Monday, April 4, 2011

Well another week has gone by and so much has happened. The weekend we were stretched to our limits at times we really just wanted to just sit down in some shade. It was hot muggy and everything that could go wrong went wrong. (We had 3 of those days in a row) Discouraging, But pushing through we were able to get some teaching in and knowing the lord blesses and rewards ppl who trust and keep pushing through the hard times, we started off the week on fire!!! Things this week have been really good, Monday we had a division my comp. went with another elder to some trainings and I stayed with a new elder who only has 2 1/2 months in the mission. With his little experience in the mission, I was supper nervous and to top things off he wasn’t too happy he had to go on a division in our area. (He hates divisions) so after the long bus ride I finally got the elder to start talking to me. Right as we got to my area we began running to our appointments and every appointment was awesome. We had investigators saying that they prayed about the BOM and that they know it’s true and all that good stuff by the end of the day we taught 5 lessons. We had some really cool experiences. We were able to mark 6 baptism dates! which was so cool. Our last lesson of the day was the best.  It was getting pretty late and the elder that I was with really didn’t want to work much more. So we started knocking doors. Well the first door they let us in an old man and his daughter. We began teaching and just got to the part of the restoration of the Gospel when the old man stopped us, he began to tear up and said that his whole life he has wondered about the things we were talking about and we show up and answerer them in 15 min. We left the first vision and he had tears rolling down his face it was a really cool experience. Then we invited him to baptism without thinking about it he accepted and also his daughter. He said he was so gratefully for us being there and sharing this message with him. His daughter said she will defiantly be at church this Sunday, it was a neat experience. We returned to the house when the LZ called they were nervous about how the day went because they knew this elder didn't want to be there and the night before the assistants had to convince him to come to lapa. SO when I told the LZ about the day they were supper surprised and very excited for the baptism dates. Tuesday was a bit more difficult with this elder, he didn't want to leave the house and work and woldnt study at all once out of the house things got better. But so far this week has been good. The lord has really blessed us and we’re now seeing so many blessings. But everyone knows this area is tough and it has a nickname that this zone has for it. Because it will discourage anyone and everyone who works here for that reason the elder didn't want to be with me and travel for 2 hours on a bus to get here. I learned a lot with him and I know that the lord really blesses us when were patient with this work.
We’re are teaching a crazy guy who owns a fish pond that ppl pay to fish in, so ill be working to get some benefits to get a hook in the water there.
Anyways I found out that this town has about 39,000 ppl or so. So it’s like Rexburg but smaller in size wise so I think that's why I like it here at times. But I don’t have much more time I have a funny story to tell you but I’ll write it in a mission ties. Let’s just say my comp literally thought I was an angel.
But I love you all thanks so much for the prayers and letters, everyone be safe. I know this church is true and if we’re having a hard time the lord will reward us with a ton of blessings after if we continue to have faith. Just trust in him with all you might mind and soul. Until next week, -Josh

p.s. I’ll be thinking of you guys during conference and for the 2 days we will stay with some elders in Curitiba so we can watch it at a church so enjoy and don’t sleep through conference. lol!!!!


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