Thursday, January 27, 2011

17 Days Without Power

Well to answerer your first question. Yes, we have power!! but it’s not obtained legally.... ops. ha-ha after 17 days of no power and on the 22nd a member came over and illegally connected our power. He was supper mad the mission hasn’t done anything to help us and after hooking it up he calls the presidents cell! And the president has talked to us and said sorry but we would still be without power until tomorrow this morning we changed the house to another name and it should be 24 hours before they legally hook it back up. But we will get a fine for hooking it up illegally but the office will pay for it. But that’s been a huge mess. It was so awesome to see the lights on though the feeling was so good (I felt so spoiled! and on top of the world) so an hour long shower was very necessary!! ha-ha we also slept like babies with the fan on. I guess I didn't really realize how stressed I really was with this going on. I'm still supper tired everyday and trying to catch up on sleep. I don’t think I can eat anymore ramen noodles or soup. That's all we eat and all we could buy so it’s good to have a place to put our food in and not have it go bad in a few hours. On the night before we got energy we were so hungry and sick of soup, we bought a pack of hot dogs and ate 6 each just so we wouldn't throw them out and waste our money! (FYI 6 hot dogs are a lot!!!)
Now you have heard the good news so I’ll tell you the bad news, yesterday I went to pull out my camera to take pictures of my shoes to send home and discovered my nice camera is broken. It turns on but the screen stays black everything else works but I can’t see anything. It’s a big damper on me dad and I’m not too happy about it. So I took it apart, moved things around and nothing helped. The only thing I can think that made it do this was, last week after e-mailing it was raining super hard and everything got wet (but my camera was in a plastic bag.) so when I got home I put it away under the bed and there must have been moisture in the bag... and now it’s broken. But everything else works I don't know what I'm going to do cameras here are expensive! and I can’t afford to buy another. I need shoes way more than a camera too It’s really been a bummer. I didn't even want to tell you guys because I'm sick of complaining home so yes we got power, but my most expensive possession broke. I don’t ever think I´ll get a break here.
But as for the work it’s going good a lot better. We found 15 new ppl to teach by knocking doors all week. We found a really good younger couple last night (the others are really weak) oh except for 2 girls they’re pretty interested and have friends in the church so that’s pretty cool.
Also, Sunday I did something really stupid. An area 70 of the 7th quorum gave a talk about marriage Sunday, we were waiting at the church for a member to do a division with us well ppl started showing up and I un-locked the gate and started un-locking the church doors. Well as I finish the last door I walked around the corner and saw what I thought was a member, and went to shake his hand then walked away as I was walking always Elder Youngberg was like that’s the area 70.... so I walked over and said sorry and shook his hand again then about 10 min latter Elder Youngberg wanted a picture with him so he went to go ask him and called him president.... and I knew you called 70´s ELDER. so he was like that's not what I’m called and told my comp to call him Elder, then my comp said sorry I have never met anyone like you before we took a pic. Well while this 70 was down the hall in a room my comp was getting a drink I said to him. (In English) Man, he just doesn't feel like a 70 to me) Right as he walked up behind me asking us where we were from in English!! wow did I feel gay and bad. But I’m pretty sure he didn't hear me say that... I Hope not. But it was really bad he talked to use for 5 min about the USA and then we told him we had to go and we left the building!! hahahaha man did I mess up. But the other night I guess the cops shot a guy from a helicopter close to our house. It must not have been supper close because I didn’t hear the helicopter but that was pretty crazy. The cops here always shoot guys down in the ghetto. It happens every week, I’ll explain more about that in a mission ties. But I love you all. things are going better now with energy. And only two things are broken 1- my camera 2- my heart, because my camera is broken.... :(
But I’m alive and eating good food again. I love you all.    -JOSH

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