Wednesday, October 12, 2011


To start off this e-mail I will just say ``We BAPTISED Again!!`` Yeah Boy!  Sunday morning Marcos was baptized. It was really cool. We have been working with Marcos for about 1 month now. We first were told about Marcos when a member girl said she had a boyfriend and she wanted us to teach him. So being a sweet girlfriend she set up a meeting with us and then brought Marcos over. I’m 100% sure it was a surprise to him and that she on purpose didn’t tell him some missionaries were going to be at her house to teach him. Haha so she tricked him into talking with us and in the end he was baptized. Sounds crazy if you ask me. The member girl is a return missionary and apparently knew what she was doing and pulled the surprise visit. But the cool thing about Marcos was the fact he was so interested about the temple. When we taught him about eternal families he was like, ´´that’s what I want some day!`` and then asked and asked about the temple. It was really cool. He’s got the biggest desire to be married in the temple and I’m sure he will be. So it was a very cool baptism because of that. But now for the other news. I was transferred out of my area. It was really good though leaving the area helping another person be baptized there. It made it a lot easier to say goodbye to my friends in Almirante Taman dare.
But Wow has it been a long day for me already. I was able to get all my stuff in my bags but it was a tight fit. My bags are supper heavy so lifting them in and out of busses as we changed wasn’t too fun either so something’s gotta go. haha Anyways I’m here in my new area that’s called ``Nova Esperance in Ponta Grosse`` and well it’s safe to say that Nova Esperance just received Esperance! :) (that’s me!) ask Jared or Jeff to translate that for you mom and dad. But the area is a ways from Curitiba and is interior with nothing but hills. Only difference is that their paved so nothing will de different to me in that part. Anyways my new comp is a native again. Elder Sondr√© from the north of Brazil from a town called Nanvque he’s only got 3 months in the mission, so I’m another step-daddy again. Seems like a cool person so far. He’s told me about the area and well the work here is slow from the sounds of it so I will change stuff up like I did in the last area and yes I already have cleaned the whole house. Man I’m disgusted with how some missionaries live. I thought our house was a dirt floor until I moved the table and saw where the table legs were at. Anyways the first area I cleaned was the bathroom, that’s where I was gagging so it shows you it was bad if it came down to that anyway sounds like Jakes doing well. Sounds like me seeing the dogs and homeless at the start of my mission and the houses. I’m sure he will like the area. I wish I was there, I want to see the ruins and that stuff. Mom and Dad don’t come and get me in the mission when its time, lets save the trip and get Jake down in Mexico or go on a cruise again. haha but I got that paper dad and will send it back this week. It’s already signed and ready I just need to find the mail place. Also continue sending me Jakes letters and that will help me out. O and I hope it snows so much that nobody will be able to shoot a deer. haha jk I can’t believe it snowed already so with that be careful driving!!! I’m out of time though and will send you pics. I love you all and pray for you guys. Love, -Josh

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