Monday, June 11, 2012

Subject: My last baptism here in the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well so last week was really busy again. I had my last interview with President Cordon on Wednesday. That was a very special thing for me and he gave me many tips and things to do. He also gave me a very special blessing and it was awesome. We had one more BAPTISM this week. ha ;) Joyce, 9 years old is a daughter of a member and she hasn’t been baptized so we taught her all the lessons this week and she was super happy to get into the water. The original plan was to have 2 baptisms but the other stood us up for the 2nd time so he wasn’t baptized. But this week my comp will baptize him after I leave. But also the week was really busy because here they had a temple in Manaus, Brazil dedicated. Everyone with a temple recommend went and watched the sessions at the stake center it was really cool. Other than that it’s rained for 9 days straight now and it’s cold, the weather there will be a nice change for me. I don’t have too much to say. I guess that you can ask all you questions on Thursday. My plans for tomorrow are: I go to the temple in the afternoon and stay there until 9pm then I’m going to the assistants house to spend the night there. (my bud wanted a sleep over) then Wednesday I go to the transfer meeting to say bye and and we eat lunch at the presidents house and then the ship is off to the airport. Then I’ll be on a plane for a whole 24 hours, or in an airport. But I’m really nervous and like dad said mixed feelings. I have so many friends here that I don’t know when I’ll see them again so that’s how I feel. But I’m excited to come home to be with you guys. I just hope you keep me busy so I don’t go crazy. Because if you see me walking main street to do some contacts you’ll know I’m crazy but I better go. I have to be packed and ready. I bought some candy and my bags will be full. Hope they make it thought customs... (Pray for me) But I love you all. Be safe and know that I do Love Brazil but I love my family even more.!!!!!  Com Muito Amor, -Elder Joshua Hope

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