Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Changes

Well I have been transferred to a new area I'm lost, confused, and very tired I also have a Brazilian comp now (Elder Pires).  My new area is called ``Lapa´´  and its in the middle of nowhere!! But our house is WAY nicer than what i was in. It has two bathrooms and a lot of rooms its pretty nice so that makes me feel a little better about the change. Anyways Thursday we had our interviews with president. That went really good and i felt good coming out of his office. He shared some really cool scriptures. And he also told me that I would be getting a native comp. I knew i was going to leave and wasn't to surprised when the call came But i found out yesterday that i would be leaving for sure, So i packed my bags and was able to fit everything into my 2 big bags, my back pack. But i wasn't able to say goodbye to very many ppl. we had a lot of appointments with our new investigators so that took up most of the time and last night 2 of them decided that they were going to be baptised. #1 was a 14 year old girl that is going to be baptised for sure she loves the church. #2 another guy said its time he needed to be baptized both dates are super firm So the new missionary there will get 2 free baptisms. I was able to say good bye to one of my baptism she about cryed when i said bye so that made it tough on me. It just hit me that i will never see those people again... dang. My new companion has just been called district leader hes from ``Port Allegra`` or some place down south and has 1 year and 1 month in the field he seems pretty cool. I saw Elder Arroyo for the last time today, he is going home and he sat bye me while i got my new comp. I wont lie i cried when i said bye to him I was the only one crying. ( I have turned into a big baby when it comes to goodbyes) He was  the zone leader over this new area I'm in and over my new comp. I asked him about my comp and he said just work hard because he is lazy when it comes to teaching and this area has only had 1 baptism in the last 10 months So i have a few challenges to deal with, and the language barrier too. I cant tell you much right now about things because i have only been with here for 2 hours. But I’m  looking at the bright side of things Im still supper nervous tho...        oh and the fact that 2 wheels on my bags broke adds to that.
Elder Youngberg was called distric leader as i left It was even hard to say goodbye to him he was supper chill. So far I have been lucky with good companions so i hope it stays the same with this native comp. But as for the camera I’ll probably just have you guys send jakes because i dont want a new one either after hearing justin schmitts story.... So if jake wants to give his up to me,  then lets do that because it cant take any pics of my new house and comp but ill try to get some for next week. I dont have much more to say for right now my minds blank and confused with the changes. In my last area i knew where i could buy food, where the house is, members, bank, post office and the bank, but now i don't know where that stuff is but the area looks really nice. I'm excited to be here although its so far away from anything, like 2 hours on a bus, but I'm doing fine. Im sure I’ll settle down in the next few days and what I'm experiencing is normal. I love you all. Im doing fine and only cried when saying bye to Elder Arroyo. Stay safe and dont take any chances. I love you all and i have a testimony that this church is true!
Untill next week, -Josh

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