Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well some good news right off the bat, the package arrived with the camera. (Well I hope its inside I haven’t got it home to open it up but it looks like nobody messed with it.) so I’m excited about that.  Even more excited that Jake received his call. Mexico should be great for him and although Aug 3 is a ways away it will sneak up on him faster than you think and that day will be there before you know it!  Like I told Jake, now I will have to take Spanish in BYU to fit in with the other Brothers. Ha ha. no big deal though.
My new companion is ok some days he’s cool other days he’s so different so it’s going to take some time to adjust to this one but were working really hard. We have had some cool experiences like: Were teaching this one family outside of their house they gave us 2 chairs and we sat on them while they sat on ground. There was like 10 people sitting around us It was really cool. I felt important and I know we looked important too because every person who walked by stopped and wanted to see what we were doing and teaching. I wish I had a picture of the whole thing. Anyway this week I also received some letters with pictures inside, I can’t believe the snow you guys had. WOW I kind of wish I was there to see it for myself. Jakes face was something. I wish I could have seen too I’m sure pulled teeth are not fun. (I wouldn’t know, never had to have one pulled) so mom, the other night my comp was going through his books and I was looking at them as he went and I came across one that was called ``the best two years`` it was a cook book I looked to see who wrote it and to my surprise it said Karen Sunderland. I thought to myself It’s a different person then I opened up to the back and saw the author’s picture!  yup it’s my aunt. ha ha, I’ll take a picture of the book and send it home. It was crazy my comp who really doesn’t know English had it. (Also my comps a high school dropout....)
One thing that I always forget to tell you is here they use electric mowers the one like grandmas. Except if you could send grandmas down to me I could sell it and make a ton of money!! Her’s would be considered nice. ha ha so grandma doesn’t need to get rid of that thing if it’s not too late. But I’m doing well here in Lapa.  But with the opportunity to go to the temple on the 6th of April I’m hoping it will re-energize and get me pumped up for the work. (These small areas really can wear you down. everyone in the mission says that) it seems like we’re working overtime a lot here, but I haven’t learned everything here in this small area. It’s been a blessing to me and I know that’s why I’m in this area. I’m healthy and having very cool moments while I’m teaching sometimes I think as I’m teaching the lessons, that they help me just as much as they are helping the investigators so it’s been awesome with that part.  I love you all and pray individual for each and every one of you. I know this church is true and that we are blessed in our lives (really blessed) everyone be safe.
Love, -Josh

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elder Rocha

Well there have been more changes once again. Today I received a new comp. Elder Rocha from the northern part of Brazil. I wasn't surprised that E. Pires was transferred, because he’s been here for a while. But I really wanted to stay with him. I learned so much with him and he pulled his weight in the work. (There was no pushing to get things moving) But I'm not sure if I'm really ready to take this area over. This last transfer was the shortest transfer of the year with 5 weeks.  I was cut short on learning this area a little and am still trying to figure out which way is up at times so that's my biggest worry here. My new comp has only 3 more months left in the mission  so if he’s as good as he says he is, we should be able to get some new things started here like he wants to.. SO we will see if he can walk the walk and talk the talk. (or how ever that phrase is...) But he seems ok so far, this should really help my language out even more. I’m now the only American in my district and there is only one other in my zone.
But things are somewhat good. The other night we were talking to a member in the street and I was watching some drug dealer’s right across the street, man it was really crazy on how this guy was working. Within 10 min he made around 7 sells or more. He had a huge roll of cash he was flipping around and every time a girl walked by he began counting it. I really wanted to film it somehow for Dad to see because it was so crazy that I saw that many sells right in the front of my face. Usually you see one or two, but this guy was selling it like it was going out of style. But I’m also excited to here where Jake is going to go. It seems like yesterday that I remember all of those feelings of anticipation and waiting it to arrive in the mail. But I know where ever he goes that it’s because he needs to be there and that he will really enjoy it.
I’m glad you’re finally getting sun up there in America and the snow is going away. It seems like it’s been around for a while now... As for the rain it’s been raining off and on. We haven't been hit hard with the rain here in Lapa, but enough to make it miserable. Other areas in Curitiba have gotten it pretty bad with some flooding and landslides but it’s sunny today and really feels hot to me. It’s kind of been hot theses last few days too so it’s not quite winter for us. As for the stuff happening in Japan, It’s really sad. I have heard a little about what’s going on and from the pictures in the news papers in the super markets and it looks pretty bad. Sunday a member or two was telling everyone to repent now because it’s the end of the world stuff it was a little extreme I thought. But yes with the nuke plant blowing up and the earth quakes happening it’s really sad. But It’s good to know were doing what’s right and to know gods plan and his warning signs.
But I know this church is true and that we will all be safe if we continue to hold to the rod and stand strong in what we believe in. I love you all and hope that all of you are doing well and are staying healthy. I’m continually praying for each and every one of you. And I thank you all for your prayers and support. This next few week I will be adjusting once again to another comp, but I’m sure I will learn something really important. I love you all. Stay strong and say your prayers.  “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened”  I’m really forgetting stuff in English. and it not funny.
With Love, -Josh

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It’s been a good week once again. Well some what... ha-ha we now live above another church! They opened up a weird church under us and now I live above a church. We already talked to the pastor and told him he needs to be quieter in the mornings and needs to be done preaching at 9:00, and he was pretty nice. He hasn’t done exactly what we said, but he knows the house has ppl living in it and around it and the other ppl weren’t too happy about him opening a church there so it’s been crazy with that. We haven’t told president yet because we’re afraid of him making us more out and there isn’t a better house in this area at all so were keeping it on the D.L.The news of the camera being in another box that hasn’t gotten here has really made me feel a lot better! wow that was good news for me. But things are slowly starting to work its self out here in this small branch. Although one member is moving to Curitiba because there really mad but the branch president released everyone in there callings and re-organized everything!!!  so ppl are somewhat excited about their calls now. But there’s always someone un-happy and you can’t please everyone..... (so there is a member or two that is a little upset.) Sunday I and my companion gave training in Sunday school. We taught them how important the members are to our work and that were grateful for the help they have given them. We also challenged them to step up a little. It went really good. Friday they organized a little meeting, and 4 members will go and knock doors with us and another set of missionaries in our area. (This training was more to get them to help us out and get them excited to help us) every member of the church is obligated to share the gospel. ``its part of our responsibility (preach my gospel).
Anyway the works been good, also I’m so glad JC sent the shirt I used it last night for the first time. I really needed one and was going to buy a plain white one at the store so she must have been inspired. Thanks Sis! Also the candy was awesome, It’s what I needed. I’ve lost almost 4 pounds in this area my comp walks so fast so it’s really helping me lose that extra weight. I have a goal that I’m trying to get down to. I was excited to read that they changed the season rules and now you can fish on basically any river year round that’s pretty cool. The ice fishing sounds good to Bills report’s the new High School gym looks sick form the picture too, that’s pretty crazy they won state. It makes the trip way better and fun.
Also yesterday we had somewhat of a sleepover with our district in our house. Our whole district came over and we bought a pizza and had a really good time. Elder Hann is the other American in my district, and he plays the guitar really well so he and I sang songs. It was so cool, then we all woke up at 5 am and left to go one the tour bus around Curitiba that was really cool. I tried to take a lot of pic with my camera, but I’m not sure if it took any yet it wouldn’t work at all! So I will try to send some of those. Also I ATE AT MCDONALLDS!!!!!!!!!!! ya it was awesome but very expensive. They play American music too and right as I took my fist bite of my hamburger a song came on ``Its like I have waited my whole life...`` Its a song that Jake listens too and it was funny to me because its been 8 months since I have ate there. But I’m doing well I’m so glad everyone is doing well and that everyone is happy and made it back from Boise ok. This coming week is transfers (On the 16th) I know I will stay but I really want my comp to stay one more transfer with me he’s been awesome. But I love you all. Take care and be safe. Love -Josh

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well it’s been an interesting week again, it hasn't rained but its turning cold and I like it. ha-ha Let me start off by saying the bug bomb was a failure, and the flea Battle continues. ha-ha But were taking back over the house with this white powder stuff. I looked under my bed and thought it snowed because I dumped this powder stuff all over on the ground but really I think they’re going away now so it’s not a big deal now. As for the work, we had 7 marked baptism for this next week but all of that fell through because nobody showed up to church. Which in a way was a good thing because ppl were fighting and pretty much everyone said they won’t continue with their callings? (like 6 ppl said that) So that’s only problem with our branch. Were afraid it’s going to close down if things don’t start to get better. Actually my comp said it was bad before I got here but our work goes on. Once again we taught a ton of 1st lesson and yes we have to keep track of our lessons and the things we teach and data.
Anyways that picture dad sent of Jake, well I looked at it first thing and I about died. I felt so bad and thought WOW I’m never getting that done then I started looking and knew it was a fake. Then I read your letter telling me you messed with the original pic on your phone so you guys scared me!! ha-ha But that’s cool everyone is going back down to the BB games in Boise. CJ he can buy more needles to shoot through his slow gun there really cheap. Dad thanks for the quotes, I enjoy them and also yes I like seeing what my friends are doing and are going through.
Also the other day I was looking though the hymn book in English and came across a song that stuck out to me. It’s on page 114 “Come unto him”. I’m not sure why but I really liked what it said read it during church or something. We were walking down a road and saw a cow so I took a few pic with my comps camera it was pretty cool. But I’m doing fine here, not a lot has gone on this week other than I went on a few divisions. But I’m doing well, I’m short on time and I need to send some pics before I go. Sorry the e-mail is supper short I sent a mission ties too so everyone be safe. Take a pic of the snow and keep reading the BOM. Love,  -Josh