Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey what’s up everyone? So the week has once again come and gone and it went by fast. I feel really good about last week. I know that we were very busy and didn’t have a moment to stop. I did a division with some elders in my district and spent the night in their area and was able to do a baptism interview for them while I was there. It was very good and the boy was baptized on Sunday. It was good for me to get out in the area. There area was full of hills, but I felt right at home because of my last areas. The same day that I finished the division (Thursday) latter that night I did another baptism interview for the sisters. It went very good other than the fact she wasn’t baptized because she went on a weekend trip. As for us we had two ppl ready to be baptized but the buses were delayed and they didn’t get back on time and so we had to move the date for this weekend. I felt a little bummed about this one, but it’s one of those things you just got to push through. I must say that I never have had so many baptisms drop on me before in other areas. But it’s defiantly teaching me a good lesson and I’m sure it’s a faith test for me. But the worst part of the whole thing was seeing my comp really sad. It really got him down on things but after talking to him I got him to cheer up and we went and finished some other goals for the week. This week we had a goal to do a lot of contacts. Each set of missionaries the mission expects 140 street contacts each week. Well we were able to accomplish 215 street contacts with 127 addresses. I haven’t passed 200 contacts since I was with my trainer. But We had a lot of confidence that we could and were able to push our-selves a little more and in the end it was a more satisfying feeling knowing that we talked to everyone in the streets this last week. At times I forget I’m training my comp he’s really good. I joke with him saying that he’s training me.  But this week we will once again push ourselves a little more to meet all the goals of the mission and a little more. SO I’m excited for this week.!! and with so many addresses we will have plenty of investigators.
But for p-day we played some doge ball with two soft balls and then some soccer. My comp and I tried to fly kites but with the lack of wind it didn’t work out to good. It was more of an exercise running around the church parking lot with a kite following behind us and then when stopping watching the kite crash into the ground. It was fun though. Dad you asked about the cops here. Well the cops here are not your friends. They are more of a criminal then the criminals. They kill ppl and sell drugs, hit kids and women so when you’re robbed they don’t even want to listen to what happened. Ppl would rather see a drug dealer on the corner than the cops, it’s sad. People don’t feel protected at all unlike back home.
But I better get going. I love you all. keep reading the Book of Mormon. Its true and I’m certain after finishing it again for the 3rd time in Portuguese. Hope you all have a good week. Until next week, Love,    JOSH

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