Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well we had another baptism this week! That makes the week better. Anyways Kelvin was baptized and it was really cool. Kelvin is very quiet and chill, at first we though he wasn’t interested. A month ago but after talking to his friends at church we started over with the lessons and now hes baptized. Although, right before Elder Youngberg and Kelvin entered into the water a kid was looking in the water and saw something and when we started looking closer some littler kid through 6 thumb tacks in and they were all right in the middle, it wasn’t cool. It didn’t look good to Kelvin’s family who are not members. So that was the bad part. We had a better turn out for support there too. I was happy with the amount of people there but Elder Youngberg wasn’t because there really was only 12 other people there. So that’s something Elder Youngberg wants to fix. Anyways we should have a baptism this week as well for an 8 year old girl. Her brother and grandma are members but she’s not so were teaching her.
I also sent my SD card out I hope you get that before Christmas. This week I also saw a ``capivada`` the world’s largest rodent running around in a field that was cool it had babies too. As for our investigators we are really looking for some new people to teach. All of our 7 main investigators are big times smokers, so were praying for a golden investigator with none of those problems. haha
Also that’s cool Nelson will be speaking at the stake conference! I wish I could be there for that one. Sunday night there will be a choir broadcast for a Christmas program and were going to watch it at the church I’m excited to see it. And dad you’re probably right about the stocking and me fitting inside it. lol I’m pretty big now. lol and I’m packing weight on again even though I have gotten up on time everyday and done my exercises. I just keep gaining!! It’s bad lol. IM also sad that those hunting shows that are on TV are fake from what Taylor says lol but I would love to go back east and cherry pick a big buck for the bedroom wall :) :)
But I’m out of time and this computer doesn’t love me today and it’s making it clear so I better go. Oh before I forget the phone call. I will call you the p-day before Christmas give you the number to the house and then we will do a test call to see if it’s all working for Christmas. I want to do it a few days before incase we run into problems so I will buy a small phone card but you will have to buy a big one so you can call me deal? haha I also wrote a better mission ties about the call. But I love you all. Be safe and wear your seatbelts love -Josh

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