Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So it sounds like you guys have had a busy week back home. So before I get way off task, let me tell you about my week. Well this week we had a baptism! Edwardo was baptized and it was very cool so that tops the whole week off for me. Also today we went to the temple and are just getting back now but it was a beautiful day at the temple and always a blessing. I put names in the temple too. But for my week end I was really sick it was good I got the meds in the package or I would have died but I’m all good now. I’m also really excited also for the conference and to see that I just hope I can watch it in English because it’s not the same in port. But we did have a very cool lesson this week that I will tell you really fast because I’m short on time. SO this week we went over to a members house to give one of a member’s a blessing, well while there a neighbor was there also so we asked if we could just share a scripture with them really fast. So my comp read a scripture that he likes out of the BOM to help the sick member out as doing so I could tell that this family friend was really interested in the BOM. (she kept trying to look at the cover.) So I asked her if she would like a book for herself she said yes and so we explained about the book of Mormon anyways once the book was finally in her hands she said. ``Wow this is really awesome, I knew there was more than just the bible and now I can share this and read this to my school classes.`` (here they teach the little kids bible stories in school) but when she said that I thought about how many little kids will no learn for the book of Mormon and about the true church because of this teacher who is going to share this with them. I thought it was pretty cool.
Anyway let me start off about the fish and game guy. HES STILL ON MY TARGET LIST he’s lucky I’m in Brazil. Dad you will have to tell me all that went down and how Cory talked to him but the ride looks awesome. I want to go there when I get back. It’s pretty high up also and you can see everything. But it looks like jc had a good time at the dance and she looked pretty in her dress. Dad I hope that your surgery will go good but I hope it gets better fast. Anyways I’m really excited to watch conference and to learn, I hope you all are too anyway I’m out of time. I’m getting slower at typing and my computer skills are going down the drain. I’m sure if I was to drive a car that it would be the same scare...... J lol (I hope they make the church parking lot bigger.........) anyway everyone have a good week I love you all and your all in my prayers be safe. love -Josh

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