Monday, June 11, 2012

Subject: My last baptism here in the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well so last week was really busy again. I had my last interview with President Cordon on Wednesday. That was a very special thing for me and he gave me many tips and things to do. He also gave me a very special blessing and it was awesome. We had one more BAPTISM this week. ha ;) Joyce, 9 years old is a daughter of a member and she hasn’t been baptized so we taught her all the lessons this week and she was super happy to get into the water. The original plan was to have 2 baptisms but the other stood us up for the 2nd time so he wasn’t baptized. But this week my comp will baptize him after I leave. But also the week was really busy because here they had a temple in Manaus, Brazil dedicated. Everyone with a temple recommend went and watched the sessions at the stake center it was really cool. Other than that it’s rained for 9 days straight now and it’s cold, the weather there will be a nice change for me. I don’t have too much to say. I guess that you can ask all you questions on Thursday. My plans for tomorrow are: I go to the temple in the afternoon and stay there until 9pm then I’m going to the assistants house to spend the night there. (my bud wanted a sleep over) then Wednesday I go to the transfer meeting to say bye and and we eat lunch at the presidents house and then the ship is off to the airport. Then I’ll be on a plane for a whole 24 hours, or in an airport. But I’m really nervous and like dad said mixed feelings. I have so many friends here that I don’t know when I’ll see them again so that’s how I feel. But I’m excited to come home to be with you guys. I just hope you keep me busy so I don’t go crazy. Because if you see me walking main street to do some contacts you’ll know I’m crazy but I better go. I have to be packed and ready. I bought some candy and my bags will be full. Hope they make it thought customs... (Pray for me) But I love you all. Be safe and know that I do Love Brazil but I love my family even more.!!!!!  Com Muito Amor, -Elder Joshua Hope

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So this week was another busy, busy week. I had a few leadership meetings and then went on divisions with the zone leaders once again. The good thing is that yesterday we had a BAPTISM! ha-ha ``Joan`´ a 9 year old boy was baptized and was super happy. When the bishop announced that his baptism would happen after the sacrament meeting ´´Joan`` Stood up and said ``that’s right!``   and sat back down. it was funny. But the baptism was really good. I’m glad he was baptism but his aunt still didn’t want to be baptized. But this next Sunday we also have some ppl that are super excited to be baptized. so it’s going to be great. Also we will be able to watch the dedication of a temple here in Brazil by satellite. It’s really cool and only members with temple recommends are the only one who will watch. So on Saturday and Sunday we will be watching that.
The last few days have been really rainy. And right now it’s raining super super hard. SO Hard that while I was sitting here half of the roof just caved it and water poured onto a few computers. There’s a lot of swear words flying around from the owner. It’s defiantly crazy right now. But it sounds like everyone is doing good back home along with grandma and Jim. It’s comforting to get a weekly up-date on everyone and the activities they are doing.
Anyways I was really happy to hear that Jake had a baptism this last week. It’s good to hear his success. But this week is going to be busy again trying to help my comp out and get these ppl ready to baptize. It’s going to be good and will make me busy. But I know this church is true and that Christ is our savior and redeemer of the world. He loves us, and cares for us. I know that the gospel is perfect and that all men are able to come unto Christ thought the atonement of our savior. I know that our prophet is a man of god called to guide the whole world and our families. I also know that he has 12 apostles that are also men called of god to guide us. I have learned that our heavenly Father loves EVERYONE!! (Equal) And that were all sons and daughters with a plan to fulfill. Joseph smith is a prophet of god he restored the only true and living church of Christ. I know that our family is greatly blessed from living the gospel and the commandment of our lord. I’m so grateful to share all this with everyone I come into contact with everyday. Although some reject, I still see them entering into the church one day.  The book of Mormon is true along with the bible. And I know that families are Eternal. Thanks for all the love, support, and help. I love you ALL, Love -Josh

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey what’s up everyone? So the week has once again come and gone and it went by fast. I feel really good about last week. I know that we were very busy and didn’t have a moment to stop. I did a division with some elders in my district and spent the night in their area and was able to do a baptism interview for them while I was there. It was very good and the boy was baptized on Sunday. It was good for me to get out in the area. There area was full of hills, but I felt right at home because of my last areas. The same day that I finished the division (Thursday) latter that night I did another baptism interview for the sisters. It went very good other than the fact she wasn’t baptized because she went on a weekend trip. As for us we had two ppl ready to be baptized but the buses were delayed and they didn’t get back on time and so we had to move the date for this weekend. I felt a little bummed about this one, but it’s one of those things you just got to push through. I must say that I never have had so many baptisms drop on me before in other areas. But it’s defiantly teaching me a good lesson and I’m sure it’s a faith test for me. But the worst part of the whole thing was seeing my comp really sad. It really got him down on things but after talking to him I got him to cheer up and we went and finished some other goals for the week. This week we had a goal to do a lot of contacts. Each set of missionaries the mission expects 140 street contacts each week. Well we were able to accomplish 215 street contacts with 127 addresses. I haven’t passed 200 contacts since I was with my trainer. But We had a lot of confidence that we could and were able to push our-selves a little more and in the end it was a more satisfying feeling knowing that we talked to everyone in the streets this last week. At times I forget I’m training my comp he’s really good. I joke with him saying that he’s training me.  But this week we will once again push ourselves a little more to meet all the goals of the mission and a little more. SO I’m excited for this week.!! and with so many addresses we will have plenty of investigators.
But for p-day we played some doge ball with two soft balls and then some soccer. My comp and I tried to fly kites but with the lack of wind it didn’t work out to good. It was more of an exercise running around the church parking lot with a kite following behind us and then when stopping watching the kite crash into the ground. It was fun though. Dad you asked about the cops here. Well the cops here are not your friends. They are more of a criminal then the criminals. They kill ppl and sell drugs, hit kids and women so when you’re robbed they don’t even want to listen to what happened. Ppl would rather see a drug dealer on the corner than the cops, it’s sad. People don’t feel protected at all unlike back home.
But I better get going. I love you all. keep reading the Book of Mormon. Its true and I’m certain after finishing it again for the 3rd time in Portuguese. Hope you all have a good week. Until next week, Love,    JOSH

Wow what’s going on in the burg? Sounds like there was some excitement there. Biker gangs and that stuff is what they don’t have too much here, so it’s different to here this. Anyway you will have to keep me up to date on all the news. I want to hear everything.
But our week was really good. We had two ppl interviewed and they past to be baptized but they moved the day back to the next week. It was a little disappointing but it’s alright.  Our week was very good thought very chill and very productive. It’s been easy to work here with my new comp that does what he needs to do. He’s the 2nd comp I have had who doses his contacts though out the day without me saying one thing to him or tell him to do them. This week I also came down with a cold and am still trying to get better as fast as I can. Because they don’t let anyone get on the planes here if they are sick. I’m taking my meds for sure. Anyway I had a division this week with the Lz´s which was good other than every plan fell through and we walked so much It was great. It’s good to hear that Jc is doing well though and the weather is getting better here it’s still cold weather. My comp suffers because he’s use to the warm weather but he’ll live. Today we played soccer by our self’s because the other elders don’t want to get together and play but this week is going to be a busy week for us I have a few divisions and interviews to do one for the elders and then one for the sisters. The sisters were robbed on Friday on the bus and lost a back pack and 20 reais. Sorry for the random e-mail today not a lot happened but it sounds like the burg is in a stir. I’m sure you got some pictures of the guys face you will have to send them to me.  
Thanks for everything I love you all so much. Love -Josh
So it was really good to talk to you guys on the phone. All of you sound like you’re doing well and are happy. SO to me that’s important. I was very happy with the phone call and left me excited to go work after the call. Although you guys won’t let me stay a little longer, I understand. so I will enjoy the time while I’m here. My comp was a little stressed out because his family didn’t call on the time they planned and was an hour late to call. his family called on a cell phone and they talked for only 20 min before the min. ran out on the cell. But he was a happy as can be. It was his 1 month mark yesterday also from the time he left his house.
But like I said I was going to go shopping to get a few small things. And so we did and I found a few really cool things and so I bought them. I’ll send a pic latter. But I hope the stuff didn’t leave a big dent in the bank account. if so a good job back at home will pay it off.... ha-ha but really its cool stuff.
Anyways as of the work side of things; this week was supper good! We finished off the week on a good note and with a good turnout at church with 5 investigators there. a few didn’t show up like they said they would which was disappointing. But it was a great week. Last night we were literally running around to finish our contacts also to teach our last lesson with member.  It crazy to see how everything worked out so perfectly. We defiantly had to work hard and to the very last min to accomplish everything. But we were blessed so much to see the lord put ppl in our path. With my new comp were really working hard. The both of us felt like the lord accepted our efforts and work we did this past week.
Oh on Thursday we also had a zone conference. It was really good. President gave me and 3 other elders time to share our testimony with the other elders who were there and it was great. I did warn everyone that I was probably going to cry so they all had a good laugh. (I almost cried though, but I held it back)
Anyways it was my last zone conference. but I’m outta stuff to say. I must have told you everything yesterday ha-ha but I love you all. Thanks so much for your support. I pray for ALL of you and love you so much. Love, -Josh

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey everyone it’s me once again. ;) Well so it sounds like you all are wondering who my new comp is so I’ll just tell you. My new comp is from Fortaleza (north of Brazil) and his name is Elder Lima. He’s been a sweet comp so far and likes to work. Although he has 1 week in the field he’s picked up fast on the work rhythm and he has a big desire to work and talk to everyone. I must say training a native is a lot easier than an American who doesn’t speak any of the language. So as of now his training is going really good he’s got some blisters on his feet though from this week’s walking but he’s a champ. Also I was once again called District Leader to finish off the mission. I guess President didn’t want me to slack off at the end. (or die) ha-ha but I’m glad I’ll be able to just work. I also have two sisters in my district that are pretty new and every time I call they have some kind of question or problem ha-ha it’s been interesting let me just say that. As for the work it’s been really good. Were looking for some new investigators this week and have a few who are close to the waters of baptism. But this week should be a good week to bounce back up to speed.
About the phone call. Yes call me at 3:30 MY TIME!!!!  but it will be very good to talk to you all this next Sunday.
But this week something really cool happened here. The church gave away 300 new wheel-chairs to people who are in need. President picked 40 elders to be there and to represent the church and mission. Well my comp and I were two of the 40 elders and we had a very cool experience to help those ppl receive the new wheel-chairs. They also said that it would be put in the liahona also so that will be cool. Maybe I will be in the liahona for the first time in my life.... h-ha But after that I felt like I was so blessed. There’s a ton of ppl who have difficulties and struggles in their life and to be able to walk is a blessing its self. I’m so glad to be a part of this great and marvelous work here in Brazil. I know that the lord loves us and blesses us so much everyday when we read and say our prayers. It’s a perfect plan for all, with promised blessings to theses who follow the plan. I know that life has its challenges but these challenges make us become better and stronger ppl. It will be good to talk to all of you. Thanks for the support, prayers and love. I Love you all so much and pray for you daily. Love. -Josh

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Family what’s up? Well I’m SUPER short on time today because I just got done with training and so I really didn’t have a p-day. But I will get a new companion tomorrow and he’s straight from the MTC so I’ll be training once again to finish off the mission. I’m excited for this opportunity knowing that the lord takes good care of those who train. ;) so tomorrow I will get my new comp. I have no idea who he is yet or where he’s from so you guys will have to wait until next week.
As for the week it was very good. We didn’t have a baptism but we were able to work really hard and achieve some great goals. So I was very happy with the work. Oh but we did have a confirmation Sunday ``Angela`` Sunday was also supper crazy from all the rain during the week the kids were crazy the whole time. There was a ton of screaming and running going on. We were also called into the primary to teach. I must say it was the best thing ever. I laughed so hard at the things the kids say. For example; we asked the kids who wants to serve a mission, and one said. ``I feel like I shouldn’t, but I think I’ll go anyway`´ it was supper funny. After we taught they gave us letters that they wrote to us. It was pretty sweet.
About the call, tell me a time that’s good for you guys and I will have you guys call me at the church so it will be good. But I’m happy with knowing that I’ll be training. It’s probably the best part of the mission and the experiences that come from it.
I talked to the Elder who took my place in my last area and he said that he’s getting sick of being compared to elder hope. I laughed because I didn’t know that they actually liked me there. So it was a cool thing to hear for me.
But I have to go. I don’t have time to send pics. sorry, but I love you all a lot. This will be my last transfer so I’m going do everything I can to finish off good. Thanks for everything. Love -Josh