Friday, February 25, 2011

Their Back


Well a lot of things have happened this week. Everything somewhat good. But let me start off with the work before I tell some stories. This last week we worked really hard It was supper cool. We were able to teach 7 first lessons and had 12 new ppl. Now that’s not a ton, but for this area that’s amazing! My comp was supper happy and also the zone leaders. Some of the ppl are pretty weak but this area hasn’t had numbers like that for a really really long time. Coming out of my last area I was pretty spoiled we could teach pretty easy and it wasn’t hard. But in this small town everyone knows who we are and what we do, I’ve never had a door (well gate) slammed on my face until I came to this area. Last week I had 3 ppl do that so it’s different but the work is going good the only thing that slows us down is the rain and the dirt roads.
But we also had a mission conference. It was really good. Pres. and Sister Cordon did a really good job. Sister Cordon even made brownies. She made one plate and then took them around to every missionary and made then smell them. then she was talking about the ingredients she uses to make them. She said she added a special ingredient to them to make them better. That’s when she pulls a sack of cat crap out and told us we all just smelled brownies with cat crap in them!! SICK!  I can’t remember how she tied it into the lesson. (I was a little sick about the whole idea after) but after she gave us real brownies to eat. They were supper good. Another story, we were at a small store eating a pastel and I needed to use the bathroom well I there was a small wall hiding the bathroom doors and since we were sitting next to the wall instead of walking in front of the wall I walked right behind it. Right at first I thought it was strange how they didn't have a boy/girl sign so I choose one and used the bathroom well walking out of the 1 person bathroom, there was a line of girls waiting to use the bathroom and they all looked at me really weird. That’s when I walked in front of the little wall and saw the signs so I guessed I used the girl’s bathroom and I felt supper gay. My comp was laughing supper hard too oh well right... ha
Also last night we were walking in the street and we saw a boy roping a small calf that someone made out of wood. As we walked by I told my comp man I really want to do that... it’s been a long time since I have tired that so he was like let’s go back so we went back and I asked to try. He gave me the rope and I coiled it up in my one hand made the loop in the other hand stood about 30 feet away, and started swinging it above my head. (That’s when I noticed about 15 people watching me and the kid’s family was standing by their houses.) So with ppl watching me and the rope swinging over my head I let it fly to my surprise the thing went right around the wooden calf neck.!!!! It was sick! On my first try I roped it, the kid’s smile was priceless, and the kid’s family was pretty shocked that a kid in a white shirt and tie just roped the thing. I took the rope off gave it back to the boy and watched him one more time before telling him to keep up the good work and we walked away. Man it made my day. I’m so proud of myself too,  I remember learning on time in the church parking lot and Scott Neville teaching us so you can tell him thanks for me.  So that was pretty cool.
Also lately I have been eating a ton of mangos before bed. (There like candy to me) well come to find out that they have 400 calories in each one. That’s a ton for a fruit so I stopped eating those, also we live by an army training place and every once in a while they run by in the morning yelling and staying in there straight lines It’s pretty cool This area is pretty safe for the most part, but we don’t go in some areas. Also I’m not sure if I told you but our church starts at 3pm -6pm. It’s pretty late and I’m not use to it at all.
Oh one last thing, the other day I told my comp I was getting eating by the mosquitoes, he looked at my arm and the bumps and said. “their back “ . I asked him what’s back and he said  “FLEAS”  that's when he went into our room and started pumping white powder all over so to make the story short, we have fleas in our beds and house. And they suck! I have bite marks on my legs, back, and arms so tomorrow were going to bomb the house with bug spray. They better die.
But I love you all, be safe and don't let the elk get you man I wish I could have been there for that but I love you all. -JOSH

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