Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Power Of Blessings

Well it’s been a better week. Things are finally starting to run smooth once again. We are still knocking a lot of doors everyday so were getting more and more investigators. Sunday we had an amazing and scary experience so I will tell you about that first. Well after church we went to our lunch we got there and the food was almost ready once ready we began to eat. Well just after the prayer was said to bless the food, and we started eating we heard HELP, HELP, HELP! (This was coming from the other house who lives behind the members house.) so instantly everyone jumped up and we ran over to the other house. Well right as we got there we could see the member lying on the ground, and her husband was holding her. He was crying uncontrollably and instantly the sister who made us food started yelling at us to give her a blessing! So being the only one with oil I ran back to the other house and grabbed the oil and ran back. When i got back i could see that the member was having a seizure and making weird noises (at this time everyone was crying and yelling give her the freaking blessing now.) Elder Young berg dumped all the oil on her and then gave her the first part of the blessing. After that he stood up and turned to the other member so he could give her the second part Instantly he turned to me and was like ´´go Hope!`` and I was like my language is limited so he turned back to Young berg and was like ``do it again`` So Youngberg gave the second part. The whole time I was just praying that the blessing was going to work! Right after he said ``amen`` she slowly stop shaking and within 40 seconds she had her eyes open and was awake man it was such a crazy thing, but at that moment we all saw the power of a blessing work right before our eyes! I was so scared and shaking so bad! it was intense. We could all feel the spirit at that time, because we just saw something amazing happen before our eyes. Man I have a testimony about blessings now! Later that night I gave a blessing for one of our investigator and did the second part after the lunch incident I learned a few words like comforting, getting better, relying, so I could use them in a blessing but Sunday was a crazy day with that experience.
JC and Mom thanks for the letter, but congrats on your basketball season that's a good record! but it sounds cold there. I can’t imagine -20 now, I'm mean 65 is cold for me! ha ha but that's cool dad got the snow machine running now he need to go ice fishing more for me and I'm supper excited that dads learning the security for the apostles, that's so cool!
As for my camera, it kind of stinks I won’t be able to take pictures saying good bye to the members (maybe my comp will let me use his) but I'm looking at cameras here I can’t decide if I will buy one here or have you send me one from Wall-Mart... but work on getting the shoes here fast. My comp said a funny thing yesterday we were talking about motor bikes and he said I have been on one and we were going so fast so I asked him how fast were you going? and he said `` fast enough that it blew my hat off!`` I about died laughing I was like I could ride a 4-wheeler at 20 mph and have my hat fly off!! ha ha it was just funny.
Today for p-day we went to some Elders house in our zone and made cookies and messed around with a soccer ball, one of the Elders is from Boise and he’s pretty cool. But anyways I better go most likely I will be in a new area next Wednesday so I hope it’s a good area. Tomorrow we have another interview with the president, so that should go really good. But I love you all. Stay safe and drive safe!
Until next week, -Josh

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