Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My time is short today once again but I’ll do my best to fill you in on the weekly update. But Jeovani was BAPTISED Sunday.! It was awesome and he was super happy although the water was cold for him. (Somebody left the gas on at the church, and didn’t turn it off but my comp entered into the water for the first time and it was very cool to see that! So with a baptism this week was awesome. We really worked hard to meet our goals and to teach with members. But I also forgot to tell you that we were having transfers last week. Well Monday night we got a call and my comp and I will continue on together in this area until Dec 28. I was supper stoked because my comp is sweet. He really tries to do things right. Well anyway we have another baptism marked this Sunday but the boy’s parents are really difficult. But tonight were going to talk to them. They already know the ``elders`` so we will have to see what happens...
Anyway today was really good day. For our activity we found a basketball and played some ball before switching over to play soccer. (Man I was making it rain from down town today!!!) It was crazy cool, but we also took an investigator with us to play some soccer and I’m pretty sure he loved it. In two weeks he should be ready for baptism. But I have been supper busy getting things lined up for this next 6 weeks. It’s going to be sweet. Also after my district meeting we were walking along a big shopping place (like an outdoor mall) when a guy on drugs came up to the 4 of us missionaries. Well for some reason he would only talk to me, but doing so he would try talking in English so I told him we didn’t speak English. He then switched to German.... Anyway in his sloppy Portuguese he asked why I was holding books (I had a pile of BOM in my hands) then one of the other elders told him why and what they were for. The crazy dude then asked how much we sell them for and we told him we don’t sell them that’s when he stopped, looked at all of us, looked around and then grabbed a book from the top pile and ran off. That’s when a store worker was like, I’ll call the cops. We told him no and that it wasn’t a big deal. But for the first time someone robbed me and they took my Book of Mormon. So ya it was crazy but funny. I guess when we told him that we don’t sell the books, he thought they must be rare or impossible to get one and so he took one and ran, ha-ha it was crazy. Anyway dad I’m not getting any pictures that you send. It’s been like that for the last few times you have said you sent pictures maybe you’re not sending them to the right address... but sounds like the snow is there to stay. Anyway I hope everyone will have a good thanksgiving and your all safe. Jake and I will be eating rice and beans... ha-ha. But Becky happy late birthday. But I love you all be safe. Love, -Josh

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