Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey everyone!!!! Well I must say I’m really tired this week from today. Today we played soccer like always but we mixed it up and played Americans against the natives. So it was 3 on 3 so good news Americans won 25-22! ya it was crazy and probably too crazy. Brazil doesn't like losing in the game their best at and they left the court unhappy but they got over it after a fruit juice. ha-ha So also it’s been a very long week for me. I’m still trying to get the hang of things and get things rolling. My comp is awesome like I have said. Thought young in the mission, his desire to work and to keep up with the expectations are really good. I felt bad because he ended up with a huge blister on his foot from walking this week, but the trooper didn’t say to slow down once so it was cool. This week we were able to find a bunch of new ppl and did a ton of contacts and all were awesome. The bad thing that happened this week was that I lost my planner for the first time and lost 6 days of work, names, addresses, and the lessons we taught. I must say I was pretty devastated when I lost it. Man I really worked hard to get those addresses and to mark appointments for this week and almost the entire next week. So it was a real bummer for me with that. But it won’t really have much of any importance to you guys just thought I would let you know of the low point in my week. Writing this I also thought of the lost 116 pages (or however many it was) from the book of Mormon. I’m sure Joseph was pretty sad of that when he lost something so important to the lord’s work and to the future people who would latter read the BOM. But because of Nephi he re-wrote the things more important and we still know of the things important in those pages. Un-like Nephi my comp didn’t mark any of our future appointment or anything so we really lost things important to this area. But the work goes on right....
Anyway sounds like Jake is doing well. Makes me happy to hear the lifestyle and the things he’s eating. I must say for me a grasshopper looks better on a hook than on a taco.... and the hook and grasshopper produces a better finished product....!!! (FYI a fish..) But yesterday I was also hugged by a huge drunk guy. More like a bear hug that lasted longer than a young couple dating......... I almost passed out from the smell or beer or ``pinga`` what some call it here. I must say also it was hot yesterday and he was sweating pretty well and that was also shared in his more than friendly hug so it’s been a crazy this week. But I’m out of time because we need to get to work. We arrived late in the area and so that cuts our internet down. But I love you all Keep doing what’s right and being examples. Be careful with your back dad.!! I heard fishing trips are a good medicine to take and I will need a lot of medicine when I get home. I love you all, Love -Josh

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