by a spider.
Anyway I feel bad for mom’s loss. It’s thought to see family members leave this world. But like we have been taught, they are in a better place and are without pain. Their mission here on earth was complete and is helping out on the other side of the veil. With the comfort also knowing that we will one day be with them again and in a state of never ending happiness!! What a wonderful promise. But I hope the roads stay clear. Seems like it’s early for snow...? crazy. It’s been supper hot here! (I’m praying for rain) I love you guys, be safe and do what’s right!! Love Josh

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is going to be somewhat short letter today because well we have been working all day. So let me start off with this week’s busy activities. Yesterday we had a zone conference. That was extremely awesome like always and I learned a bunch. President Cordon did a very good job with everything and everyone left excited and ready to work. Also today was the first time here in Paraná (the state) that they had a Genealogy conference (or family history). It’s been advertised for months now so for our p-day we were to go there and work. It was really cool and there was a ton of ppl that were visitors. The only thing was that we were not able to do contacts with them unless the ppl were to ask us what we do. So that made things a little bit more complicated. But it was good. While I was talking to president, he told me to leave and go e-mail. So it’s just luck I made it here and am able to e-mail you guys. I was already planning on being out of time and not being able to e-mail until next week but president told us to go e-mail and the others who wouldn’t have time to write a had written letter. So ya it was cool. I’m glad I’m able to write this quick letter. Anyways I also got 8 letters yesterday. With the mail strike it’s really slowed down the mail. The oldest letter talked about Jake not yet receiving his vista. (back in sept 28) so it’s been a while since I have heard of my friends and from you guys, but it’s all good now. Anyways this week was busy and well somewhat difficult my mission ties will tell you why. But all is well here and I’m doing well. It’s been special week here in Brazil because of the news coverage of the church. Here they did a 5 page story of the church in the biggest news paper here in Brazil they talked about everything. Also at the thing today they had a camera crew recording everything. I have been really surprised on how much the church is advertising and making the name known here in Brazil. It’s playing a huge part in missionary work and it’s awesome. Also they keep a close eye out on the USA and have been talking about Mitt Romney running for president and the fact that he is a member and that he’s on the course for winning. So the subjects about the church are like wildfire and its spreading like crazy here. But one more thing really fast that I was so glad to here today. I received an e-mail from my last comp elder da silva. He said 2 weeks ago Tuane and Teresina were baptized. Man it was so cool for me to here that. I worked with them for months and they were able to be baptized a week after I left. Although I wish I could have been there to see the baptism, but the important thing was that they were baptized and I was a part of that just helping them and teaching them I’m really speechless. But I have to go. I love you all. and I’m doing well. For Christmas I could use some ties..... hint, hint, but I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Jake sounds supper excited about his week and I’m praying for his success every day. I love you all and miss you all. Love, -Josh