Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well some good news right off the bat, the package arrived with the camera. (Well I hope its inside I haven’t got it home to open it up but it looks like nobody messed with it.) so I’m excited about that.  Even more excited that Jake received his call. Mexico should be great for him and although Aug 3 is a ways away it will sneak up on him faster than you think and that day will be there before you know it!  Like I told Jake, now I will have to take Spanish in BYU to fit in with the other Brothers. Ha ha. no big deal though.
My new companion is ok some days he’s cool other days he’s so different so it’s going to take some time to adjust to this one but were working really hard. We have had some cool experiences like: Were teaching this one family outside of their house they gave us 2 chairs and we sat on them while they sat on ground. There was like 10 people sitting around us It was really cool. I felt important and I know we looked important too because every person who walked by stopped and wanted to see what we were doing and teaching. I wish I had a picture of the whole thing. Anyway this week I also received some letters with pictures inside, I can’t believe the snow you guys had. WOW I kind of wish I was there to see it for myself. Jakes face was something. I wish I could have seen too I’m sure pulled teeth are not fun. (I wouldn’t know, never had to have one pulled) so mom, the other night my comp was going through his books and I was looking at them as he went and I came across one that was called ``the best two years`` it was a cook book I looked to see who wrote it and to my surprise it said Karen Sunderland. I thought to myself It’s a different person then I opened up to the back and saw the author’s picture!  yup it’s my aunt. ha ha, I’ll take a picture of the book and send it home. It was crazy my comp who really doesn’t know English had it. (Also my comps a high school dropout....)
One thing that I always forget to tell you is here they use electric mowers the one like grandmas. Except if you could send grandmas down to me I could sell it and make a ton of money!! Her’s would be considered nice. ha ha so grandma doesn’t need to get rid of that thing if it’s not too late. But I’m doing well here in Lapa.  But with the opportunity to go to the temple on the 6th of April I’m hoping it will re-energize and get me pumped up for the work. (These small areas really can wear you down. everyone in the mission says that) it seems like we’re working overtime a lot here, but I haven’t learned everything here in this small area. It’s been a blessing to me and I know that’s why I’m in this area. I’m healthy and having very cool moments while I’m teaching sometimes I think as I’m teaching the lessons, that they help me just as much as they are helping the investigators so it’s been awesome with that part.  I love you all and pray individual for each and every one of you. I know this church is true and that we are blessed in our lives (really blessed) everyone be safe.
Love, -Josh

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