Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Area

Well it’s been a very good week looking back. Although it’s rained a lot every day, it’s still been good. My area is somewhat small compared to my last one which is ok. But it’s not flat! so I’m often winded within 25 min of walking. I’m a fat little missionary now as for my companion he’s pretty cool and it hasn't been bad he’s very self-conscious! but he hasn't talked a lot about his family. I have asked him a few times about them but he doesn't say much. He’s the only one in his family that is a member so I have a ton of respect of him and he’s been a member for only a year before he came on his mission. But he knows his stuff he studies supper hard in personal study which is pretty cool. One thing that shocked me and I have not adjusted to is the ward. This ward is not a ward but a branch of 30 ppl. O Man church was weird and it’s in a house that they bought I will get pictures somehow. But there are a lot of things that need to be fixed here. The week before a member bore his testimony 2 times, 1st time he held a picture up of the temple and said, “I’m preparing to go there” and sat down, 2nd time he held up an oil vile and said “ this can heal anything” and sat down just things like that. There is also a bunch of members fighting so it was very dramatic at church.
As for the investigators they have none (I don’t think they were teaching here)  I got here and the first 2 days we only visited members so that changed really fast and now we have found 10 new investigators since Friday Most of them are weak... but that’s ok.  Every day we just knock doors all day but I told my comp. we need a teaching group and since he is now a new district leader he needs to be an example. But even though we knock a bunch of doors every day It’s nice to come home to a supper nice house! This house was a couple’s house so it has everything, micro-wave, washing machine that does everything, 2 bathrooms. (I have my own bathroom!!! and it stays clean now because I only use it.) It’s big with a ton of room and a couch, with a homemade workout place so it’s awesome to come home to a supper sweet house. But it’s rained a lot here every day actually and there have been some crazy floods. In Curitiba an 11 year old girl was swept away and a ton of houses have been destroyed lucky it hasn't hit our area too bad. But I’m doing good here It’s a small town so I really like it although there is a ton of dirt roads and cobble-stone streets. Actually I think there are more dirt roads than paved.... so that kind of stinks when it’s only rained every day.
But last night we knocked on a door a taught a really good first lesson to a lady and her husband who is now half paralyzed and mental, 5 years ago he was normal and had a job and everything was fine. Then he had accident and now he like that I felt supper bad because it was a sad story. But the first lesson was supper good. The lady felt the spirit it was supper cool. But I’m out of time. I love you all and pray for you guys every day. Be safe and enjoy the snow for ME! hahaha until next week, -Josh

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