Thursday, September 15, 2011


It’s been a very good week! I guess I’ll start off with the good good news today. Well Sunday morning we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Rafael was baptized then confirmed a member right after in sacrament meeting. It was very cool. I have been working with Rafael for a long time now. (matter of fact I looked back in my journal and we found him my second week here in this area with E. Roberts) So it was very cool to finally see him make the commitment and enter into the water. He was so happy. Rafael is 21 years old and was so excited that Monday we took him out to teach a family with us. I must say also the lesson that we taught was very cool and very powerful. When Rafael shared his testimony it was amazing! I was touched by the spirit in that lesson. Also it was a very cool Sunday because for the 2nd week in a row we have had 11 investigators at church. It’s so cool to see these ppl put their faith into action and go to church. I know that every one of them felt the spirit and liked church. (We were lucky and didn’t have any big apostasy with testimonies this week.) ha-ha But as for my district, my whole district was able to baptize this week. I was able to go into their areas and do the interviews which turned out to be another sweet experience for me. I’m really glad for the work everyone is putting in this work and for the excitement they have. It really helps me more than they think. So really this week we have been blessed and I’m so grateful for all the prayers and support. It means a lot and I know that all the prayers help a lot. 
Anyways dad it sounds like you had some cool experiences. It’s worth going down there to just have those at the fair. Just make sure you work next year so I can go down and stay in the camper. Oh and mom, this week I was talking to a few elders and was asking where they were all from and there was two from Idaho. One from Preston and the other was from Burley. I told the one I have a lot of cousins and uncles down there and he asked what are their names so I told them Sunderland. Well come to find out that this kid know everyone down there and he’s Lees, & Steve neighbor.!!! he knows Nicki also. His name is Chris Burkley, so I took a pic. with him so you could send to Lee and then he can give it to the Elder’s parents but it was really cool. But the work is going really good here in the area. I’m doing well also. I hope you’re all doing well too. Be safe this week and maybe next week if I have time, I’ll tell you about a scary story. It was not cool but I’ll think about if I really want to. I wouldn’t want you guys to freak out so well that all for this week. I love you all, -Josh

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