Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well it’s been a crazy week for me so far and with that said I’ll start right at last Thursday. Thursday I had a division with my Zone leader it was much needed. He was very cool and I got to vent to him a little bit then he bought me a pizza because he thought we needed one ha-ha but it was really cool to just be with him. He’s very chill and we had fun while working that’s always important. Friday I ended the division with him and started a new one we spent the night outside of our area as well with my comp latter on. Saturday we were trying to get to the chapel to watch the first session but lunch was late so we watched it at a member’s area. Later we were able to get to the church were I could watch it in English. I did get to see the priesthood session and then afterwards we stayed in a Missionaries house that was close. Well something crazy happened right in front of us right before the priesthood session, I and my zone leader went to go for another walk, we went to the store looked at some food and decided we didn’t have enough money to get anything, so we started returning to the church. That’s when two guys came out of now-where and robbed a guy right in front of us who was 10 ft in front of us. It was supper crazy because the guy was saying a lot of stuff to the man and the other guy that was with him doing the robbing didn’t even notice us. (We were actually speaking English) but the weird thing was that the two never even looked at us. We actually think that they had no idea we were there. Now this might sound strange but for the first time in my life I felt invisible...... No joke.  INVISIBLE, because they were huge and two of them, and we are two Americans so we are a bigger target. But for some reason they never saw us they were like 10 ft away and walked around us without even looking at us. It was a scary thing I’m not saying we were invisible, but someone was looking out for us!!!
Anyways conference was good although there wasn’t a blizzard after hahaha. All the missionaries picked up on the hint that we need to get married (hahaha) so that’s the big talk with missionaries. Sunday I couldn’t listen to the conference in English so for me it was almost all in port. which was very hard for me and my zone leader to pay attention for that long. It’s really different in another language but we returned later Sunday night to our area. There was some really good talks but I’m short on time so I won’t go into that. 
Today we went to the temple It was really awesome for me. President and I had a 45 min interview and that went good. Then inside the temple I met 2 ppl. one was from Rexburg the other out in Mud Lake!!!!!!! SO I got to talk to them and they knew the Simmons and some of the ppl out in Mud Lake. They will return home in 1 week so one of them will call you to say hi. I gave him the house number  they speak good English but have an accent so when they call don’t think it’s some sales person. Because they really are cool. One is a temple president here in Brazil and he said something to me that really hit me hard and touch my heart so when they call I think you will like them (and there old) there awesome. I hope all is well with everyone, I’m short on time but doing all right. I love and miss you all -Josh 

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