Sunday, October 24, 2010

One more Baptism

OK well 1 more baptism this week!!!! her name is Maria and shes our neighbor. I sent a missiontie out on Monday all bout it, so I wont go into much detail here. But it was a very good baptism! I didn't get any pictures on my camera because the guy didn't push the button down on my camera so I only have one pic that I took. Anyway my comp got a pic so ill send it to you when I get it.  This week has been good tho, we should have more baptisms this week. (we actually have 3 that should be baptized) and we also  have about  3 more who are ready for there baptism next week too, so all we got to do is to get them to church this week!!. yesterday the Jehovah witness stopped us, he said if we didn't show up this Friday he would know were scared and tell everyone how bad our church is. So this Friday we will have one last meeting with the Jehovah witnesses. (or however you spell it) except we have done a little studying this time and marked our scriptures. There's a book that some missionaries have and it teaches how to bible bash... now I know its not a good thing to do but we memorized a few things in case they decide to stop our message and pull the bibles out again but dad like you said the devils presents is so strong and I hate it, it really bothered me when we were there. After we left I had to read the Book of Mormon for a few minutes just to feel better! It seriously is just like you said anyway this week has been good I'm outta time now so I better go. I will respond to everyone in missionties! The church is true! I love you all, play safe and work hard in school Jake and JC! even though its not fun to do its worth it in the end! There are just so many un-educated people here! It's really crazy! Well play safe and read the Book Of Mormon everyday!! Com Amor -Josh 

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