Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So this week was another busy, busy week. I had a few leadership meetings and then went on divisions with the zone leaders once again. The good thing is that yesterday we had a BAPTISM! ha-ha ``Joan`´ a 9 year old boy was baptized and was super happy. When the bishop announced that his baptism would happen after the sacrament meeting ´´Joan`` Stood up and said ``that’s right!``   and sat back down. it was funny. But the baptism was really good. I’m glad he was baptism but his aunt still didn’t want to be baptized. But this next Sunday we also have some ppl that are super excited to be baptized. so it’s going to be great. Also we will be able to watch the dedication of a temple here in Brazil by satellite. It’s really cool and only members with temple recommends are the only one who will watch. So on Saturday and Sunday we will be watching that.
The last few days have been really rainy. And right now it’s raining super super hard. SO Hard that while I was sitting here half of the roof just caved it and water poured onto a few computers. There’s a lot of swear words flying around from the owner. It’s defiantly crazy right now. But it sounds like everyone is doing good back home along with grandma and Jim. It’s comforting to get a weekly up-date on everyone and the activities they are doing.
Anyways I was really happy to hear that Jake had a baptism this last week. It’s good to hear his success. But this week is going to be busy again trying to help my comp out and get these ppl ready to baptize. It’s going to be good and will make me busy. But I know this church is true and that Christ is our savior and redeemer of the world. He loves us, and cares for us. I know that the gospel is perfect and that all men are able to come unto Christ thought the atonement of our savior. I know that our prophet is a man of god called to guide the whole world and our families. I also know that he has 12 apostles that are also men called of god to guide us. I have learned that our heavenly Father loves EVERYONE!! (Equal) And that were all sons and daughters with a plan to fulfill. Joseph smith is a prophet of god he restored the only true and living church of Christ. I know that our family is greatly blessed from living the gospel and the commandment of our lord. I’m so grateful to share all this with everyone I come into contact with everyday. Although some reject, I still see them entering into the church one day.  The book of Mormon is true along with the bible. And I know that families are Eternal. Thanks for all the love, support, and help. I love you ALL, Love -Josh

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