Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Companion

Well we had another baptism. Eloim was one Arroyo and I found. He had been going to church for a few weeks before the member introduced us to him in the other ward. he also was taught by the missionary's a year or two ago and he knew everything so we only taught him 4 times pretty cool though. I have been supper busy with everything and the only time I get some relief is during study time. It’s easy to get lost and forget about everything, mostly in the Book of Mormon! And I’m learning so much. Also Antonio who I baptized a few weeks ago passed the sacrament this last week. Hes really firm!! and it was a awesome thing to see. Hes always reading scriptures for the class and studying the BOM its so cool. Anyways I hope you guys have a good thanksgiving tomarrow. Eat a lot of food for me. haha Its crazy you guys have that much snow and wind already. This is the time I would be living in my tree stand!! haha but dad you asked about my new comp. so his name is Elder Jake Youngberg from Oregon, and has one year in the field and that’s about it. I have a mission ties coming that will tell more about him.
Anyways I think I have found every Jehovah Witness here in Brazil now! No joke. But its all good. this last time we asked and showed them scriptures they didn’t have in there bible. They also had a list of question to ask there `prophet`` too lol pretty cool. Its all been friendly lessons except for one with my zone leader. he was almost in tears when he left. ops...
Yesterday I sent a small package out too so I hope you guys get that. I will also be sending my SD card home either this week or next week. I have to print photos off for some ppl of their baptism and members. So that should be on its way soon. Also a week ago I was at a member’s house and he had me take a looks at his motor bike, his chain keeps falling off and I was going to fix it for him. (sliding the tire back) but then I started looking at it more closely and a bolt was missing from the back wheel sprocket and the teeth one the motor sprocket was almost gone so I really couldnt fix that for him but he knows what the problem is now. Im still shocked to hear about the snow and already having to plow it. The first year I leave Idaho for the first time in my life and I miss all the snow my luck right. It would have been easy to get those big bucks!! hahaha anyways I love you all. Be safe on those roads and wear the seatbelts! Good luck with all the food and take pics. Once again I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! -JOSH

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