Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Dave Hope, Jeff Hope, Jake Hope, Jc, Jared Hope
Joshua Hope (
Wed 5/04/11 12:59 PM
Dave Hope (; Jeff Hope (; Jake Hope (; Jc (; Jared Hope (

So it’s getting pretty cold here at nights last night I had the heater ready to turn on but a few days before I washed up a big blanket and was able to use that, and not run up the power bill. As for my comp he walks around in like 4 jackets all day.... lol he’s not too use to the cold but I busted out my two long sleeved shirts and they are doing fine. (I don’t think I’ll pull the others out of my bag yet.) It’s also been pretty good this past week. We have really been blessed and have been lead to a few really good families although we can only teach 1 family once a week they received the first lesson very well!!! that was pretty cool we found them knocking doors I’ll have to explain on the phone for you. Last night we talked with a lady who does Voo Doo and I learned a lot in 10 min of just talking to her. So we were asking questions about what she believes in and she was telling us she doesn’t believe in Christ or God, and that she prays to satin. Well being a smarty pants I decided to somewhat prove to her that Christ and God exists. But at first I was thinking to myself, how am I going to get someone to believe in Christ when they pray to the devil.... well then I think I was inspired by a question. (I’m not sure though it could have been common sense though) so I asked the young lady again if she really prays to the devil and doesn't think there is a God or Christ. I already knew she was going to say ``yes`` so after she said yes. I told her if you believe in the devil, then you automatically believe in Christ. Because the brother of satin is Christ.....! hahaha then she thought for a second  and was like, `` guess that’s true.``  we all kind of laughed because it was really common sense, mean while and my comp was looking at me like ``where did you come up with that question``?  After that question we started to make a tiny progress with her before I left I told her to say a prayer to ask if God is real and promised her she would have a response to the 5 second prayer. So when we go back next week I hope she will have done that and that my promise will work hahaha but it was interesting over all just talking to someone who doesn't believe God created the earth and all that stuff.
Now about the phone call my comp is calling home before me so you need to call me at 8 pm my time (or 5 pm your time.) if the line is busy just keep trying. If you haven't called me by 8:15 I will call home again to pass the number again but the number should be good because mom called me back there is only one member here in this branch with a home phone. They are being supper supper nice and giving us there house keys so we can call home. (They are leaving of town for a week) if it wasn’t for them I don’t know how we would have called home. I think the other missionary's used the pay phone, but they are really cool members well ones not baptized. They had a good laugh when they heard mom screaming when I called home for the test call. They said it was very cool to see us call home and would never forget mom screaming over the phone. hahaah The reason why were calling so late is because it’s after our church and it’s really the only time we can. I hope all works out and we can get to talk for a little bit. I got your mission ties letter and the questions to help Jake get his stuff so I can respond to all of those on the phone or in a mission ties. I will send you a mission ties today. But grandma and everyone thanks for your letters and love, keep being safe for me and tell Gracie thanks for the card and picture. :) but I can’t wait to talk to you on mothers day.  Love you all, -Josh

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