Sunday, November 21, 2010

Think Snow

Well its already been another week. Today I got a new companion. Hes from Oregon, Salem. And today was his year mark,so thats pretty cool. I have only been with him for a few hours so I cant tell you a lot about him. But I do have my first impression, and thoughts already. But I will have some work to do now. Anyways this last week with  E. Arroyo was just awesome. We had some good times. I was really sad to say good bye and it was kinda hard. He is a good missionary. Monday he got called to be a zone leader. So I knew before everyone else I would have another comp. Anyways things are diffrent here with the new comp, it just doesnt feel the same. But these next few weeks should be good. I did get a mission ties out yeasterday. I would have on Friday but the post office was closed  Monday because it was another holliday. I also found out that when a holliday comes on a Monday then the post office closes early Friday for some days off, kinda dumb but oh well right? 
 But Jc im glad you made the team. I never heard if you did or not but it sounds like your playing awesome already!! Keep it up! Oh and dad I do remember about the lights. I think we took them down within 10 min! thats a reacord for me!! I also told Jake not to step on  the clips that were on the ground. So im sorry if there broken. lol jk jk But anyways its getting hot like you said. I do have a waterbottle with a filter that I use, so I can get water from anywere really and not have to worry about it. As for the language its slowly coming along but im able to get around pretty good now. But I know theres a reason why im speaking this language. 
 But let me tell a few storys now. The other day I went to another area with E. Arroyo so he could do an interview. Well after he got done we were walking back through a small field along a path when I looked down and saw something glowing. I thought it was just a cig so i stompped it out. ( thinking someone could have started a fire with that) then as I walked a few more feet I saw another so I stomped that one out too! Then I lifted my head up and looked over in the weeds and saw something glowing there too. Then it went dark. Then I saw another, and another ,and another. Then it clicked. Fireflys!!! hahaha so I yelled and ran caught 2 in my hands. The other missionarys were laughing but I thought they were the coolest things ever. And I had to have a pic of them so I put one in my pencil sharpener and brought it home. Now I have pics and a video of fireflys! (And they really do glow when you smash them too!) Anyways we also on Friday helped with another baptism. But the font wasnt filling up fast enough so we ended up using buckets to fill it up. I had 2 buckets that I was dunmping at the same time for 1 whole hour, it was crazy. Not too fun by the way. But we filled it up just in time to put a smile on and greet the members as they walked in. hahaha But last Sunday was really cool. After our sacrament we were talking to the other Ward as they were walking in. and instantly we had 4 diffrent members tugging on our sleves saying they had a friend for us to teach. And 1 of them almost got baptized the same day, but he bailled on us at the last moment. Anyways it was such a blessing for us. We just havent found too many new investigators and that day we gained 5 new ones. It really was a blessing for us. E. Arroyo was like ``dude that was so cool.``! anyways it just was cool.
But im so glad all of you guys went through the temple. That makes me feel so good inside! but it looks like im going to be busy with this new comp. Im going to send a few pics now. Everyone please becareful on the slick roads!!! I love you all. Thanks for everything. Love -Josh

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