Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seems like yesterday I was sitting at this computer. The time few by this week and I’m left scratching my head wondering why it did. But the best part of that is that it’s ok when it happens like that. But the week has been busy. The district is doing really good and is keeping me running back and forth from my area to theirs. Saturday I was given the opportunity to do 3 interviews and 2 of them were with two little girls. (8 and 9 years old.) I must say that they probably were the smartest little girls I have done an interview with. Defiantly was really cool to see them ask questions that grown up´s don’t ask. I think the older ppl get nervous when I talk with them. But these two girls were straight up with the questions. The girls are very mature at a young age and if I would have had to guess their age, it would have been 12 and 10 years old. They talked alike an adult. Anyway the 9 year old passed the interview and also one other person, but the 8 year old drinks a TON of coffee so this week I’ll go back to talk to her, anyways our area is getting better. We still had a good week but also lost a few investigators which have had us searching for new ones. I must say that after the loss of a few investigators we were quickly blessed with a few good new ones which have some friends as members so it’s going to be awesome.
I’m supper pumped to hear Jake got his feet wet and was able to baptize Eddi. That’s so cool. Also to have the president there must have been so cool it’s rare. I have tried to invite my president, but so does 165 other missionaries, anyway sounds like he’s on a history ride to visit the ruins and stuff. I hope I get to see some pic.!!
As for today the zone decided we would go and look for this water fall that was in an area. They said it wasn’t too hard to find all you have to do is fallow the creek, Duh. Well that didn’t sound too hard so we started in a field and then entered into the trees. Well turns out that there wasn’t a trail and we were walking in chest deep matov (weeds, fallen trees and through huge spider webs!! Just like you would see on TV) Well anyway after walking about 15 min I started talking to my LZ (who is a hunter also) and he was like man this is going to be hard to leave this area, were going to get lost. I was thinking the same thing and told him that we should mark trees with plastic sacks or something to help find our way back. We didn’t have anything like that and neither did anyone else but eventually we got the water fall and took pictures and ate a small snack. The hike was a beast and we about killed two sisters.... ha-ha anyway everyone fell into the water and was all wet except for me. :) I have balance and skill (lol, jk) but it was awesome. We did find our way out of the jungle after a few attempts and after some ppl decided to just walk in the creek. But nobody was hurt and only one person was bitten by a spider.
Anyway I feel bad for mom’s loss. It’s thought to see family members leave this world. But like we have been taught, they are in a better place and are without pain. Their mission here on earth was complete and is helping out on the other side of the veil. With the comfort also knowing that we will one day be with them again and in a state of never ending happiness!! What a wonderful promise. But I hope the roads stay clear. Seems like it’s early for snow...? crazy. It’s been supper hot here! (I’m praying for rain) I love you guys, be safe and do what’s right!! Love Josh

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