Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Fishing

So today we went fishing. It was pretty good for the few hours we went. Our investigator wanted to take us fishing on a river nearby where we could have some real fishing instead of fishing in a pond. Of course when I go fishing with anyone else other than by myself, I turn the fishing trip into a big competition! So we got out on the bank to fish, and they turned it into a Brazil against the USA fishing tournament. So with that said Brazil pulled 2 fish out first and reminded me that it was 2 points for brazil and 0 for USA. Well I had a little luck and pulled out 2 also. In the end Brazil won the tournament with like 12 fish and me with 5 or 6 fish. I did catch a fish that was like a ParanĂ¡ looking thing it had some nasty looking teeth but I failed to get a pic before we gave the fish away. All of the fish were pretty small (about 8-10 inch) and like a catfish but it was really cool and it was real fishing.
Anyways this past week was good also for us. We had 24 new investigators, but mostly ppl that had no interest but we did get a few good ppl to teach in the group. Charton went to church this week and it was really cool. Charton is pretty funny and gave me a hat to wear when it’s cold. Except I’m pretty sure it’s for a girl..... hahaha anyways Charton is progressing so well. The only problem is that he smoked one or two times this last week and he probably won’t be baptized on the 30th now. But it’s been really cool to teach him and see his progress and the joy he has.
While walking down the road I saw for the first time in my life a toucan (The bird that’s really pretty and has a huge beak that’s colorful.) so that was pretty cool. Oh ya last Saturday we were over at the lady house who was baptized a few weeks ago and we were just about ready to give a lesson when she had a nervous attack and it was pretty crazy. She like stated shaking and foaming from the mouth and then she help her breath until she passed out and fell over in the couch. My first thought was to give her a blessing, but her kids that were like 18 and 12 years old were laughing at her while her other son held her from getting hurt so we didn’t give her a blessing. It was sad that her kids laughed at her but we just left and didn’t leave a message she wasn’t taking her meds and so that’s why it happened. My comp was freaking out after we left he’s never seen anything like that and was really scared. Anyways not a lot has happened this week. They moved our church time to 9 am now because it just wasn’t working out for anyone so this next Sunday we start church at 9 am now and that’s really good for us to work after.
 I love you all, I hope all is well for you guys and that you’re all healthy and doing good. I love and pray for you all.
Until next week. Love, -Josh

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dude get the Picture book

It’s starting to get cold here now or at least I feel really cold today. (I hope I’m not getting sick.) But last week the temple was really good, I learn something every time I go there.  I heard that president Cordon wants everyone to go 1 time each month so if that’s right  then that would be a blessing. I only took a few pics at the temple because it is under construction again and there were ppl climbing all over the front of it and next to angle Moroni. But my comp took the pics with his camera so I will have to get them from him. Also after getting back to our area around 8 pm we got off the bus and went straight to an investigators house with a baptismal date, well we got to his house and he wasn’t home so we were pretty far from the house and still in our suits so we decided to knock some doors and work our way back home. (we don’t like to work in our suits here because they get supper dirty on the dirt roads.) well after knocking on 1 door we went to the next that’s when we found ``Charton``. Charton was sitting at his computer from what we could see and when we clapped, he came running down from the 2nd story. We told him we were missionaries and he let us right in. We sat on the couch and he started talking he told us right away has been praying for us to come to his house. We began to talk and he wouldn’t say much he was pretty sad but at the end of our message he began talking and said has seen other missionaries in Curitiba, but they never talked to him. Anyways he said he had a huge desire to change his life and forget his past. So we told him how he could do that and marked a date for a baptism. Well Sunday came and we went to go get him and he was in the process of moving to a house down the street and he had help show up so he wasn’t able to go to church with us.  Monday we passed by his new house and he was pretty sad he said he felt bad he didn’t go to church and that now he couldn’t be baptized on his date. We were pretty shocked because usual people don’t think like that so we were like it’s ok  were here to help then he shocked us and was like, ´´I want to be baptized on the 30th of this month. ´´ SO he marked his own baptism date by himself it’s been really cool teaching him The last time we were there I read a scripture to him and he was like can I say a few words about this scripture... so we let him and he basically taught a lesson to us it was freaking sweet. He keeps saying God answers his prayers every night and that he knows this is right for him. Then just as we were leaving a lady that lives in the front of his house came in a started talking to us she started telling us her life story and how she’s almost died and stuff. Then she was like during one operation she had a dream she began telling us how she walked through a door and the door lead to a huge green field when she turned back the door was gone and in this huge field there was a huge pretty tree and under the tree was one man dressed in white but the man and the tree were really far away. She said she would walk and walk, but it seemed like she could never get close and she told us more about this dream, at the end of her story I looked at my comp and was like,
``dude get the picture book`` and he got the book opened up the book to ``The Tree of Life`` (were ppl are holding to the iron rod and walking to the tree and there is ppl on the other side of the river making fun of them) anyways she looked at the picture and was like ya that’s about what my dream was like except for all the ppl. It was pretty crazy to hear her describe this dream of hers it sounded exactly like Lehi’s in 1 Nephi 8. anyways this 23 year old Charton is really cool. I sure he’s one the right path for baptism.
BUt like I said it’s getting cold here, the 55-60 degree weather is really making me cold. I keep telling myself that I’m from Idaho and this shouldn’t be cold to me but my body is telling me that ( IT’S COLD HERE!!)  hahaha but I’m doing good here. I’m not sure how my comp likes this small area and town with little movement. I think he’s getting a little un-excited about the area and he’s getting a little cranky with the cold.....  I guess this town hasn’t worn on me to much yet and maybe that’s why I’m staying longer in the area. But I like the area so I won’t complain. I hope all is well with you guys and that you’re all safe. Keep doing what’s right. Love, -Josh

Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Dave Hope, Jeff Hope, Jake Hope, Jc, Jared Hope
Joshua Hope (
Wed 5/04/11 12:59 PM
Dave Hope (; Jeff Hope (; Jake Hope (; Jc (; Jared Hope (

So it’s getting pretty cold here at nights last night I had the heater ready to turn on but a few days before I washed up a big blanket and was able to use that, and not run up the power bill. As for my comp he walks around in like 4 jackets all day.... lol he’s not too use to the cold but I busted out my two long sleeved shirts and they are doing fine. (I don’t think I’ll pull the others out of my bag yet.) It’s also been pretty good this past week. We have really been blessed and have been lead to a few really good families although we can only teach 1 family once a week they received the first lesson very well!!! that was pretty cool we found them knocking doors I’ll have to explain on the phone for you. Last night we talked with a lady who does Voo Doo and I learned a lot in 10 min of just talking to her. So we were asking questions about what she believes in and she was telling us she doesn’t believe in Christ or God, and that she prays to satin. Well being a smarty pants I decided to somewhat prove to her that Christ and God exists. But at first I was thinking to myself, how am I going to get someone to believe in Christ when they pray to the devil.... well then I think I was inspired by a question. (I’m not sure though it could have been common sense though) so I asked the young lady again if she really prays to the devil and doesn't think there is a God or Christ. I already knew she was going to say ``yes`` so after she said yes. I told her if you believe in the devil, then you automatically believe in Christ. Because the brother of satin is Christ.....! hahaha then she thought for a second  and was like, `` guess that’s true.``  we all kind of laughed because it was really common sense, mean while and my comp was looking at me like ``where did you come up with that question``?  After that question we started to make a tiny progress with her before I left I told her to say a prayer to ask if God is real and promised her she would have a response to the 5 second prayer. So when we go back next week I hope she will have done that and that my promise will work hahaha but it was interesting over all just talking to someone who doesn't believe God created the earth and all that stuff.
Now about the phone call my comp is calling home before me so you need to call me at 8 pm my time (or 5 pm your time.) if the line is busy just keep trying. If you haven't called me by 8:15 I will call home again to pass the number again but the number should be good because mom called me back there is only one member here in this branch with a home phone. They are being supper supper nice and giving us there house keys so we can call home. (They are leaving of town for a week) if it wasn’t for them I don’t know how we would have called home. I think the other missionary's used the pay phone, but they are really cool members well ones not baptized. They had a good laugh when they heard mom screaming when I called home for the test call. They said it was very cool to see us call home and would never forget mom screaming over the phone. hahaah The reason why were calling so late is because it’s after our church and it’s really the only time we can. I hope all works out and we can get to talk for a little bit. I got your mission ties letter and the questions to help Jake get his stuff so I can respond to all of those on the phone or in a mission ties. I will send you a mission ties today. But grandma and everyone thanks for your letters and love, keep being safe for me and tell Gracie thanks for the card and picture. :) but I can’t wait to talk to you on mothers day.  Love you all, -Josh

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Companion

Ok so first things first we baptized here last Wednesday night!!! ``Ryilda`` was able to get baptized. Her daughter was almost going to but didn’t want to then after the baptism the little girl said she was afraid of water and thought she would stay under the water for a long time during the baptism so we are going get her over that fear. After seeing her mom she wasn’t too nervous so I think it should be somewhat easy to baptize her but Ryilda was someone we found next to where you pay to fish. (I’m not sure if I ever told you about the guy who we were teaching that owns the fish place.) But we found her and started to teach her after we got her to go to church the first time she really understood that this church was true and she had a bigger desire to be baptized. So over all us I have taught her for about 1 and half months now she also is very humble and is a single mom with a special child. For Easter she bought us a present that isn’t cheap. A candy Easter egg, so it was really cool she really has nothing so when she walked out with presents for us it really surprised me. I didn’t really know what to say and I felt like I should have been buying her something anyway the baptism went really good other than the fact we had to take a bus for 1 hour to get to the nearest baptism font and only had 2 members there to support her. It was a battle just to get the branch president to come but it turned out good.
Also I have a new comp! I thought I would be leaving the area and had everything washed just ready to put in the bag to leave. Yesterday we found out right before lunch who was going or staying. I was really surprised that I stayed and he left but I like this area so I’m cool with that. My new comp is Elder Olivera. From a small place in the amazons called ``Arcre```it’s literally in the amazons! and he only has 5 month now in the mission so he’s really new. I’m feeling a little over whelmed with the responsibility I have now and to be the one making the calls not really though it’s not like it’s anything big but there is some more responsibility that I have now. But it’s going to be a learning experience for me and I’ll have to really trust in the lord to help me out Elder Olivera is really quiet and doesn’t talk much but he’s nice. We already have make some small goals like ill teach him some English to help him out so we will see how that goes.
 I forgot mother’s day falls on Sunday so I can’t just use the internet at the place in using right now but there is one member that I will ask if he has a laptop if so I’ll try Skype. but if not then it looks like ill be calling home and we would have to wait till next time to use Skype, but Wednesday I’ll let you know. Elder Rocha 2 days ago he lost the house keys and we were locked out of our house for a few hours he wanted to break a window but I wouldn’t let him then I had an idea and we climbed into window using a ladder. I also met a guy who chicken fights, man it’s crazy what they do with those chickens and he had a ton of them. Dad thanks for the scriptures you send me they really help. I’m glad the guys that I met in the temple called you guys they were really cool and they live close to us you fixed the rock chip in the truck! wow hahaha it’s been like that for a year almost. But next Wednesday I’ll let you know about the call for mother’s day. I love you all. stay safe and keep doing what’s right. Thanks for all the prayers and support. wish me luck with this newer comp. hahah
Love, -Josh