Monday, May 2, 2011

New Companion

Ok so first things first we baptized here last Wednesday night!!! ``Ryilda`` was able to get baptized. Her daughter was almost going to but didn’t want to then after the baptism the little girl said she was afraid of water and thought she would stay under the water for a long time during the baptism so we are going get her over that fear. After seeing her mom she wasn’t too nervous so I think it should be somewhat easy to baptize her but Ryilda was someone we found next to where you pay to fish. (I’m not sure if I ever told you about the guy who we were teaching that owns the fish place.) But we found her and started to teach her after we got her to go to church the first time she really understood that this church was true and she had a bigger desire to be baptized. So over all us I have taught her for about 1 and half months now she also is very humble and is a single mom with a special child. For Easter she bought us a present that isn’t cheap. A candy Easter egg, so it was really cool she really has nothing so when she walked out with presents for us it really surprised me. I didn’t really know what to say and I felt like I should have been buying her something anyway the baptism went really good other than the fact we had to take a bus for 1 hour to get to the nearest baptism font and only had 2 members there to support her. It was a battle just to get the branch president to come but it turned out good.
Also I have a new comp! I thought I would be leaving the area and had everything washed just ready to put in the bag to leave. Yesterday we found out right before lunch who was going or staying. I was really surprised that I stayed and he left but I like this area so I’m cool with that. My new comp is Elder Olivera. From a small place in the amazons called ``Arcre```it’s literally in the amazons! and he only has 5 month now in the mission so he’s really new. I’m feeling a little over whelmed with the responsibility I have now and to be the one making the calls not really though it’s not like it’s anything big but there is some more responsibility that I have now. But it’s going to be a learning experience for me and I’ll have to really trust in the lord to help me out Elder Olivera is really quiet and doesn’t talk much but he’s nice. We already have make some small goals like ill teach him some English to help him out so we will see how that goes.
 I forgot mother’s day falls on Sunday so I can’t just use the internet at the place in using right now but there is one member that I will ask if he has a laptop if so I’ll try Skype. but if not then it looks like ill be calling home and we would have to wait till next time to use Skype, but Wednesday I’ll let you know. Elder Rocha 2 days ago he lost the house keys and we were locked out of our house for a few hours he wanted to break a window but I wouldn’t let him then I had an idea and we climbed into window using a ladder. I also met a guy who chicken fights, man it’s crazy what they do with those chickens and he had a ton of them. Dad thanks for the scriptures you send me they really help. I’m glad the guys that I met in the temple called you guys they were really cool and they live close to us you fixed the rock chip in the truck! wow hahaha it’s been like that for a year almost. But next Wednesday I’ll let you know about the call for mother’s day. I love you all. stay safe and keep doing what’s right. Thanks for all the prayers and support. wish me luck with this newer comp. hahah
Love, -Josh

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