Thursday, June 16, 2011


So this week has been supper busy!!! I’m might have said that this area has a few hills last week in my e-mail... I guess I was really wrong this city is on a mountain. Last week I was just seeing the top of the hills and nothing in-between until later that day when we started to work. I literally climb up mountains all day. (which is cool, my style of life) but I’ll probably turn into a Billy goat, bah bah I mean ``ha-ha`` 
Anyways today was really awesome. We went to the temple and had interviews again. My interview with President was pretty awesome. But also going through the temple was pretty cool. Every time I go in and come out I have a learning experience and leave with a smile. So Jake you’re in for a treat on the 28th I must say also to go through the SLC temple before you leave for the mission, the temple will always be a blessing to you.
I also got your package on Monday and it has been awesome I really needed the socks! I might have pushed the time limit and should have asked sooner anyways it’s all good though. I might want you guys to send the wheeler or dirt bike next..... ha-ha but the candy you sent is awesome and the articles Bill wrote I always like too. As for my comp he’s doing really well, he’s really really quiet and is new in Brazil. He’s only been here for 2 and half months and is learning the lang. I’m his step-dad in the mission but we’re working really hard. I’m supper tired and not use to the climbing yet but the areas great along with the members so it’s going to be awesome to work here. We actually live in front of some members and after a long day of work they often bring a small piece of cake over.
One thing I forgot to tell you last week in my e-mail was two Sundays (5th) ago I finished the Book of Mormon in port. for the first time. It was supper cool and I finished it before the day I had planned. I’m pretty sure I started reading it and understood nothing and by the end I could understand almost all of it. It took a long time though 8 months of reading... but was well worth it.
It also sounds like things are warming up there that’s awesome you went camping. I believe I went there one time with the wheelers and with Hamptons and Edelmayers and that’s where Shaun and Jared got lost. I also went swinng in that warm spring and fell off the dock and got all wet and had to sit in Jody’s truck with a blanket until dad, Jeff, Jared got to Salmon for the high adventure. (Steelhead fishing). But I hope everyone’s doing well and now golfing. Sounds like dads getting back to compete with kettle just don’t get hurt... and yes I cleaned the house like crazy. I’m not going to live in a dirty house and Colin wouldn’t either ha-ha, I cleaned the oven also...
But I’m outta time. I love you all and put your names in the temple. Keep getting out of the house and taking pics. I want to see everything. I’m doing fine and am healthy. My comp is a working missionary and things are going to be awesome here. Thanks for the love and support. I’ll send a mission ties this week. Things are just calming down with the new area. Be safe. Love -Josh

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