Thursday, December 2, 2010

Strength and Struggle

´`Strength and struggle go together. The supreme reward of struggle is strength.´´

Well here we are another week. This week has been a lot better for me and the work is ok. Now To tell you a little about my Thanksgiving because you asked. Ha ha  It was nothing at all actually the member forgot it was here turn to feed us... even after we called the day before so All we got for food was a pork steak fried in oil and was tougher than steel to cut with a knife and plain old rice without any beans and some juice. One of our worst meals so far just had to fall on thanksgiving. :/ Nobody here even knew it was thanksgiving to tell you the truth. Anyways during our lunch I leaned over to E. Youngberg and told him quietly in English Happy Thanksgiving man kind of as a joke but being serious at the same time, the member didnt eat lunch with us she was in the kitchen working. But I got to eat lunch looking at a 3 year old in front of me and her older brother next to her. The conversation was very dead you could say. Ha ha anyways I didn’t think about it much because I didn’t want it to get to me.
Now about 3 seconds ago I about had a heart attack, this freaking spider came out right next to me and its the size of a dollar coin, ill send a pic. to you. Also we should have a baptism on Sunday we have a pretty good kid lined up. We also have a ton of investigators that just can’t stop smoking. Its hard to help them when they don’t try and there baptism dates keep falling every week because of it. So thats kinda hurting us right now.. I did get a pretty good prank on my comp. the other day so I’ll tell you about that. I think it was on Friday, anyways we just got back to the house for the night we were tired and hungry after doing all of our stuff we started cooking some eggs (eggs I know, but its all we had) anyways it was about 10 pm now and we heard some loud bangs out in the street. I looked over at E. Youngberg and said `` kinda sounded like gun shots huh`` just in a kidding way. Then he looked back at me when we heard some more and said `´ya man I think those are.``  At this time I knew what they were and could see the fireworks out the window. Also they really dont sound too close to a gunshot but anyways I was like `´man those sure do I mean listen that one was a shotgun and those small ones are handguns.`´ then right after I said that I was like ´` dude turn the light off! I can see them shooting in the street.`` he like instantly dropped to the ground and crawled over and turned off the lights. So now its dark in the house and were under the table almost when I said ``elder... do you want to go watch the fireworks now....?`` and got up, turned the lights on and walked outside. I guess he didn’t think it was too funny because it took him a second to get off the ground and realize that it was a prank. I was laughing so hard!!! man those city kids are sure gullible!! I told him sorry but I just couldnt help it. But it’s all good now he’s tried to do the same thing but nobody will get me with my own prank. lol
Also its funny you said something about snakes and harmful things. We almost had a incident with a few catapillers. Here you can’t touch them because their hair has a chemical that will burn you and there was one on E. Youngbergs pants when we were talking to a member and he goes to flick it off and the members about died because he almost touched it. It was funny. They brushed it off with a stick for him.
Well I need to go, thanks for everything and for all the pic. Everyone I love you, be safe on the roads. I know everyones busy with different things so I wish you all the best of luck. Once again I love you -JOSH

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