Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Packages Arrived

Well it’s been really good here. Last week our LZ decided to go get my packages. And I got them one the 30th. But they have been awesome! I have enjoyed everything. I wrote a mission ties about it and a small e-mail, you will also hear my theory about eating candy. I had a crazy idea that if I was too eat a bunch of it all at once, then my body would only accept so much sugar and get rid of the rest. Yet still taste it all well my theory was wrong and my tummy told me so too. I guess my body kept all the sugar inside and I made myself sick!! lol but I slowed down to save more of it. Also New Years was also good Just a lot of fireworks and ppl drunk. We had a small dinner and then went home and watched our neighbors across from us party It was pretty crazy so I took videos of them. They had so many fireworks and were drinking. But after talking to you guys on the phone I decided to try and stop taking my allergies meds and well that didn’t work out too well. Sunday I had an allergic reaction and had hives all up and down my arms and chest, then the next day the same thing happened. It was pretty bad and I ended up calling Sister Cordon to see what I could take to help me out anyways I’m not sure if it was a food reaction or allergies but now I’m doing fine and haven’t had a problem after I took my meds But maybe I’ll try to wean myself off of them a little later. 
Oh ya, the only thing that didn’t make it in the packages were the chocolate covered cherries. I don’t think there made to fly because something made them blow up! Probably from the plane rides. hahAaha but I still got the taste of them. But today we had zone training and after we played soccer, it was pretty fun and now I’m pretty sore tomorrow will be horrible! ha-ha but also the works going a lot better. ppl came back from their trips and we have been teaching more so it’s been good. Ropson should be baptized this week too!  
But right now our house power is turned off were having problems with the guy who lives in the house in front of us. His son (who lives 1 house down from us) has been taking the bills out of the mailbox and been keeping them and hasn’t been giving them too us. It’s been a big pain and now our power is turned off so it looks like our food will go bad and we will be chilling in the dark for a day or two. We finally got 1 bill from the guy’s son but it was the December’s bill and we want the Novembers bill because that’s the one we need to pay for the power but he says he threw it out. So today I used all my money I saved up and paid the December’s bill to see if they would turn the power back on, but that didn’t help. Also were hoping our allowance will come tomorrow because were out of money!!!! Ha-ha so if our allowance doesn’t come we can’t go and pay the November’s bill so it’s a bitter thing for us right now but oh well.
As for the snow machine I always had a hard time starting it up. Starter fluid on the spark plugs helped. but putting a little gas down the spark plug hole is the best, that always gets it going. (Don’t know if it good for it, because there’s a pretty big bang but it works) ha-ha. As for the cold seems like fun. Dad you should have bought an ice hut! I want one. Anyways I’m going to send some pics home now. So I Love you all. Thanks for the gift, letters, candy, and your love. The packages have been AWESOME! Love -Josh

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