Friday, January 14, 2011

105 Years Old

Alma 36:3


Well it’s been good and it’s been rough all at the same time. We still have no power so it’s been cold showers twice a day and using the flash lights for two hours at night. :/ And it’s not because we haven’t paid the bills, 9 years ago the mission president (David G Webster) signed a bunch of houses in his name, well with the lack of missionaries there closing about 7 areas down every transfer. Well one of those areas houses is under David G Webster’s name and they haven’t paid the bill because there is no one at the house to pay it so every house that’s under this name, power has been cut. But were the only missionary's living in a house under his name so no one else is having this problem. So after making thousands of calls trying to find this one house somewhere here in Curitiba they told us to put the house under our name. Because president doesn’t have time to sign the papers so were hoping to have power in the next 2 days but with our luck who knows... ha-ha But it’s on easy living with no power, just a gas stove.
 Anyways we went to the Temple as a zone today it was so nice to forget about everything and it was the first time I used hot water in a week! But the temple was so good, we were going to have interviews with pres. but he couldn’t make it. But also this week I met a lady who’s 105 years old!! The oldest person I have seen too. She could talk and sat up in her bed all by herself but she was almost def. When the lady would talk to her, she would latterly YELL in her ear. I thought it was abuse at first it caught me off guard. But she responded after the yelling although she’s starting to lose her memory she call her daughter her son once and then her niece and then said she was 74 years old but it was cool seeing a person that old! that doesn't happen every day. Dad you asked how many lessons we teach a week. We average 21 lessons a week but get 25 lessons in when we work every day in our area and don’t have to leave to our other areas. I really want to teach 30 to 35 but it’s just not possible with our amount of investigators. (When you teach over 25 the time flies by so fast!! and the week seems so short, but that’s what we try to aim for some ppl teach up to 35 a week but that’s hard to do without the wards help and doing divisions and here the ward isn’t helping... but the comp and I are doing good. 
Also there is 2 ppl making out next to me right now and its getting really annoying! I thought I had a pass-along card in my back pack to give to them but I couldn’t find it. Dang! But also this week I ate at a member’s house who was supper poor! I’m pretty use to the poverty here now but man this was so sad they didn’t really have a house and it was tinny. They made us food and let us eat first so we could eat all we wanted before the little 5 and 6 year old could eat and then after we ate they ate. And to tell you the truth I didn’t eat a lot I had a small first plate and a small second plate to make it look like I ate a ton. I didn’t want to eat their food because they didn't have a lot it was all they had. SO it really was hard for me and the Brazilian I was with. After he left he even felt bad that they had nothing I have a soft spot in my heart for them now and almost feel guilty because I have such a nice house and cars... so it was another learning experience for me.
But everything else has been ok. I put a scripture at the top of the page I read it 2 or 3 times a day this last week its helped me out and it’s just stuck in my mind and pops up all the time. I just really like it but everything’s going good I’m still learning and like you said dad I will probably miss this area. When I think about it, I really don’t want to move and get another new comp. I’m fine here (I don’t like big changes.) but I’m glad your still getting snow that’s awesome I do miss it though. But thanks for all the support and the love, we are so blessed by the gospel and with the things we have. The church is true. Be safe and I love you all. -Josh

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