Thursday, November 11, 2010


 This week has been good. We had another baptism. Our neighbor ``Vanda`` was baptized. It was a really good baptism and everything went well. And yes we have been very careful with what we do and where we go. now that we have them baptized we can turn the family over to the ward and they can finish teaching them. But I didn’t want you to worry so I didn’t tell you right away. But things are all good when your being obedient! haha anyways I can’t believe there’s snow!! I could use some of that here! lol Anyways it makes me sick to my stomach to here the neighbor girl died, wow that’s just so crazy to me. but it’s also comforting to know it not the end for her and they can still be with her. I still have a lot to learn about the plan of salvation. Even I have questions sometimes... but I’m learning, but I know it’s just a small part of the plan. There’s so much more after life too. Anyways were writing a little late tonight, because we just got back from the temple. It was such an awesome experience. And the spirit was so strong there. There’s no doubt that Christ loves me and all of us. I also had an interview with Pres. Cordon, and he’s very very chill! During our interview I could see why he was called a Mission Pres. because he has such a strong testimony!! And he’s got me even more excited about the work.

We also had a huge rain storm yesterday and I have never seen anything like it. E. arroyo said it was exactly like a hurricane and there were trees fallen down and we were stuck out on the street. i will be writing a huge mission ties soon about all of it, but I was completely wet almost like I fell in the river. At one time we were standing in water above our shoes. Oh and I also got 2 letters about a hour ago but haven’t had time to open them yet. so I will respond in a mission ties along with grams letter. Tell her thanks so much. But the reason my comp has choir practice is for the mission choir, they sing on Christmas for the whole mission when we get together and also will go to a few areas and sing for the governor and to the city. It’s pretty cool and I almost was in it but bailed out on my comp lol

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