Friday, August 26, 2011

Alma 37:6

Well it sounds like everyone is doing good and doing things before school starts. I’m a little surprised Crue likes Utah. I hope he doesn’t get attached to Utah, because he’s going to have to move back to Idaho in a few years. I had a little stressful weekend, it seemed like with my talk and then preparing for the District Lesson but after it was all over I could really relax. Everything went really good in the end I’m not sure why I stress with little things like that but it must be a hope trait and along with the food. I get pretty quiet without food in my tummy. Ha-ha But anyways the work went really good this week. We thought we were going to have a baptism but our investigator randomly went to his mom’s house... oh well we will get him this week! Also this is the last week here in the transfer. So next Wednesday is day I could be moved. I really want to stay one more and I think I will. But there is always that chance so I guess we will wait and see.
Also my one pair of slip-on shoes are trashed now I’m not sure if you want me to take pictures and see if you can get a new pair or just put money in the account so I can get some cheap ones here. Let me know what I should do. If I do get transferred I will throw them out and will be sending a few more books home to make space in my bags. I also found peanut butter in a Wal-Mart today and bought some. I’m so excited to go home and eat it with an apple so don’t send peanut butter because I have some now. lol but I will make a list on things I need, some of my stuff is showing wear my watch broke so I’ll probably buy a cheap $30 Reais one here if that’s ok.
But I’m doing well here we had a supper awesome lesson here last night when a member from another ward took us to a friend who lives in our area. It was very cool and I’m sure the member will never forget this lesson. Her friend was praying for help and to know how she could find out which church is true. She has cancer also so she really wants to make sure she is in the right church. Well this friend of hers had huge feeling that she needed to take the Missionaries over to her house. She said it was the strangest thing ever and she knew that he had to follow her feelings. Well last night the two of the made the connections and knew it was all a planned and a response. It was very cool and after the member offered a blessing after he explained and asked if she would like a blessing. So that was really cool. It just goes to show that things happen for a reason. EVERYTHING! Without a doubt the lord has a plan planned out and his responses. He really hears and answers our prayers. I know that he loves all of us and wants the best for us. I’m so grateful for all your e-mails and letters. My new favorite scripture at the moment is Alma 37: 6 because some ppl really are confused with small and simple things. It’s so crazy when someone stops us an asked us things, then show them how they can know for themselves. (by prayer) it such a small thing, but yet it confuses some of the brightest ppl. Ha-ha I know this church is true and I love you all. 

Salmos 91:4
Ele te cobrirá com

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