Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Fishing

So today we went fishing. It was pretty good for the few hours we went. Our investigator wanted to take us fishing on a river nearby where we could have some real fishing instead of fishing in a pond. Of course when I go fishing with anyone else other than by myself, I turn the fishing trip into a big competition! So we got out on the bank to fish, and they turned it into a Brazil against the USA fishing tournament. So with that said Brazil pulled 2 fish out first and reminded me that it was 2 points for brazil and 0 for USA. Well I had a little luck and pulled out 2 also. In the end Brazil won the tournament with like 12 fish and me with 5 or 6 fish. I did catch a fish that was like a ParanĂ¡ looking thing it had some nasty looking teeth but I failed to get a pic before we gave the fish away. All of the fish were pretty small (about 8-10 inch) and like a catfish but it was really cool and it was real fishing.
Anyways this past week was good also for us. We had 24 new investigators, but mostly ppl that had no interest but we did get a few good ppl to teach in the group. Charton went to church this week and it was really cool. Charton is pretty funny and gave me a hat to wear when it’s cold. Except I’m pretty sure it’s for a girl..... hahaha anyways Charton is progressing so well. The only problem is that he smoked one or two times this last week and he probably won’t be baptized on the 30th now. But it’s been really cool to teach him and see his progress and the joy he has.
While walking down the road I saw for the first time in my life a toucan (The bird that’s really pretty and has a huge beak that’s colorful.) so that was pretty cool. Oh ya last Saturday we were over at the lady house who was baptized a few weeks ago and we were just about ready to give a lesson when she had a nervous attack and it was pretty crazy. She like stated shaking and foaming from the mouth and then she help her breath until she passed out and fell over in the couch. My first thought was to give her a blessing, but her kids that were like 18 and 12 years old were laughing at her while her other son held her from getting hurt so we didn’t give her a blessing. It was sad that her kids laughed at her but we just left and didn’t leave a message she wasn’t taking her meds and so that’s why it happened. My comp was freaking out after we left he’s never seen anything like that and was really scared. Anyways not a lot has happened this week. They moved our church time to 9 am now because it just wasn’t working out for anyone so this next Sunday we start church at 9 am now and that’s really good for us to work after.
 I love you all, I hope all is well for you guys and that you’re all healthy and doing good. I love and pray for you all.
Until next week. Love, -Josh

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