Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baptised Slowly

Well its p-day again. This week has been good again, but no baptisms. But I helped with three others this week. (just preparing things) ours all fell through. But last night we got a supper awesome investigator. So let me tell you about that. First things first, with our area we are actually in charge of 2 other areas. So we really have 3 areas to take care of. These areas dont have missionarys because of the visa problem... anyways we only work in our area unless members from the other wards have a reference. And so last night one of the familys who are in the other ward had a family night and had a non-member over there too. So we got there and began to teach the first lesson. The lady was really excited and really likes the church. (Shes been to church 2 times already) anyways after our lesson she accepted all of our invatations and we set up a baptismal date for her. She said we told her exactly what she was looking for and was excited to read the Book Of Mormon. Anyways after we had dinner, pork,rice,beans,and some salad! yum yum lol anyways we got home a little late but its all good. They drove us home so we didnt have to take the bus. But this family is very good. There awesome and they make our work easy for us. They give us references, rides, food at night lol etc.
Anyways its getting hot here! yesterday I looked at my arms and thought I was a mexican for a min. untill I saw my blond hair in the mirror.! jk jk Oh and last night when we got home we had anothere visitor (lizzard) inside. Haha its good hes inside now, hes got a lot of spiders to eat! we have a huge gecko that chills out side our door every other night too. But yesterday was a holliday. It was the ``The day of the Dead`` or what we call memorial day haha. So no stores were open untill noon. Jc I hope the basketball tryouts are going good! and Jake I hope your working hard in school. Dad Ill make a list of things for my next package, and give it to you next week. Now a funny story, friday my comp and I were helping with another baptism that 2 missionarys had. Anyways one girl was really big, she almost didnt fit in the biggest baptismal suit they had. Anyways they also had an 8 year old girl. Well for the huge girl, they got a big member in the ward to do the baptism. And when she went under the first time her legs came up. So the bishop was like do it again but take your time and go slow. Well the guy took those words literally and her started putting the girl back under the water ``slowly`` but he was having trouble getting her belly and her girls under the water... And all the members cool see what was happening in the mirror. And they were all chanting more, more, more untill she was all the way under. Now by the time everything was under she had been under the water for  10 seconds!!  I was almost laughing out loud with my comp and to top that off the guy had problems getting the girl back up and used 2 arms to bring her up !! Anyways the little 8 year old was simple for the member. But after she was baptized she started swimming around and saying ``this is fun, look im going under again mom``  it was awesome, just awesome haha anyways im going to try to send some pics now. I love you all work hard. The Church is true.
With love -Josh

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  1. Elder Hope is such a great missionary! I love hearing about how much he loves to serve the Lord. Elder Arroyo said that he may be transfering next week but from what he says about Elder Home he will do just fine there. Thanks for raising such a righteous son. You should be proud.
    Brigitte Arroyo