Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Well it was awesome hearing from everyone on Christmas! I really enjoyed it and I hope you guys did too. I also hope everyone was happy and that I didn't leave anyone out. I wish I could have talked to everyone individually but there isn't enough time for that so I hope nobody was disappointed or sad. That was my only worry after I said bye anyways I thought I would be homesick after the call but I haven't been at all which is a good thing. It was awesome seeing the pictures and it made me feel better!
Also I will stay for another transfer in this area and with the same comp... I guess my work isn't done in this area there must be some more people I need to talk to and to learn more and Patience so it’s really going to test me after getting the phone call. Today we spent an hour looking for an Ian House to send e-mails home because half the things are closed until ``carnival`` (it’s like martygraw for us) |Anyways I learned that missions are full of emotions. You experience Joy, Success, accomplishment, happy, loved, but you also experience frustration, failure. I have felt all of those at one time. But looking back I only remember the good feelings. (They erase the ugly ones) and it’s been good. It’s turning me into a stronger person. Anyways Sunday I had to give a talk. After we finished sacrament in our regular ward, a counselor from one of our other ward ran in and said hey can you guys give a 5 min talk in about 10 min. If I remember right I laughed and said no, thinking it was a joke but before I knew it I was standing at the podium giving a talk. It was really, but we gave a talk with another missionary who returnerned 5 days ago so he had a talk all planned out, while we gave our short ugly talks because we didn’t have anything planned.. Anyways my 3 min talk on faith went great!!! Lol and I also found out that I have 2 packages waiting for me but my zone leaders said the still won’t go and get it until next Thursday so not much I can do there. Mom and jc thanks for the letters and jc keep playing hard in your games the varsity coaches are watching! So no pressure lol
But there hasn’t been a lot happening here things are still slow people are gone to their families in other states and so it’s been hard to find lessons to teach. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! I have a bunch of pic to send so I better work on that. Everyone play safe, and play smart. I love you all it was so nice to hear your voices. Love -JOSH     

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