Thursday, March 10, 2011

It’s been a good week once again. Well some what... ha-ha we now live above another church! They opened up a weird church under us and now I live above a church. We already talked to the pastor and told him he needs to be quieter in the mornings and needs to be done preaching at 9:00, and he was pretty nice. He hasn’t done exactly what we said, but he knows the house has ppl living in it and around it and the other ppl weren’t too happy about him opening a church there so it’s been crazy with that. We haven’t told president yet because we’re afraid of him making us more out and there isn’t a better house in this area at all so were keeping it on the D.L.The news of the camera being in another box that hasn’t gotten here has really made me feel a lot better! wow that was good news for me. But things are slowly starting to work its self out here in this small branch. Although one member is moving to Curitiba because there really mad but the branch president released everyone in there callings and re-organized everything!!!  so ppl are somewhat excited about their calls now. But there’s always someone un-happy and you can’t please everyone..... (so there is a member or two that is a little upset.) Sunday I and my companion gave training in Sunday school. We taught them how important the members are to our work and that were grateful for the help they have given them. We also challenged them to step up a little. It went really good. Friday they organized a little meeting, and 4 members will go and knock doors with us and another set of missionaries in our area. (This training was more to get them to help us out and get them excited to help us) every member of the church is obligated to share the gospel. ``its part of our responsibility (preach my gospel).
Anyway the works been good, also I’m so glad JC sent the shirt I used it last night for the first time. I really needed one and was going to buy a plain white one at the store so she must have been inspired. Thanks Sis! Also the candy was awesome, It’s what I needed. I’ve lost almost 4 pounds in this area my comp walks so fast so it’s really helping me lose that extra weight. I have a goal that I’m trying to get down to. I was excited to read that they changed the season rules and now you can fish on basically any river year round that’s pretty cool. The ice fishing sounds good to Bills report’s the new High School gym looks sick form the picture too, that’s pretty crazy they won state. It makes the trip way better and fun.
Also yesterday we had somewhat of a sleepover with our district in our house. Our whole district came over and we bought a pizza and had a really good time. Elder Hann is the other American in my district, and he plays the guitar really well so he and I sang songs. It was so cool, then we all woke up at 5 am and left to go one the tour bus around Curitiba that was really cool. I tried to take a lot of pic with my camera, but I’m not sure if it took any yet it wouldn’t work at all! So I will try to send some of those. Also I ATE AT MCDONALLDS!!!!!!!!!!! ya it was awesome but very expensive. They play American music too and right as I took my fist bite of my hamburger a song came on ``Its like I have waited my whole life...`` Its a song that Jake listens too and it was funny to me because its been 8 months since I have ate there. But I’m doing well I’m so glad everyone is doing well and that everyone is happy and made it back from Boise ok. This coming week is transfers (On the 16th) I know I will stay but I really want my comp to stay one more transfer with me he’s been awesome. But I love you all. Take care and be safe. Love -Josh

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