Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Powerful Testimony

It’s been a very special week for me and full of spiritual experiences. Last Friday and Saturday I went on 2 divisions all over the place doing baptism interviews. (Like 5 ) And I must say that I learned so much in each one of them. The spirit was also very strong and during one interview I almost cried when the lady bore her testimony to me. It was such a joyful experience knowing that were a part of the church and to know that we really are loved here on the earth. This lady has passed through so many hard challenges with her 10 month old baby dyeing and her dad. She had a powerful testimony of the plan of salvation and of the book of Mormon. It was something I won’t ever forget. But we also had an awesome Sunday and had a baptism. Liliane was baptized and had a smile from one ear to the other, she choose me to be the one to do the baptizing so it was really cool for me.  I must say I was nervous because I haven’t entered into the water too much but everything went well. (I’ll send pic to you guys) But we were working to get the other person baptized this Sunday so I sure hope things will work out.
Yesterday we also had a zone conference with President Cordon. It was very cool and I learned a ton for the training. It seems like every time I leave training like that I’m so pumped up to work and to try things different. Oh before I forget I was wondering if you could send me Jakes address for the MTC. I really want to send a hand written letter to him. Also if you could print off a few pic. I send in e-mails and send them through the mail to him that would be awesome thanks. You will also have to forward his letters to me so I can read want to know how he’s doing. 
I must say the story about the cat is funny though. I didn’t know Thor buried things, that’s unlike him. Man even the dog changes personalities while I’m gone for this short time ha-ha. Anyways funny you gave me a scripture dad. Sunday I was asked to give a 10 min talk. I think you were inspired also, but the work here is going good. We have a few goals were working on to help get some more ppl in the waters of baptism. It’s going really good. Today we also messed around as a zone played soccer but also flew kites. We tried making our own kite but that didn’t work so I bought one for 25 cents. These kites are different though you battle with others to cut their lines. Usually the grind up glass in a powder and take elmers glue and run it along the string then when it touches another kites string it cuts it and the kite floats away. It’s really cool how it works because you latterly can control the kite by how you pull on the string in patterns very interesting. But we didn’t have the glass line to cut other kite down It’s illegal. But I’ll also send pics home about this, anyways I better send this pic to you guys. I love you guys a lot. say hi to the kids for me. Be safe. Love -Josh

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