Sunday, July 3, 2011

Touched by the spirit

Oi, como esta todo mundo? Está bem? Eu ainda esta com pouco gripe mas esta melhorando.  But this week was a very productive week for us here in our area.   In matter of fact it was a really good week were we were able to accomplish our goals. Although I’m not fully back to full speed I’m still fighting my ears and throat but that’s ok. This week we manage to find 30 new investigators and a few families. It seems like every house we were at there was family or family friends waiting. Last night we had a sweet lesson where a member girl invited her friends and there was like 5 of them, then the little girls mom is dating a guy so it was another big group to teach. It’s always awesome to have everyone sitting out in front of you while you tell them about Joseph smith. The spirit was so strong last night while teaching that even I was touch and learned something new. Also I know that the people who we taught also were touched by the spirit because of their questions after the lesson. One boy ``rafyel``  was really moved and is an elect for us he is really looking for a church that can bless his life and he only wants the truth. After the message the membros even saw how he really wanted to know the truth and desires he has also after the message the members made us a small dinner which was awesome because I was very hungry. In this area im eating really well and need to limit myself more on how much I eat....
Anyways about the shirt..... yes there was a ton of smoke and no we don’t have a fire alarm. (it’s out of batteries.) But man I remember when I first got in the mission I didn’t think I would ever burn a shirt but when the moment came I just had too, it was a must.
It was also good to hear that you guys had a good week camping and that no one got hurt. I wouldn’t blame Crue or Garcia for not wanting to right to gramps. hahahaha jk (THOSE POLARIS WILL DO THAT TO YA....!!!) haha im just kidding.
But anyway we also had some investigators at church so that means we could have some baptisms coming up. That’s so cool Jake went through the temple, you will soon see the blessings and awesome things that come from that. I challenge all of you to go through as much as possible. But I’m out of time for this week. I love you all, take care, and say safe. -Josh

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