Monday, September 12, 2011

Mosiah 2:21-25

The week has been pretty good so far, It’s rained (like always) but it’s been good. Today was pretty cool also because we did something different here in the mission. Today is the Independence Day for Brazil. So we walked in the parade through Curitiba. It wasn’t big at all.... like the Rexburg parade would have made this look like a joke for the size of the city but it really was just the military, police, a few schools, another church and us. The plan was for the whole mission to walk through the streets but then president cut it down to just the missionaries who lived somewhat close. (about 50 elders) We all walked with Book Of Mormons in our hands singing two hymns then as we walked we passed out pass along cards it was really cool. Although it was raining supper hard... and we all got wet we  was surprised how much the ppl liked us.. it was supper cool and awesome. (we were the only ones who sang)
Anyways the other elders who were living with us already moved out into another house. They were cool and exercise time was a game on who could out do the other.  As for the week it was a bit harder we dropped a few investigators and are searching for some good ppl to teach. Friday was the best day for us so far and we were truly guided by the lord once again. Seems like everyone we stopped in the street was ready and listened to our message. We also found a small family, but I’m not sure if their married, (and I didn’t see any rings on their fingers) they have baptismal dates so next time I’ll have to asked if they are married. Friday was a sweet day. I don’t have a much to say about the day other than it was just what we needed to keep going and to help us out. 
Today I also got the pictures you sent!!! haha I’m already going to put some on the wall. The one shirt Jake has gave me a good laugh, that’s awesome another one is of Crue fishing. ha-ha everyone is looking really skinny though!!!! are you guys eating over their? But it looks like it was a fun trip I’m very happy you sent me the pics. they help me out so thanks a ton, also I got some mission ties. I’m grateful for those too. Sounds like everyone will be busy with the fair and everything take pics for me while you’re there. Anyways I’m supper tired and I can hardly see what I’m typing. We woke up at 430 am to go to this parade thing so sorry about the short letter. But just know that I love you all. I hope you’re all safe and happy. Trust in the lord and know that he takes care of his missionaries. I’m learning so much still and trying to do my best.. 
But I love you all. President Cordon wants all of us to read the book of Mormon again before the year is over and to do that we need to read 6 pages every day so ill start today. But I know this work is important and that Christ is our Savior. I know were part of a very special plan that was created for all of us and that we can all have blessings or answers to our problems in life if we can trust in the lord. Everyone be safe. Love, -Josh

Mosiah 2: 21-25

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