Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dude get the Picture book

It’s starting to get cold here now or at least I feel really cold today. (I hope I’m not getting sick.) But last week the temple was really good, I learn something every time I go there.  I heard that president Cordon wants everyone to go 1 time each month so if that’s right  then that would be a blessing. I only took a few pics at the temple because it is under construction again and there were ppl climbing all over the front of it and next to angle Moroni. But my comp took the pics with his camera so I will have to get them from him. Also after getting back to our area around 8 pm we got off the bus and went straight to an investigators house with a baptismal date, well we got to his house and he wasn’t home so we were pretty far from the house and still in our suits so we decided to knock some doors and work our way back home. (we don’t like to work in our suits here because they get supper dirty on the dirt roads.) well after knocking on 1 door we went to the next that’s when we found ``Charton``. Charton was sitting at his computer from what we could see and when we clapped, he came running down from the 2nd story. We told him we were missionaries and he let us right in. We sat on the couch and he started talking he told us right away has been praying for us to come to his house. We began to talk and he wouldn’t say much he was pretty sad but at the end of our message he began talking and said has seen other missionaries in Curitiba, but they never talked to him. Anyways he said he had a huge desire to change his life and forget his past. So we told him how he could do that and marked a date for a baptism. Well Sunday came and we went to go get him and he was in the process of moving to a house down the street and he had help show up so he wasn’t able to go to church with us.  Monday we passed by his new house and he was pretty sad he said he felt bad he didn’t go to church and that now he couldn’t be baptized on his date. We were pretty shocked because usual people don’t think like that so we were like it’s ok  were here to help then he shocked us and was like, ´´I want to be baptized on the 30th of this month. ´´ SO he marked his own baptism date by himself it’s been really cool teaching him The last time we were there I read a scripture to him and he was like can I say a few words about this scripture... so we let him and he basically taught a lesson to us it was freaking sweet. He keeps saying God answers his prayers every night and that he knows this is right for him. Then just as we were leaving a lady that lives in the front of his house came in a started talking to us she started telling us her life story and how she’s almost died and stuff. Then she was like during one operation she had a dream she began telling us how she walked through a door and the door lead to a huge green field when she turned back the door was gone and in this huge field there was a huge pretty tree and under the tree was one man dressed in white but the man and the tree were really far away. She said she would walk and walk, but it seemed like she could never get close and she told us more about this dream, at the end of her story I looked at my comp and was like,
``dude get the picture book`` and he got the book opened up the book to ``The Tree of Life`` (were ppl are holding to the iron rod and walking to the tree and there is ppl on the other side of the river making fun of them) anyways she looked at the picture and was like ya that’s about what my dream was like except for all the ppl. It was pretty crazy to hear her describe this dream of hers it sounded exactly like Lehi’s in 1 Nephi 8. anyways this 23 year old Charton is really cool. I sure he’s one the right path for baptism.
BUt like I said it’s getting cold here, the 55-60 degree weather is really making me cold. I keep telling myself that I’m from Idaho and this shouldn’t be cold to me but my body is telling me that ( IT’S COLD HERE!!)  hahaha but I’m doing good here. I’m not sure how my comp likes this small area and town with little movement. I think he’s getting a little un-excited about the area and he’s getting a little cranky with the cold.....  I guess this town hasn’t worn on me to much yet and maybe that’s why I’m staying longer in the area. But I like the area so I won’t complain. I hope all is well with you guys and that you’re all safe. Keep doing what’s right. Love, -Josh

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