Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still No Power

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 16:48:23 -0200
Subject: Family
Well it’s been ok for the week. Still now power.... so it’s been exactly 2 weeks with no power and yes Sister Cordon knows we have had no power for this long. No they won’t pay us for the food we lost but oh well. It’s been a challenge, and our zone leaders told us if we want a warm shower to heat some up on the stove and use a rag in the shower... Hahaha sounds awesome huh. Well I would rather jump in a cold shower for 3 min than wait 3 min for water to heat up and use a rag. But the cold showers feel like ice every time. When it’s 95 degrees outside and you’re hot and you jump into 65 degree water, it’s cold. Ha-ha it wakes you up in the morning.... but I’m not sure if we will even get power by next week. Our zone leaders and we talked to the energy company and it’s still a big mess. So it looks like we will continue to use candles for a little longer. Good thing is next month’s power bill will be almost nothing :/ (ha-haa I’m trying to stay positive) Anyways as for the work, it’s going ok. The no power thing has really put a damper on our work in the area. But do you remember the lady we took her smokes from? and the pic I sent home? well Sunday she found out she has cancer from smoking.... And the doctor said it will kill her. So it’s turning out to be like your story dad. Unfortualy. :( but every time I go over there I just want to say `` see we told you so!`` but that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Also we asked her to stop again, but she said she’s dying anyways and she said forget baptism. So that’s been difficult with that. Also our investigator that was so close to baptism told us he prayed about another religious book and he got the same answerer as the book of Mormon. (And the book was the Catholic bible) which is basically the same as ours. Just they have some other books that we don’t use because there not totally correct but we still can read them in our church. So we told him of course you got the same answer, we believe it too we even compared scriptures to show him it was the same. But now he thinks there’s more than one true church. Also were teaching a 20 year old member who’s inactive, and has a girl friend that’s 14 and pregnant. Ya she’s 14 and pregnant! Well the 14 year old girl is dying to be baptized and for her to be baptized they need to get married. Well the dude doesn’t want to be married yet. so I think the next time we teach them we will tell them they need to get married or split and live in different houses for her to be baptized. I’m not sure how that’s going to fly over with them. lol should be interesting because I never have told anyone to split up yet on the mission.
Also did you guys get a SD card in the mail? I sent one right after the package and I’m not sure it you have gotten it or if it was lost so let me know. Also looks like everyone’s doing good from the pics. JC don’t hurt yourself with the helicopter, keep playing hard in the games! and thanks for your letter! Mom I’m glad you’re busy with the kids. It makes the time fly when you’re busy and that’s always good but thanks for your letter too.
But all is well here just trying to keep my head somewhat in the work but we keep having troubles with stuff, just speed bumps that are slowing us down but really it’s an experience all in its self.  I Love you all stay safe, and work hard in school. -Josh

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