Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jerky & Shirt

It’s been another good week here in our area for us. We didn’t have a baptism this week, but this Sunday we will for sure have a baptism!!! We’re teaching a 10 year old boy whose family is a member and this little boy is really excited to be baptized. We’re teaching him the lessons because he needs to be taught some things and the lesson I hope will help his family out to become more active. This really was a blessing for us. Last Sunday the parents came up to me and were like hey our son wants to be baptized. I asked, how old he was and if has been to church more than two times and they said yes. I then asked (while my comp was talking and joking with the teen members) were the kid was at and they called him over. I asked him hey so you want to be baptized he was like yeah I want to. I told him next Sunday will be his baptism. The parents look at me and said perfect so that kind of how it all went down. It was very cool so next week I’ll send pics.
Also last Thursday I got the package. Man it was supper fast!!!!! I was very excited about the shirt and jerky. Matter of fact I put the shirt on and ate jerk in the shirt. hahaha I was in another world it was so good, also the meds and deodorant and clothes stuff is very helpful. Right now things are starting to bloom and it’s a good thing I have meds. But I was surprised on how fast it got here. The good thing was the day after the post office went on strike here in Brazil and so everything will be backed up. I sent Jake a letter so I hope it will get there in time but if you’re not getting my mission ties It’s because of the mail service Last Thursday I went to an 8 hour training that was very special it was for zone and district leaders and I learned a ton that day. So it’s been a very busy week all by its self. Dad the pics you sent from the fair didn’t come through :( so you will have to try again for me. About the shoes, keep them at home. I was given a pair from a member that is decent and is working for a little bit. I also this week entered into Wal-Mart for the first time here. Man I was very disappointed, first it doesn’t even look like Wal-Mart inside, 2nd they don’t have a fishing section and or sell guns but I think I’ll wait until I’m home to return to Wal-Mart..... things are cheaper their anyways. Oh 1 hot wheel car here is $6.50 wow what a rip off. 
Anyways sounds like it will be a fun party with frank coming up man I wish I could be there. Frank is awesome, and put him with Cory, man it’s a comedy show!!! so take lots of pictures tell him hi for me. Dad I really liked the Sept 21 thing I also like to think of the 21 as the day I left really but yes it was very cool.  As for me I’m doing well working hard and trying to get my rest. It should start to warm up here in a few weeks and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I hope I’ll leave this area before the hot weather because this area would be very hot climbing these hills!!! Anyway but I better go supper tired. We played a lot of soccer today.! I’m still not sure if I’ll tell you about the scary story. I don’t want you to worry so if I feel like it ok I’ll send it home in the missionties. But the good thing is that the lord protects his missionary who do the right things and who are obedient. I have a strong testimony about obedience now and how the spirit protects us if we listen to it. I’m very grateful for the package and it brought me a lot of happiness. So thanks for throwing that together. And thanks for all your prayers. I Love you all be safe and help others. Love, -Josh

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